action verbs for thesis objectives

The following verbs and their definitions can be helpful when composing learning objectives. If defined and used consistently, such verbs are a highly effective way to indicate, and communicate to others, specific, observable student behavior. Compose : To formulate a composition in written, spoken, musical or artistic form. It is effective, inexpensive, and most of all, honest. Logical techniques of estimation, such as are involved in mathematical interpolation, may be used. This chart can be a helpful starting point for programs developing or revising student learning outcomes. Solve: To effect a solution to a given problem, in writing or orally. Translate : To transcribe one symbolic form to another of the action verbs for thesis objectives same or similar meaning.

(subjective, objective, transitive, intransitive)

Diagram: To construct a drawing with labels and with a specified organization or structure to demonstrate knowledge of action verbs for thesis objectives that organization or structure. M Click Here to go to examples of the behavioral verbs in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Adapted from Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (1956) Knowledge Comprehension Application define fill in the blank identify indicate know label list locate match memorize name recall record relate repeat select spell state tell underline classify convert describe discuss explain express. There is much more available. Predict : To use a rule or principle to predict an outcome or to infer some consequence. If you really want to learn and improve your skills in writing objectives or selecting objectives written by others, please consider purchasing my self-instructional, interactive program called Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching.0. Estimate: To assess the dimension of an object, series of objects, event or condition without applying a standard scale or measuring device.

The objective is of the form, "The student will describe this order, object, or event and does not limit the categories that may be used in mentioning them. Note: Locate is not to be confused with identify. Evaluate: To classify objects, situations, people, conditions, etc., according to defined criteria of quality. It follows then, that one way to define curriculum is in terms of intended student behavior. Demonstrate: The student performs the operations necessary for the application of an instrument, model, device, or implement. Note: There is a temptation to use demonstrate in objectives such as, "the student will demonstrate his knowledge of vowel sounds." As the verb is defined, this is improper use. Distinguish: To identify under conditions when only two contrasting identifications are involved for each response. Valid inferences can only be made when there is little or no doubt regarding what is intended. This list is not exhaustive, but is designed to initiate discussion about learning outcomes.

Action, verbs for, objectives

Graphic charting and mapping are types of action verbs for thesis objectives diagramming, and these terms may be used where more exact communication of the structure of the situation and response is desired. Locate: To stipulate the position of an object, place, or event in relation to other specified objects, places, or events. TJ853, tutorials, home Action Verbs for Objectives, knowledge. It is not necessary that the rule or principle be stated. Classify: To place objects, words, or situations into categories according to defined criteria for each category. Learning objectives based on a set of verbs that have some measure of agreement as to meaning can provide a useful vehicle for the purpose of developing performance-based curriculum.

Fonts, gDE, google, hOME, links, mAPS, microworlds. For obvious reasons, assess is rarely used as a verb in learning objectives at the elementary school level. Teachers and others constantly make inferences about student learning on the basis of what students do or produce. Label: To stipulate a verbal (oral or written) response to a given object, drawing, or composition that contains information relative to the known, but unspecified structure of these objects, drawings, or compositions. Consistent use of defined behavioral verbs in composing, rewriting or selecting learning objectives can lead to improvement in efforts to change and reform education in general and curriculum in particular. Knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation define describe apply analyze arrange appraise list discuss demonstrate appraise assemble assess name explain dramatize calculate collect choose recall express employ categorize compose compare record depict illustrate criticize construct estimate relate locate interpret debate create. Retrieved December 02, 2002, from The University of North Carolina Online Instruction Group (OIG) Web site: m Teacher science lesson plan. In education, there is no substitute for clarity, specificity, and a professional vocabulary. The problem must be posed in such a way that the student that the student is able to determine the type of response that is acceptable.

Such stipulations are usually in the form of written descriptions. Michell for providing this example from: Technisearch Ltd. (2) The characteristics of the words, objects, or situations that are excluded in the class or category. Train the computer trainer. Name: To action verbs for thesis objectives supply the correct name, in oral or written form for an object, class of objects, persons, places, conditions, or events which are pointed out or described. To define is to set up criteria for classification. An outcome starting with the verb "demonstrate" suggests that students would have to perform some kind of demonstration of a skill they have learned (e.g. The relationship between behavioral verbs, learning objectives, and lesson plans is, or should be, obviuous.

Action, verbs for, objectives

TD700-1, timetables, tJ501, tJ521, tJ591, tJ641, tJ828. For instance: An outcome starting with the verb "list" could be measured by an examine question in which the students produce a list of desired knowledge or skills they have learned. Ideational guides to location such as grids, order arrangements and time may be used to describe location. The problem solution must contain all the elements required for the requested solution, and may contain extraneous elements that are not required for solution. Measure : To apply a standard scale or measuring device to an object, series of objects, events, or conditions, according to practices accepted by those who are skilled in the use of the device or scale. Skills, atitudes analyse argue break-down classify combine compare contract define demonstrate describe discuss evaluate explain formulate identify justify list name organise predict recall recognise record relate reproduce underline select state write judge adjust align replace apply assemble close action verbs for thesis objectives connect construct disassemble.

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Action verbs for objectives

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action verbs for thesis objectives