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This poem is about a young boy who is staying at his aunt's house, he cannot understand aunt julia poem essay her because she speaks Gaelic and he doesn't know how. Despite this, there is a sense that affection can exist without words. Structure, the poem comprises five stanzas of uneven length. This highlights the fact that he did not communicate with his aunt Julia very much. " I could not understand her ". Next Essays Related to Aunt julia, got a writing question? In my essay I am going to explore the mood of reflection expressed in this poem. " I could not answer her ".

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In stanza four he compares her to water flouncing in buckets, and winds pouring wetly round house ends, to me this reflects on how she moves. The impression this gives me is that she is ordinary, nothing different or outrageous, just plain and simple. She lived on a croft on Scalpay, a small island in the Outer Hebrides a hardworking life, and spoke only her native Gaelic. "Of a box bed, listening to". These"s from the poem reflect on how peaceful and safe her home was, it makes me think there is a feeling of total calmness at night time. Clearly, MacCaig felt a strong attachment to his Aunt Julia despite the language barrier.

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There is no regular rhyme scheme and lines are enjambed, flowing from idea to idea to reflect the vivid character of Aunt Julia. I think it is saying that she is always on the move and is rarely standing still. But then it was too late, and all the questions he would have asked her and she would have asked him must remain unanswered. He uses straightforward language, easy to understand. As is evident in the poem, MacCaig felt a strong attachment to his Aunt Julia despite the language barrier that existed between them and this is one of the most memorable of his studies of Highland characters. Aunt Julia spoke Gaelic very loud and very fast. By the time I had learned a little, she lay silenced in the absolute black of a sandy grave at Luskentyre. Introduced by a variety of writers, artists and other guests, the Scottish Poetry Librarys classic poem selections are a reminder of wonderful poems.

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