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Statistics also show, however, that this situation has nothing to do with levels of intelligence (as measured by IQ tests). The injuries are not restricted to small children and the bodys limbs but also to adults and the vital body parts such as the head and spine. Of note is that various research studies cannot comprehensively affirm the extent to which physical activity contributes to positive academic attainment and success. Low income students, who decide to take out loans, find themselves in dire situations than before they left their neighborhood. They should not have to worry about the overwhelming cost of education. Nor should they have to labor away working a minimum wage job to pursue an education. Statistics by the American educational achievement essay Student Assistance present, In each school year between, an estimated 60 of bachelors degree recipients borrowed to fund their education. Elementary School Teachers Perceptions and Attitudes to the. Yunker (2009) on the study about the effects of intercollegiate athletic participation on student academic achievement and leadership performance in a selective institution acknowledges that sports activities have negative influences. This is especially seen in adolescents who like to play and engage in physical activities, especially due to their developmental stage where exercise and play are primary aspects of personal expression and therefore they are more prone to burnout and injuries. The higher a persons social class, the higher their income is likely.

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Low income students should have access to grants and student aid. This implies that engaging in physical activities can lead to injuries that will affect peoples ability to learn and communicate with others which is a primary determinant in facilitating educational learning and instruction and, consequently, success. Although affirmative action has been considered biased, some forms of affirmative action must be in place, to assist those who desperately want an education, but can not afford. 2597 WordsOct 2, 201211 Pages, differential, educational. The concept of race and the awareness that it could be used to distinguish groups from each other has lead to the creation of racism in society (Walton and Caliendo. The Supreme Court ruled that the University of Michigans undergraduate program, which uses a point system that rate students and awards additional points to minorities had to be modified(Brunner 3). Therefore, many children engage in various sports and games including basketball, soccer and swimming as well as other small games such as scrabble.

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Because of these two acts, low income students have a difficult time pursuing an education. Tupac Shakur, the Notorious BIG, and 50 Cent, are known for their gang related activity while growing up in the hood. However, well intended, the 1960s affirmative action does not apply to todays low income students. American mainstream culture deters students interests in learning. Primarily, through injuries which are prone to occur in physical exercise situations involving adolescents as well as stress brought about by exercise burnout largely contribute to the negative effects on academic achievement. Insight into various developmental stages that people undergo will also contribute to more understanding of sports activities and the associated effects on educational achievement. Education is important because it can be the deciding factor which changes their circumstances. In Hip Hop culture, success is not determined by education. For example, exercise and physical training cause the release of endorphins or feel good hormones that leave one with a feeling of calmness, energy and optimism eliminating stress which may hinder academic success. Inevitably, this leads to cheating among other undesirable behaviors which ensure that students do not complete their studies in time in addition to comprehension of educational content taught in class.

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The introduction of tuition fees and student loans instead of grants has also meant that less working class students feel able and willing to go on to higher education, for fear of ending up in too much debt. Michelle Rhee, former Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, suggests, By building on models of success, society can dramatically improve public education and turn the tide of generational poverty. Thus identity constructions have been labelled and/or stereotyped which is now educational achievement essay a norm of society and educational institutions. In addition, Singh-Manoux. Injuries include growth plate injuries, strains and sprains as well as repetitive motion and heat-related injuries and illnesses.

Students from low income families who successfully complete high school are not able to afford college. The studies include issues on cognitive and emotional development, motor skills as well as personality and language issues. Another possible advantage that middle class parents may give their children is private education, which, if not better in terms of quality of teaching, definitely gives students more resources and status. Incidentally, concentration in class is quite vital in retention of information and instructions from teachers, which in turn enables students to succeed in their studies. For instance, Shulruf (2010) shows that engaging in sports activities and team sports indicates a positive association to higher grade point averages (GPA) which are measures of academic success. Loans provide an opportunity for individuals who wish to acquire an education. Low income students should not be denied an education due to financial hardship. The issue of race, ethnicity and gender are essentially a part of a persons genetic design, which is show more content, burr (1995) maintains that the perspective of social constructivism educational achievement essay is closely related with many contemporary theories and theorists, for example Vygotsky, Bruner and Bandura. Additionally, sports have a lot of psychological benefits that would enable students to achieve academic success.

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In 1996, California voters passed the California Civil Rights Initiative, also known as Proposition 209, which addressed that race could no longer be a factor in university admissions. Developmental stages and Success educational achievement essay in Education and Sports. Although affirmative action needed to be amended to address color biased admissions, wealthy students need not be given a leg up to higher education. To eradicate poverty, low income students must have an opportunity to seek education in order to gain upward mobility. Average debt per borrower rose 18, from 19,300 to 22,700 over this time period. Since the cutbacks of affirmative action, low income students have a difficult time pursuing an education.

In many cases there are contributing issues that not only hinder, but can dramatically affect a childs educational achievement and development; but also impacts negatively on their childhood experience. In order for low income students to gain an education, they need assistance. The main goal in achieving success and escaping poverty is education. For example, Haralambos and Holborn (2004) imply that all women are the same in nature, as are all men; therefore persons of the same gender are biologically and socially connected regardless of any differences in their social circumstances. Various research studies are also in support of this conclusion where engaging in collegiate athletics negatively influences educational achievement. Introduction, education in these days and age has been taken as a major determinant of childrens success in life. This highlights the minimal positive effect and influence of engaging in sports activities on improved levels of academic ranking. The education system is a tool of the masses to secure education only amongst the wealthy, making upward mobility a dream of the lower class. They become burdened with responsibility of paying for everyday expenses. On the other hand, working class children may have to get part-time jobs to help the family out, meaning they have less time to spend on their homework and are more tired at school, making it harder to concentrate. Low income students lose interest in learning during their early teens. This translates to academic failure and less graduation rates for various schools. They are influenced to rebel against society and the education system.

Low income students are losing out, not because of their ability, but because of money, making it more difficult to achieve upward mobility. Their families do not have the income to provide for extracurricular activities such as music, performing arts, or sports clubs. Educational achievement is one of the most important factors of a students academic journey. Top universities are not designed to assist low income students. Although racial diversity is touted in college settings, low-income students receive no assistance. Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between physical activities and academic achievements to identify how engaging in physical exercises can affect a childs educational achievements and success. Studies in developmental psychology assert that various changes, especially psychological ones, occur in the course of a persons life span, particularly for children. Those who suffered educational achievement essay the most from these amendments are those most in need, low income students. Education should be affordable to the masses. For instance, the sports administrators and coaches stress and inculcate a win-at-all-costs attitude in the students. Individuals who choose to go to college question the overbearing cost of a college education and if it is worth the investment.

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Works Cited Ansalone, Georg, and Frank Biafora. Achievement, aS Sociology 2010/2011 social class Over the years, there has been a gradual improvement in educational attainment for all social classes. According to educational achievement essay a study by Stevens. Consequently, this leads to diminished concentration and time allocated to academic work. By age 24, 75 percent of young people from families earning more than 80,000 a year earn a bachelors degree, while the corresponding figure for those from families earning less than 25,000 a year is 9 percent (Haycock 1). They end up working minimum wage jobs, saving endlessly to receive a college education. Walton and Caliendo (2011) confirm that the concept of race has to be considered in both cultural and political terms. ) Even at top public universities, the share is often 15 percent of less(Leonhardt 4). Furthermore, the study by Shulruf (2010) on whether extra-curricular activities including sports participation in schools improve educational outcomes highlights the fact that although there seems to be a positive correlation between engaging in extra-curricular activities, the causal effects cannot be confirmed. However, money is necessary in education, and hopefully will lead to upward mobility. Education must remain a priority, even for low income class families who struggle with daily expenses. Besides, the study by Stevens. Also, they are more likely to have a better diet, which will contribute to better health, so they seldom miss school through illness and are generally more able to concentrate on their studies.

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