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In this light, they advocate birth control as well as encouraging the use of religion abortion essay contraceptives (Tsomo,1998). Buddha first percepts state I will not harm any living creature this does not only apply to the human being community but to all animals, once a fetus is alive the Buddhism faith protest not to harm the fetus and protect the fetus. Aristotle believed that fetuses were conceived in a vegetative or animalistic state and that between 40 and 90 days a fetus undergoes ensoulment in which the fetus actually received its human soul. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! When it comes to something to have faith in or look up to it is often monetary. It is said here that God knows. 2295 Words10 Pages, abortion and Religion Procured abortion, the deliberate killing and removal of a foetus from the womb, is hotly debated and very controversial in today's society. Hinduism view, in the Hinduism faith, abortion is considered evil; however some of the Hindus texts prove abortion to be a necessary evil, since it save lives. The Bible on the other hand has a lot to say regarding the concept of abortion, the Biblical arguments indicated that the unborn child is a human being and constitutes Gods creation. This is however only true if the decision is in congruence with Gods demands as outlined in the Holy Bible. Also all these religions believe that the issue surrounds deep issues of many things such as life and death, right and wrong, human relationships and the nature of society. Most of the Christians however, are just told that abortion is prohibited and not allowed in the society.

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The first thoughts are not to carry a baby to full term for it to be adopted or to grant temporary custody. The Hindu scripture reference the act of abortion as gorha-batta meaning womb killing, the abortionist is referenced as the greatest sinner in the society as described by Atharva Veda. Most states prohibit abortions after viability or the point when a fetus can survive outside the womb. Buddhism view, buddhism on the other hand has a more relaxed approach to abortion. The pro -life proponents also argue that the ability of a fetus to exist independently religion abortion essay defines it as a person, there argument is based on the right to life and they believe that the fetus can live given. Life for life indicate the miscarriage is the loss of life, the life loss as a result of miscarriage is equivalent to the life of the responsible person. They however do not in any way condone the inappropriate, meaningless and taking of life. In summary it is evident that the Bible controls most of the judgment in the Christian faith concerning abortion.

The religion has therefore left us in the dark whether abortion is good or not allowed within the church. It is therefore important on any judgment as to whether abortion is good or evil in the land of the Buddhist one should bring in light the concept of compassion to the fetus before any argument is made. It is however not easy to simplify what the Bible state concerning abortion, several scholars has indicated that it is not easy to determine the real knowledge on the matters relating to abortion. Hindus had been very firm and so many people. There are many verses in the bible that explains how children are great gifts and should be cherished and welcomed into the world. Although there seemed to be less death surrounding abortion, the procedure was reevaluated in the late 1800s and anti-abortion laws were put into place. There is only a threat that people who have or perform abortions will go to hell in the after life. Lack of medical knowledge and equipment made delivery difficult and because of this aborting children was a norm.

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Some religions argue against the state with the point that a fetus is not a living person. The Bible and Abortion. When it comes down to which law is more relevant it is easy to say the law of the land prevails. Money is not abundantly available to any of us, while God, Jesus and his word are readily available for us all. By 1910 almost all of the states had declared abortion illegal due to its immorality; some believed that laws were put into place because the early settlers feared being over populated by the immigrants that were traveling to our country at the time. God came religion abortion essay up with three creations. In the early 1800s many mothers died during or after child labor. These doctrines seem to be well illustrated in the Buddhist view of abortion.

Our biggest concerns are how much it will cost and who will find out. It is therefore depended on individual judgment whether to carry out abortion or not. Others argue that a person is more than just the biological parts, and believes that a living person has more advance characteristics that a fetus do not posses, like the ability to think and make relationships with other people (McCarthy,1996). Buddha advised his followers not to accept or believe in any teaching from other religions not even Buddha himself. That number has continued to drop over the years and has reached less than 1 percent. While poor women take the risk of having abortions below medical standards. (Sacred Books of the East). Therefore it could be said that a person's life is divine and sacred as it represents God as his own creation and this echoes the idea of the sanctity of life. At what point is the weight of this decision realized?

religion abortion essay

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Most Buddhist feel that in relation to the concept of compassion abortion is wrong, and regrettable, it is viewed as the act of depriving the unborn the compassionate right to live, however the compassion should. The Jehovah witness also do share the common belief with the catholic that abortion is wrong, it is concluded that in most Christian denominations, abortion is highly prohibited and at no time accepted in the churches. When do we realize that we are taking a life? The state offers counseling, adoption agencies, and welfare to those seeking assistance with children. Digging deeper I found that there are still many countries that have not yet legalized abortion. The theory of a formed fetus came from Aristotles concept of ensoulment which was adopted by Christian philosophers. Within the various religious circles, it is argued and continuously debated whether a fetus is a living being.