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It means that it is something that a person cannot live without. Their love as parents became your foundation on how you are as a person. They earn and work for me! You get to know them better and your quirks matches them and then you click. My, most, precious, possession, my, parents, my most precious possession are my parents. Remember yourself as a kid, you cannot have anything unless your parents give it to you. Most prized does not mean most expensive. Great authors, leaders, scientists, doctors, etc often had supportive parents.

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After fifteen minutes of staring at a blank piece of paper trying to figure out what exactly i cherish most in my life, it hit. Love is the most prized possession that no one can steal from you. When people hear the word possession they automatically think of an object belonging to one. Our parents and grandparents shine in our dark world like rays of light. Their affection cannot be compared to any material things that you own.

We may not admit it at some point in our lives, but believe it or not, there is no creature in this world that can live without love. Is it the most expensive gift you have received or the thing you inherited from your parents? They give you all the things that you want and need as much as they can. In essence, we are all created with love, from love and in love. They provide you with all the love and support for you to grow up strong my most precious possession essay spm and confident. When you buy something expensive you have the tendency to take good care.

If health is lost, everything is lost such as the capacity to work which can my most precious possession essay spm lead to many catastrophes such as poverty and misery. To keep good health, no money is needed. It may be a bag, jewelry, shoes or anything that can be bought by money. As there can be no present without the past, similarly, I cannot have my being without my parents. It is their power that keeps my world stable. My parents are special because they are my roots that support me at the base underground; though they are hidden underground, my existence without them is impossible. People spend sleepless days and nights, running after material wealth forgetting that the first step to acquire material wealth is to have good health. The truth is our parents are the most indispensable part of our life. Where would I be without their loving care? They may fool you or hate you but the love will remain because love is in all.

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However, that did not stop his cancer from heartlessly taking away his life, at the young age. Their loving support gives me the strength to face the challenges, dilemmas, loneliness, and hard times. APA, mLA, chicago, my, most, prized Posessions. MegaEssays, my, most, prized Posessions. Retrieved 06:19, May 23, 2019, from. Whatever it may be as long as you worked hard for it, you will consider it your most prized possession. It can be given even by a small child. My mother understood the importance of healthy eating whereas I always thought she was forcing me to eat green balls of slime to be malicious. These steps have become part of our everyday routine that many people often begin to take their health for granted as good health is viewed as something thats just expected in life, particularly amongst young people. They provided for my education.

They are the light of our otherwise dark world. It can be something that is valuable and important that is why it is considered most prized. Our parents are the living God! When you have love, you have courage, you have strength, you have freedom, and you have all what it takes to be a happy individual. We are the most prized possession on earth, therefore we are love. I perfectly agree with the maxim health is wealth. They stand by me through the vicissitudes of dark and hard time! Love gives all of us contentment and joy that no money can buy. My father enrolled me into my local soccer club and I could never grasp why. The one thing in my life that plays the biggest and most important role in my everyday story is my health. Even if you have all the money in the world, health will always swoop in and take first place when it comes to importance. I believe that if i dont live life with a good mental outlook, i will achieve nothing.

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We will write a custom essay on, my most prized possesion specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, from a very young age you are taught the many steps needed to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain ones health. At times I just wonder what my life would be without them! Love goes beyond the boundaries of what any man can hope to achieve since it is naturally inherent to us all. You will love them like family and even more you will share them your dreams and aspirations. This fact is often abandoned due to common phrase often used- money makes the world go round. Due to the sheer egotistical and self-centred actions of many people around the world today, people are growing up thinking that money can solve everything. Love is the foundation of everything that surrounds.

Good health is the real jewel of life. Unfortunately, very few care about this wealth. To conclude, my health will always be my main focus on life- mentally and physically. If good health was abolished, we would simply fade away along with the rest of the world. My mother always taught me to eat well. You will discover that apart from the family you have at home you can also have people that act like family outside. They give me solace when I am hurt! Some my most precious possession essay spm of us are not fortunate enough to have money and buy expensive stuff but if you give love, every negative thing will turn into positive. However, as the years flew by and I began to grow as a child, I learnt that this was all for my own good as he just wanted whats best for me which was maintaining a good physical health. We would often reach a negotiation whereby if I ate all of my vegetables at dinner, In return, I would be allowed out on the green to play. Your family and friends are the people who support you and give you all the love and care that you need. Despite owning a tremendous portion of the worlds money, he could not buy health, proving that wealth is irrelevant if you dont have the air in your lungs.

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Our possessions are usually what we intentionally went out to get. Instead of having to wait on my mom to drop me off places, I can simply drive myself. It looks more like a twenty sen coin now. The tournament was quite important for all the players as it was scheduled to finish just days ahead of the World T20 and with the event taking place in India, it was a great chance for them to prove them mettle in the conditions. Download a completed paper from your personal account on the delivery date.