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It was marked with a great urge to fight for the freedom of Motherland sacrificing ones all. Patriotism Essay 3 (400 words introduction. They did not care about themselves and worked selflessly for the nation. The feeling of patriotism is known to promote the feeling of brotherhood among ones countrymen. Nationalism is a feeling of sense of belonging or responsibility which one feels towards its Nation while patriotism on the other hand is an urge to sacrifice ones life to the service of Nation. Such imperialistic and oppressive regime gave birth to a feeling of patriotism among Indian masses.

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You are free to go with this long essay on patriotism based on your requirement. Patriotic songs are sung and a feeling of patriotism seems to engulf the entire nation around that time. The Feeling of Patriotism must be Instilled. When everyone is driven towards a common goal or mission there is no way it cannot be achieved. It is listening to such great acts of valor, performed by sons and daughters of India that fill our heart with patriotism even today. She participated in the freedom struggle and contributed her bit towards freeing the country from the British rule. Introduction, as Sydney.

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The feeling of patriotism means having the feeling of immense love for ones country. Excess love for ones country and believing that your country is superior and important is termed as chauvinism. Patriotism Must Not Turn Into Chauvinism Being patriotic is a great virtue. One of the main responsibilities that Chandra Sekhar Azad was assigned with was to collect funds for the HRA. It was because of the oppressive policies of British Empire that Indian patriotism was born. Chandra Sekhar Azad died at Alfred Park in Allahabad on 27rd February 1931. There is hardly any room to think about anything else in such a scenario. Patriotism is one of the purest feelings in the world. Both the essays cover the major events responsible for the rise of Indian patriotism and the people who played a pivotal role in its rise. Patriots are known to love their country unconditionally and are proud. He was driven towards freeing our country from the clutches of the British government. A nation where the youth loves the country and is driven towards improving its condition socially and economically would certainly grow better.

It is hardly seen in the younger generation these days. As excess of everything is bad so is excess love for ones country. In the past, particularly during the British reign, many people came forward to instil the feeling of patriotism among their fellow countrymen. The strike was against the discrimination between Indian and British prisoners. Patriotism is Fading with Time, patriotism is fading with the passage of time.

However, there is a difference between the two. Chandra Sekhar Azad played an instrumental role in Kakory train robbery in 1925, blowing up of Indian viceroys train in 1926, and shooting of John Saunders in Lahore in 1928 to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai. A patriot takes immense pleasure in the acts of courage and valor protecting his Country against any foreign oppression, suppressing its values and culture. However, some people take this love for their country to the next level. 9) Hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. People must ensure that their devotion and love towards their country does not turn into chauvinism over the time. She fought riding a horse with her son tied to her back and died patriotically. Kennedy, success, support, friend, know. On the other hand, nationalism means being proud of ones nation regardless of its positive and negative points. There have been a number of patriots in our country in the past and there are many present today. It means living for the betterment of the country, serving it in every possible way and willing to sacrifice ones life whenever there is a need.

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Many social, economic and political causes are responsible for the rise of patriotism among Indian masses. It was through such constants acts of patriotism by our freedom fighters that the sentiment of patriotism and sacrifice was kept alive among Indian masses. Just days before their scheduled hanging Bhagat Singh refused to sign a clemency petition pardoning the three of them from death penalty. She played a vital role in the Civil Disobedience Movement because of which she even got arrested along with other prominent freedom fighters. On the other hand, false patriot is one who claims to love his country and shows that he is a patriot while in public. He had famously said that the blows given to me today will prove to be the final essay on patriotism for 2nd year nails in the coffin of British Empire in India. A country full of patriots certainly makes a better place to live compared to the one where people are fighting with each other in the name of religion, caste, creed and other issues.

However, the spirit of patriotism seems to be fading these days owing to the growing competition in every field as well as the changing lifestyle of people. He condemned the British government for its brutal treatment. Conclusion, patriotism is essay on patriotism for 2nd year inborn in some while it can be instilled in the others. Many people dedicate their lives to serve their nation. A true patriot is one who is dedicated towards serving his nation. Those who are true patriots work towards building their nation in whichever way they can. Love for the country and serving the country is almost a forgotten concept these days. The terms nationalism and patriotism are often used interchangeably.

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Many people think that patriotism is all about laying ones life for his/ her country but it does not necessarily mean that. Maintaining Peace and Harmony, a good nation is one where peace and harmony is maintained at all times. Long Essay on Patriotism (1450 Words). Famous Indian Patriots, here is a look at some of the true patriots during the British reign: Shaheed Bhagat Singh, bhagat Singh is known to be a true patriot. He keeps his countrys interests and well-being above his own. There is a very thin line between patriotism and chauvinism. People have a feeling of brotherhood and help and support each other. The youth of the country must love and respect the country and work towards building it strong. The youth today does not feel as strongly for his country as people of the earlier generations felt. A great deal of HRA funds came from robbery of Government property and offices. Many people in the past have served their countries and even laid their lives for. 2) Oppressions of British Empire.

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Patriotism is often confused with Nationalism, but the two are totally different. Indian history of pre independence era witnessed great acts of patriotism by its rulers, fighting against foreign invaders like Mughal, Afghans, and Alexander etc under the leadership of Mauryan Empire and other rulers. Patriotism is all about loving and respecting ones country and working towards its betterment. Patriotism is a virtue that every individual must possess. Patriots put the nations interest above their own and work with devotion for its betterment. Subhash Chandra Bose, better known as Netaji, took active part in Indias freedom struggle. Many people still continue to serve their country with as much devotion. The trade policies of British Empire were aimed at draining wealth from India and filling the coffers of British Empire. Lala Lajpat Rai while leading a peaceful protest against the commission in Lahore was baton charged by police, grievously injuring him. 8) Death of Chandra Sekhar Azad. The following essay caters to the need of anyone looking for a short or long essay on Indian patriotism. The fast lasted for 113 days with British Empire finally bowing down to the demands of Bhagat Singh and other jailed freedom fighters. Institutions such as schools and colleges must also promote the same.

Even today there are many people who truly love and respect their country while some only pretend to. Similarly, if the government officials and other citizens of the country are determined towards serving the nation rather than making quick money or getting quick services for themselves, the level of corruption will fall. Even today, many people are dedicated towards serving the nation in whatever way they can. This must be done when they are still young. Bahadur Shah Zafar, Tatya tope were some of the names who played a pivotal role in the Revolt of 1857. Patriotism can be defined as ones love and loyalty for his country. The death of a Singhs associate Jatindra Nath Das after 63 days of the fast, gathered much negative opinion about the British Administrators. Patriots held meetings, gave lectures and used various other means to inspire the people around them. In April 1929 Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt exploded two improvised bombs in Delhi Legislative Assembly, shouting slogans and throwing leaflets to the Legislators present below and then allowing the authorities to arrest them. There have been several instances in the past wherein chauvinism has resulted in unnecessary conflicts turning into riots. Bhagat Singh, being an old associate of Lala Lajapt Rai was deeply moved by his death and pledged to take revenge.

Lala Lajpat Rai never completely recovered from his injuries and died of heart attack a fortnight later. Bhagat Singh along with two others patriotic fighters Shivram Rajguru and Chandra Sekhar Azad planned to assassinate the British Officer responsible for the lathi charge on Lala Lajpat Rai in Lahore. It was this act of pure courage and sacrifice by the three, which was instrumental in the rise of Indian patriotism. Each individual is busy making money to make his life more and more comfortable and better than those around him. Patriotism Essay 4 (500 words introduction. Conclusion, patriotism is a willingness to fight for ones own country, by peaceful or sometimes violent agitations. With much patriotism, in his mind he planned to shot down the Police superintendent responsible for lathi charge on Lala Lajpat Rai. He was a perfect example of simple living high thinking. No one was injured in the bombing and it was only aimed at informing the British Empire about a rising Nationalistic and patriotic sentiment in India. We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what's in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without. She fought a historical fight with unparallel patriotism against the British occupancy of Jhansi state.

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An Indian patriot is proud of Indias Religious and cultural diversity is proud of her unity and above all proud of her independence pledging to sacrifice his life for the sake of Independence. Sarojini Naidu, a famous singer of her times, was also a patriot at heart. He and another associate Sukhdev were surrounded by police after an unknown informant informed police about their presence. The revolt was marked with people from all the parts of India forgetting their culture and ethnic lineage and fighting for a free Nation against the suppressive rule of British Empire. True to his name Azad he then shot himself by the last bullet of his revolver and attained martyrdom, without being captured by British. In the same way, a feeling of patriotism must be instilled in the young generation today too. Many institutions host functions and organize events on 15th August and 26th January. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged on 23rd March 1931 for Lahore conspiracy amidst rising Nationalistic and patriotic sentiment in India. Though they owned the responsibility of assassinating Saunders, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Chandra Sekhar Azad were in hiding for months after the incident.

He led the maximum number of freedom movements against the British. A true patriot does not only work towards building his nation but also inspires those around him to. A patriot feels selflessly for his country. These people are referred to as patriots. The Revolt of 1857 was the result of rising unrest among the Indian soldiers deployed at Meerut, who were subjected to peel out the cover of bullet cartridges which was made using goat or cow skin. If the mindset of people had been same around 100 years back, they would have never. Find long and short Patriotism speech in very simple and easy words. Like every year, we have gathered here to celebrate the Independence Day and pay tribute to all those great people who have.

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