essay on preserving geological heritage

As part of, geo-Week the digs group, in combination with the. However, none of these studies have led to any concrete steps or conservation of heritage buildings of the old city in translating the plans into specific actions (undp Report, 2001). Heritage buildings of the old city of Ghadames were chosen as a representative city for conservation of heritage buildings in Libya. Their beauty has been appreciated worldwide. Many of these are also being uploaded on the internet.

Essay or paragraph on preserving the geological heritage

Wadia, there is a correspondence of the three types of Gondwana flora with that of the three sudivisions of Gondwanaland. It is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. It also encompasses different kinds of breathtaking geological structures. One function of the small openings is to prevent dust from entering buildings. Therefore, the current research aims at identifying problems encountered essay on preserving geological heritage in the heritage buildings in the old city of Ghadames, and suggests some conservation guidelines and references for the conservation of heritage buildings in the old city and which are all gazetted as national heritage buildings. Great civilizations flourished in the country, including Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic. India boasts off a rich heritage that bespeaks of its glorious past.

Some additional important cultural heritage organizations: International Council of Museums (icom the International Council on Archives (ICA). Natural heritage refers to outstanding physical, biological and geological formations, habitats of threatened species of animals and plants and areas with scientific, conservation or aesthetic value (2008). With time both our tangible and intangible heritages are fading away. On this basis, conservation guidelines for developing and utilizing these properties must be established. (g micraster: Triassic to tertiary. Visit m to see how we can help you! Many of these species of plants and animals are found only in India. It was also nice to see (and hear!) a group of youngsters enjoying the delights of Vallis Vale under the guidance of the. To resolve this problem, essay on preserving geological heritage Friedman. This beautiful architecture is worthy to investigate by study. Based on the discussion above, the main problem of this research results from the lack of: (1) Studies conducted on conservation of heritage buildings in Libya, (2) expertise and specific guidelines for heritage buildings in the old city.

essay on preserving geological heritage

(b) Dicroidium (Mid-Gondwana flora The common flora is thinnfeldia. Heritage conservation is important for identifying, recording, analysing and protecting heritage and cultural resources. The significance of the research appears also from its main objective. The gymnosperms and the cycads of the mesozoic era forming the Rajmahal flora, disappeared gradually and during the cretaceous flowering plants began to appear on the surface of the globe. However, there is another risk which threatens the sustainability of the heritage buildings.

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For instance, A Ghafar Ahmad. They were: (i) Lepidodendron flora Oldest. For this reason, several researches were conducted all over the world to assess the existing conditions of heritage buildings. Despite controversies and criticisms, Miss Bennett urged Jamaicans to take pride in their cultural heritage; she unabashedly urges them to speak their native language, to practice their traditions; and encourages her people not be unabashed of their rich African heritage and to preserve their legacy. We have some of the most beautiful flowering plants that are rarely found anywhere else. This symbol is the Blue Shield. How to repair and maintain the structural damages of the heritage buildings of the old city of Ghadames, world heritage site, Libya? This flora is said to have been evolved from those plants which could survive the permocarboniferous glaciation. Conclusion Young generation must not only preserve the cultural heritage of India but should also be progressive towards preserving the monumental and natural heritage of our country. It occurs abundantly in the northern continents and dicroidium in southern continents. In addition, the old city of Ghadames is located in desert essay on preserving geological heritage regions. Our society has seen tremendous changes in the last few decades. Essay on Preserving Indian Heritage Essay 3 (400 words).

Heritage buildings basically represent the past history and culture of a nation. Advertisements: Plumsted (Asutralia) from the study of carboniferous and permian flora suggested that there were three distinct types of flora during this time. Several studies confirmed that historic conservation yields significant benefits to the economy. All these sites are true wonders of the nature. Chapter Six, Analysis and Findings, offers an in-depth discussion on the development essay on preserving geological heritage of the conservation guidelines for the heritage buildings of the old city of Ghadames. The culture followed by every religious group has deep underlying roots and is followed with unwavering faith. When inhabitants live in the heritage buildings, their houses are well maintained; some continue to be in excellent conditions and are properly cared for. According to unesco, Cultural heritage refers to monuments, groups of buildings and sites with historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value. The first international treaty protecting cultural and national heritage sites was the. Lack of expertise in the maintenance of heritage buildings is also a source of beautiful heritage buildings are damaged or destroyed.

essay on preserving geological heritage

(PDF) The Anina Geopark: preserving the geological heritage of the South

For example, in Canada about 20 percent of pre-1920 heritage buildings to demolition over the last 30 years has been lost (Heritage Canada Foundation website, 20 December 2012). Since late 1980s, several studies on the conservation of heritage building of the old city of Ghadames have been undertaken with the assistance essay on preserving geological heritage of the United Nations Development Programme (undp) and specialized (UN) agencies and other private or government entities. It plays an important role to define the landmark within the heritage area as well as to generate economic return and to support the tourism industry. Indians also cultivate numerous kinds of crops and export them to the rest of the world. Each ethnic group in our country has its own tale of origin and its set of unique traditions and culture.

Without any documentation the beauty of the heritage buildings will be lost due to age factor and climate change. Since then, there has been no looking back. Long Essay on Indian Heritage and the New Generation Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Indian Heritage is known to be one of the richest worldwide. Cultural Heritage Information Dashboards. Corditales: Noeggerathiopsis (leaf dadoxylon (stem). There are more than 45,500 species of plants in India and many of these are found particularly in our country. Since then, the United Nations Development Programme (undp) has carried out a project on the old city of Ghadames its objective was to encourage and motivate the inhabitants to come back to the old city. Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict (1954). So far, no guideline on conservation guidelines for preserving heritage buildings of the old city of Ghadames has been developed in spite of its importance to protect heritage buildings (Arrabti, 2011; Al-Hasi, 2011). Tourism plays an important essay on preserving geological heritage role in the old city of Ghadames with many visitors from all over the world coming to attend the Annual Festival of Dates which is held in October. Keoladeo National Park : Home for numerous species of beautiful birds, this was also declared World Heritage Site in 1985. Indian customs and traditions are beautiful. It has been recognized by several important international organizations such as the unesco and the Organization of World Heritage Cities.