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In Capstone 1, students will have an opportunity to develop research proposals and be identified as Capstone Team Leaders which will carry over to Capstone. "Will telecommunications have impact on the global economy?" is obvious. It has some lasting significance). It is with such bricks that the research edifice is built. If you can't say anything significant in 15 pages, your not going to say anything significant. Off-campus students must present in person.

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To facilitate team forming, team leaders can advertise their interests here. Comparative Analysis: Choose a problem area with multiple proposed solutions and compare the alternatives. Many faculty have ideas and will advertise these ideas on the mentor topic page. Capstone com 5955 capstone thesis fsu 2 is stuctured like an independent group project overseen by a faculty mentor. In the thesis you work alone. This must be in APA format. It may be true and relevant but nobody can directly use the information to build upon. In the capstone option, you take one additional graduate class of your choice (with advisor approval for courses outside of ITP and, after having completed a core of telecom courses, you take something called Capstone 2 (the capstone). The evaluations will be a chance for ideas to flow among peers. This will not be graded.

Reviews the literature on a specific research question. The formal proposal should not exceed five (5) pages (proposal title page not included). O Study 2 summarize to include researchers findings, how those findings were obtained, and evaluation of biases in the findings. The presentations will be made after receiving feedback on the final papers. In addition, there will be some lectures at the beginning of the semester on how to capture and analyze quantitative data such as from surveys or laboratory experiments. If you want to write a 50 page document you should consider the thesis. Study 1summarize to include researchers findings, how those findings were obtained, and evaluation of biases in the findings. Research Proposal The paper will be developed in two stages. Summary of the theory or model to be used in the study, including a diagram of the model if appropriate.

A lot of time is spent "wordsmithing" documents; throwing out extra verbiage, putting long-winded explanations in table or graphical form, redrawing tables and figures, and so on so that the message a document communicates fits in the. Specific means the question is stated in a way so that we know when it is answered. Topic and Research Question: The topic can be any subject that is current in telecom. Capstone 1 teaches quantitative, qualitative, literature review, and communication skills. If the research involves human subjects, the student may need to obtain approval from the. The Big Picture, the capstone is an exciting experience to research, write, and present about a single topic of interest to you. Once the committee has been established and the general research topic determined, the. Appendix 1 MA Theses (adapted from the End of Program Assessment Manual 2012) MA Theses are expected to contain the following elements: Introduction. Institution Review Board (IRB), which is done at this step. A further point about being specific is that the same question can mean different things to different audiences and in different environments. The proposal may be as short as a few paragraphs or many pages. Describes how you will test the hypothesis and carry out your analysis. You will be graded primarily on your ability to clearly present an idea and to be able to respond to questions.

com 5955 capstone thesis fsu

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Many other approaches could be developed in conjunction with your mentor. This is a list of must read webpages. The mentor page has contact information for mentors, mentor suggested topics, and spells out the relationship between mentor and team. "Can LED traffic lights reduce traffic accidents?" The question is not significant to telecommunications. It is based on the final paper, the public presentation, and for completing the reviews of other teams work. A proper com 5955 capstone thesis fsu proposal consists of: a description of the problem and its significance; a literature search showing prior work at solving this and related problems; a description of the solution; analysis or data supporting that the proposed solution addresses the problem. Identifies your specific research question and sets the general context for the study. Capstone Introduction, interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program, prof.

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Some examples of questions that are *not* significant are: "Should the Version and Traffic Class fields be swapped in the IPv6 header?" Since the header is already standardized and no clear advantage can be gained the question is not interesting. Broad comparisons that anyone could make after taking a few ITP courses are always less interesting than specific questions that require some com 5955 capstone thesis fsu in-depth analysis and research. The presentations will, in addition to the above, give suggestions for improving presentation skills. Propose a solution to a problem: Choose an important unsolved or debated problem. Summarize the general state of the literature (cumulative knowledge base) on the specific research question. This requires you to sign up for a total of 6 thesis credits over several semesters. Teams will consist of 4 capstone students. In the first stage, you will write a 6 page (excluding references) research proposal that describes your research question and your approach. For a visual flow chart of step by step guide, Contact Us, office of Graduate Studies, office of Graduate Studies 120 White Hall 1600 Burrstone Road.

Reference the works that you have cited (direct"s or paraphrases) in the text. You become part of the global team that works together on large social and technical problems, one brick at a time. Mentor: Each team will have a single faculty mentor. So, before or after stating your research question you need to state to whom is the question addressed and what are you including or not including in the question. How to work as a team. The thesis or capstone project should be submitted through. A lot of good research is rejected with the questions "So what?" or "Who cares?" or "What are they doing?". Once all edits have been made and the committee has approved all thesis/capstone project work, the. Hlss699 Research Proposal - Specific Instructions For the thesis proposal, include each element in an abbreviated format not to exceed five pages. Dirac's Physics doctoral thesis that particles behave like waves was only a few pages. You propose an idea (the thesis and then defend the idea through detailed arguments, analysis, and research.

"How should the Senate vote on communication bill S103? This paper would consist of: a literature search showing the need for a solution and the existing solutions; a design that will meet the solution; a description of com 5955 capstone thesis fsu your implementation; and test and analysis results of the implementation. O Etc., etc.(include a minimum of at least3 of the most important studies Short conclusion and transition to Theoretical Framework section. More presentation information is here. A formal thesis proposal shall be prepared in accordance with the standards of the academic discipline. It is intended to foster the skills necessary to succeed in today's business environment. Justification of case studies used. Peruse ieee magazines and papers at conferences like. You are not, in one semester, in one paper, going to solve broad future shaping questions. Depending on the student's timeline,. Answer a Pure Research Question: A pure research question is one where the answer does not depend on any implementation or existing technologies A new technology may be required to find the answer, but the answer itself does not contain the new technology. The formal proposal must provide a clear and lucid description of a question or problem and a proposed method of answering the question or solving the problem. Once the proposal has been approved, the student may need to register for the second research course if applicable.