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In this story Mathilde the necklace summary essay is a very envious woman whom always dreamed of a life that she could not have. Loisel spends all of the next day, and even the next week, searching the city for the necklace, but finds nothing. She is so humiliated by her lower-middle-class existence that she even refuses to see one of her old friends whom she has known from her days at the convent school. Mathilde suddenly dashes outside to avoid being seen in her shabby coat. The replacement necklace is returned to Madame Forestier, who remarks rather coldly that it should have been returned sooner because she might have needed. All the while she dreamed of living the life of the rich. Forestier, rich and beautiful as ever. To pay off the debt, both Monsieur and Madame Loisel must work tirelessly. Loisel return home at nearly 4 oclock in the morning, and only when they arrive home does Mme. She hates her plain apartment, its absence of pictures on the walls, its shoddy furniture.

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They take the necklace case from jeweler to jeweler to find a strand of diamonds that matches the one lost. Mathildenow Madame Loiselhad always felt like she should have been upper class, and is unhappy in the necklace summary essay her married life: she hates their home, their food, and her lack of fine clothing and jewelry. She and her husband (who falls asleep off in a corner) don't leave until 4am. She asks to see something else. After five days, however, when nothing shows up, they decide that the necklace is truly gone and they must have it replaced. With much surprise, Mrs. The Loisels are left with their debts. Instead she married a simple middle class man and lived a middle class life. Cite This Source, bACK, nEXT, writers block can be painful, but well help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper. There she comes across Mme. Loisel has to his name.

They search her clothes: nothing. This is where the story turns on Mathilde. Then one day it happened that she and her husband where invited to a dinner ball. She explains that life has been pretty grim. Her husband tries to convince her that it was very difficult for a junior clerk to get asked to such the necklace summary essay an event. The time of penury has transformed Mathilde into a poor, prematurely old hag, with a loud voice, red hands, and neglected hair, but in her misery she often remembers the ministers ball, where she had her great success. The price, with a four-thousand-franc discount, is thirty-six thousand francs. Forestier a new necklace.

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They finally see one in a the necklace summary essay shop at the Palais-Royal. But mine was a fake. But yes, certainly, says her friend. Monsieur Loisel, a clerk from the Board of Education. The husband moonlights, working in the evenings for a bookkeeper and often at nights, doing copying at twenty-five centimes a page.

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Though other women of her class may come to terms with their station in life, Mathilde never can. When he is served a simple casserole, he can exclaim with pleasure: Well, a good hot-pot. How dare her husband be so insensitive? Suddenly, she discovers a black satin case that contains a magnificent necklace, a river of diamonds. Mathilde is so convinced she's meant to be rich that she detests her real life and spends all day dreaming and despairing about the fabulous life she's not having.

Monsieur Loisel tries another tack. To the surprise. After ten years, they are finally able to pay off all of their debts. Loisel proclaims that they must replace it, and the couple finds a replacement for 36,000 francs. She feels relegated to a lower station than she deserves. Forrester laughed and said that her necklace was only costume jewelry. Build out your thesis and paragraphs. Loisel comes home with an invitation to a fancy ball thrown by his boss, the Minister of Education. Everyone loves her (i.e., lusts after her) and she is absolutely thrilled. Her husband suggests flowers. This the necklace summary essay goes on year after year until the debt is paid.

Now that the debt for the necklace has been satisfied, Mathilde Loisel decides to tell her old friend everything that happened. Unfortunately, it's 36 thousand francs, which is exactly twice the amount of all the money. Such an embarrassment of riches makes it difficult for Mathilde to make up her mind. At the ball, Madame Loisel is a hit: elegant, joyful, and desired for waltzes. Jeanne Forestier is still young-looking and attractive. She appears to be the prettiest woman in the room; all mens eyes are on the necklace summary essay her. An appropriate dress is ordered and is ready before the date of the dance. They visit one jewelry store after another until at last they find a necklace that looks just the same as the one they lost. He then suggests that she go to her rich friend Madame Forestier and borrow some jewelry. To give them time to continue the search, they tell Madame Forestier that the clasp on the necklace is being repaired. Loisel goes massively into debt and buys the necklace, and Mathilde returns it to Mme. She found a beautiful diamond necklace that she wore that night. With the necklace, she's sure to be a stunner.