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Its kind to the mankind most of the times but there are times, where it can aggressive. The best thing we can do to avoid upcoming disasters is to avoid the practices that may lead towards environmental degradation. Apart from the loss of life, these disasters leave a lot of economic damage in its wake. Due to over-exploitation of nature, we humans have created such a situation where events like earthquakes, landslides are increasingly being elevated to the extent that they are causing massive disaster management and government preparedness essay loss in terms of human life and property. In India, 59 of the landmass is prone to earthquakes. India coastal area faced some of the severest cyclones both in Eastern coast and Western coast. The other low intensity disasters which Pakistan faced are landslides, cyclones, and drought.

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India has set up various institutions that deal with the disaster management. It is a tough process, intense research and precautionary measures need to be taken, to timely combat the situation. To handle the situation efficiently, we need to be well-equipped with the latest technologies. Whenever it turns to be in its bad temper, it can bring about devastation or destruction which is known as a disaster. The floods of 1950, 19 resulted in a large number of deaths and severe loss of property valued at an estimated.3 billion. Disaster Management Essay 5 (400 words) Introduction God has created everything including land, water, air etc. They cause loss of life to the humans as well disaster management and government preparedness essay as livestock.

In fact, the society as a whole must make efforts to co-operate with the central and state agencies in coming out with a collective response to deal with disasters. Effects: The direct or indirect impact of the disasters has always been deadly, destructive and damaging. This includes prevention, mitigation and preparedness focused on reducing the human and property losses caused by a potential hazard. According to a latest development in the World Disaster Reports, these calamities have been taking place more frequently and are more intense than ever. Man-made disasters: Man-made disasters are the ramifications of technological hazards. In case a disaster strikes, transportation of the people to a safe place, mobilization of resources for necessary action. This is the time when the actual emergency preparedness comes into effect by giving first aid to the injured ones, providing rescue and relief operations to the victims. The Internet has increasing become the go to source for all types of information, about every subject imaginable, for large segments of the American population. After the massive October 2005 earthquake, Government of Pakistan has established the National Disaster Management Authority. Disaster Management Essay 800 Words Introduction: India is a disaster prone country.

Disaster Management And Government Preparedness Essay

Hence, the ndma must make more efforts to increase their efficiency to reduce the losses caused by the disasters. Though often caused by nature, disasters can have human origin disaster management and government preparedness essay as well such as major fire or leakage in a nuclear plant due to human negligence. When it gets hostile, it is known to bring about a catastrophe that could wreak havoc to a country or a region. Natural disasters are the manifestation of nature and they can take place anywhere anytime. Human instigated disaster is also known as the complex emergency and is the disaster caused due to major happenings such as fires, oil spill, breakdown of authority, looting, wars etc. Besides, a Calamity Relief Fund has been constituted with a contribution in ratio 3:1 between the Centre and the respective State Government. Damage of property is also a repercussion of the disasters that take place.

India has set up many departments and organizations for the same such as national disaster management authority (ndma). Disaster, management, essay writing. India is one of the most disaster prone zones in the world due to its peculiar geographical characteristics as well as the poor social conditions in which the communities live which exposes them to the frequent destruction caused by the hazards. Public should be given disaster mitigation trainings in schools and colleges. This type of devastation is known as disaster. We should work in tandem with the aid and the government.

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The immediate goal of the recovery phase is to bring the affected areas back to some degree of normalcy. Disaster management in India In India, a lot of forums, funds and organizations are functioning to mitigate the effects of the disasters like national disaster management authority (ndma national remote sensing centre (nrsc Indian council of medical research (icmr central water commission (CWC) etc. It cannot avert the situation but can disaster management and government preparedness essay mitigate its impacts. Unfortunately, the over-dependence on social media and high-speed Internet connection has the potential to leave many people in this country without access to important disaster preparedness information. So, disaster management basically refers to the art of protecting and preserving lives and property during a natural disaster. Due to the lack of coordination and communication between the state and central government, the resources and the manpower take more time than usual. Dear argus and others. Drought, heat wave, hailstorm, earthquake are also common in this region. We should be well informed and briefed on the topic of disaster management. Ndma work closely with the federal ministries, government departments, the armed forces, UN agencies, and donors to mobilize, receive, and deploy relief goods. Indian Council of Medical Research (icmr The Indian Council of Medical Research (icmr), the top body in India for the formulation, organization and endorsement of biomedical research.