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For example, many books, newspapers, airports, technology, music and advertising are available in English. The logistics are a nightmare, obviously. The thinking that everyone speaking the same language binds different races and nationality is simplistic. Finally, evidence to prove that issue is that foreign language makes people easy to reach the store of human knowledge, because foreign language is as a bridge between languages in countries around the world. Comment 2, some examiners get annoyed with introductions that string too many questions together. The world reveals itself in a certain manner to the Japanese writer, and in quite another to the one who writes in Finnish. More than ever, basic human rights are being upheld. Moreover, it is clearly false that If we all spoke the same language, would we think in the same way because of living in variant place, having different culture that influences discrepant language in many ways. Wed probably have more sympathy for other cultures, because it would seem much more familiar to our own. This is why to abandon your native tongue and to adopt another is to dismantle yourself, piece by piece, and then to put yourself together again, in a different form. My Spanish is bad. Language is filled with innumerable nuances and cultures are stocked with subject positions that we may not even be aware.

If we all spoke the same language there would be fewer conflicts and

The article goes on to say, To begin with, when changing languages you descend to a zero-point of your existence. While the entire world thinking the same way doesnt sound like fun, one effect it could have is more harmony between different cultures and countries. The idea of a single language allows for the idea of united human collaboration. However, while these languages fade, the population will not. For example, you could argue that its helpful to have a same language but these should be the languages that are devoid of political baggage (eg. Within the European Union, the problems are arguably less trivial translatingdocuments costs the EU up to 800 million euros annually, and it slows the decision making process. Of course, the big question always comes back to: what language would it be? Even if everyone can speak the same language, social, economic and political ties cannot be improved all together. But as language is tied to culture, English comes with a rich history, and anyone adopting it as a language begins to adopt that culture. So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city. Another confirmation in which language affects our way of thinking, in Vietnam; nevertheless, speaking the same language, when the invariable problem is solved, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding this issue.

The opportunities that come with speaking English, despite its difficulties, currently outweigh many other choices. People have different opinions. Whether a common language would be the byproduct or the catalyst of a true global community remains to be seen, but trends in language certainly indicate that is the direction we are moving. Without the cultural knowledge, we would not know our own special and unique language and sense of identity. These 196 countries, with their.5 billion citizens, utilize if we all spoke the same language essay approximately 7,000 languages. Long ago, post-Great Flood, humanity was united under a single, common language. Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran once said, When I changed my language, I annihilated my past. When communicating in broken speech, Ive stripped away everything that makes me,. Oh, that was easy, says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white, and gets killed on the next zebra crossing. We tend to be wary of people who are different from us, and as a result, foreigners seem really, well, foreign. Along with these languages will disappear unique history, culture, perspective, and identity. Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one anothers speech.

While English may not be the ideal global language, it may become one simply due to pragmatism most people require incentive to learn a second language. For one common language to work, everyone would have to be fluent and this would likely take a couple generations. The vast majority of electronic information is stored worldwide in English. It also helps to create better understanding between individuals. Given the vast complexity of human life spread around the globe, we are actually quite linguistically united. An understanding of the premise (language barrier is inconvenient). When we learn a new language, we are leaving the comfort zone of our native language. Because the issues here are complex, it is rather simplistic to argue that every single person on this planet needs to speak the same language in order to reap benefits. That is a lot of money. It feeds on brain wave energy, absorbing all unconscious if we all spoke the same language essay frequencies and then excreting telepathically a matrix formed from the conscious frequencies and nerve signals picked up from the speech centres of the brain, the practical upshot.

If we all spoke the same language there would be fewer

Would people be forced into doing so? Language is the if we all spoke the same language essay most effective communication bridge of human society. A recent study estimated that by 2100 the world population could reach as high.3 billion a 64 increase within the century. However, people who speak different languages have different ways of thinking because of the living environment, the culture of the region. Another slant to consider is also the idea that not all languages are necessarily spoken languages. What Language Would It Be? Going by the previous finding that poor language skills cost.5 of the GPD on average, that means the US wasted approximately 600 billion dollars worth of time in 2014 alone.

If we all spoke the same language, would there be fewer wars?

However, we would not have any language barriers and it would be easier to communicate. Economist Keith Chen studied how differences in future tense affected how the speaker thought about the future. Our cultural knowledge gives us a sense of belonging and identity of who we are. There must be even a moment, however brief, when you cease. Its what lets us call ourselves self-aware and conscious. Wider issue (translation embedded clarification of everyone spoke the same language (monolinguailsm vs bi-/multilingualism evaluation (simplstic nuanced thesis (keep better, challenge absolute term everyone) extension of thesis (judgement beyond better / detrimental unnecessary).