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Despite the problems, the poem flourished on the basis of strong local effectsof its pictures of the land of ice and snow and of the ghastly ship in the doldrums, in association with a drumming ballad meter. The sense of occasion is conveyed in fresh blank verse, not the rattling heroic couplets of Wordsworths first extended production. In 1801 Coleridge left London for the lakes, making his home for some time with Southey. His prose works are the chief source of his fame, although the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Christabel" are among the best poems in the English language. It provided the fresh air which their assumptions required. Here he would pass the remainder of his life, writing only occasional verse while preparing philosophical lectures (delivered in 1818 revising the text of The Friend for publication as a book, and collating the moral and theological aphorisms which appeared as Aids to Reflection (1825). Southey described it in a dismissive (and anonymous) review as a Dutch attempt at German sublimity. This is Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Wordsworth's sister describes Coleridge as "thin and pale, the lower part of his face not good, wide mouth, thick lips, not very good teeth, longish, loose, half-curling, rough, black hair - but all was forgotten in the magic charm of his utterance.

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After two years away, in Malta, Sicily, and Rome, he returned to Keswick in 1806, separated from his wife (who had given birth to their daughter, Sara, on 23 December 1802 lectured and dilated, and finally settled. Charles Lamb s evocative portrait of Christs Hospital Five and Thirty Years samuel coleridge biography essay Ago (1820) suggests what a hothouse environment the school was at the time. Göttingen supplied a working idea of language which he would turn to his own uses on his return. In 1809, Coleridge successfully set up and ran a weekly journal entitled The Friend which gained him praise and respect as a publisher. Reasons for the divergence are bound to be conjectures after the fact, but two at least remain worth considering. Matthew Arnold and. It underlines the collective enterprise involved in the inauguration of the new poetic idiom which would eventually be called Romantic.

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These questions haunt the reflective idiom which he developed in the course of this residence of a year and a half at Nether Stowey, with storm clouds brewing on the horizon. Its roots lie in a long meditation on language, not in a philosophically derived faculty of imagination. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is the premier poet-critic of modern English tradition, distinguished for the scope and influence of his thinking about literature as much as for his innovative verse. The former, addressed to Sara Fricker, whom he married in Bristol on, looks forward to the conversational line which he would develop and share with Wordsworth. Active in the wake of the French Revolution as a dissenting pamphleteer and lay preacher, he inspired a brilliant generation of writers and attracted the patronage of progressive men of the rising middle class.

Wordsworth frankly disliked it after the reviews came in, but Lamb led the way in appreciating its odd mix of romance and realism. The youth returned to Cambridge for a short time, but left the university without a degree in 1794. In Fears in Solitude, written soon after, and the source of this fine characterization, the sense of danger and vulnerability is directly related to political apprehensions. Germany opened doors whose existence he had hardly imagined. Religious Musings envisions the dismal historical world which they hoped to escape, as well as their aspiration: Tis the sublime of man, Our noontide majesty, to know ourselves Parts and proportions of one wondrous whole! That's why there is always something reductive about those studies.T.C. The collaboration turned out to be a struggle for poetic primacy, and Wordsworths personal domination eventually meant loss of convictionand loss of facefor his troubled colleague. Coleridge seemed often to find something or someone else to blame for his lack of productivity. Was natural beauty sufficient to our moral needs? It culminates in the first volume of the Biographia Literaria with an effort to provide rational ground for the critical exercise which follows in the second.

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The Eolian Harp shows how the lure of an alternative vision of human experience dominated by sensation could provoke an equal and opposite reaffirmation of first principles to the contrary. The reconstruction of his abortive synthesis is in progress. The promotion of his most personal and individualistic work by later readers has obscured his constant attention to social arrangements and social ideals. He also wrote about other poets such. Coleridge expanded on Religious Musings over the next two years. He decided at this time on a career as a critic, at first proposing an Essay on the Elements of Poetry / it would in reality be a disguised System of Morals Politics. In the wake of the republication of Lyrical Ballads in early 1801 (with 1800 on the title page Coleridges critical project became a protracted effort to come to terms with Wordsworths radical claims in the Preface for. In the title. The man left and Coleridge returned to his work, only to check his brain and discover that the poem waspoofgone. A few conversational poems written during this period are This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, Frost at Midnight and The Nightingale. In the earlier poems of the kind these are indicated only indirectly.

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And in his late theological writing he provided principles for reform in the Church of England. His example was followed by De Quincey and Carlyle with differing emphases; men of letters would appear less apt to their cases than literary intellectuals, with the stress on fresh thinking. As a samuel coleridge biography essay poet, Coleridge's own place is safe. Without the after restoration of the latter!" 2, coleridge lamented. Eclectic in approach, broadly literary in style, its various essays remain worth considering for what they indicate of the evolution of letters in the period. Towards the last years of his life, Coleridge's drugs addiction became worsen affecting his morality and work. But growing tired of university life, and being hard pressed by debts, he enlisted as a soldier. Hence its tangled condition. The backward ambience of Cambridge in the 1790s seems to have retarded Coleridges muse, setting him to composing an arid (and ungrammatical) prize poem in Greek (in summer 1792 while driving him to escape from bog and desolation. This proved to be the most satisfying arrangement he would ever enjoy.

It was an uncomfortable homecoming on several counts. So great was his fame that the most remarkable young men of the period resorted to Highgate as to the shrine of an oracle. Organic form redeemed Shakespeares unconventional dramatic constructions. The self-consciousness samuel coleridge biography essay of Wordsworths poetically premature ramble is turned to good effect in Coleridges effort at something true to the occasion. He spoke to them in sermons and lectures, through The Watchman and also, as he hoped, through his verse. It was through the Lyrical Ballads volume that Coleridges voices, conversational and romantic, were developed and rationalized. Within a few weeks Southey married a sister of Mrs.

They do not even show him developing in the direction of his mature voice. Lyrical Ballads was to be republished in a new edition; Christabel was still unfinished, and here he added the second part, with its altered landscape reflecting the scenery of Langdale Pike and Borodale. Coleridges new community was instrumental in bringing him to such feeling, and to such expression. It was not the first of the conversation poems; these are considered to begin from The Eolian Harp and to include Reflections on Having Left a Place of Retirement and This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison among his earlier meditative verses. It was here that he learned the language sufficiently to approach the critical philosophy of Immanuel Kant, which consumed his thinking from about 1800. This conjunction was where Coleridge staked his claim. These included an insistence on sound sense and clear reference in phrase, metaphor, and image: literary embroidery was discouraged. Through this, my mind had been habituated to the Vast I never regarded my senses in any way as the criteria of my belief. Pantisocracy occupied Coleridges energies and continued to influence his sense of vocation for some time after the schemes collapse in 1795. What sort of revolutionary would enlist in the kings army in this perilous moment?

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Walking was more than recreation for the writers colony in the Quantocks. Shelleys Julian and Maddalo (1818) represents an early effort to expand on the possibilities of conversational verse. The latter, on which he claimed in a letter to build all my poetic pretensions, is an affirmation of Christian principle in troubled times. There was room for only one strong voice of this kind. The logic of science was derived from pure reason; the logic of poetry depended on human understanding, which was anything but pure. How have I seen the casual passer through the Cloisters stand still, intranced with admiration (while he weighed the disproportion between the speech and the garb of the young Mirandula to hear thee unfold, in thy deep and sweet intonations. To the poet in his first flush, Bowles represented the modern possibilities of the more sustained and elevated style in English verse. Their contents are known mainly from unreliable reports when they are known at all.

I regulated all my creeds by my conceptions not by my sight even at that age. For most readers this is the line of Coleridges verse that has mattered. The poems conclusion dwells on the joy of companionship in such a world. A year after the death of his father in 1781 Coleridge was sent to Christs Hospital, the London grammar school where he would pass his adolescence training in Hebrew, Latin, and samuel coleridge biography essay Greek, at which he excelled, and in English composition. For pantheism was associated with the progressive scientific culture for which the empirical world of nature was simply reality itself. Whatever their liabilities of dramatic construction, the highly charged imagery of these poems has made a strong impression. It was a lesson he never forgot. The annuity granted him opened a new period in his life. The largely negative reviews which it excited on publication concentrated on the Ancient Mariner, in part because it was the most substantial poem in the collection, but also because of its self-consciously archaic diction and incredible plot. Had read it in the morning, and in the evening he could repeat it verbatim.

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Other notable creations that became his masterpieces are The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan in addition to his well known prose works Biographia Literaria. The story of its genesis is one of the prodigies of English literature. The youth attracted the special attention of one of the teachers, who reported him to the head master as a boy who read Virgil for amusement. At Jesus College, Cambridge, where Coleridge matriculated in October 1791, he composed a mass of occasional poetry. Coleridge died in 1834 after years of personal discomfort and disappointment.

The loaf was leavened with bits of poetry, some of it the editors own. The fifty-four lines that he managed to samuel coleridge biography essay get down before the fateful knock on the door are brilliant, and the poem is one of the most famous examples. Sheridan; he was a scholar, and leaving Merton College, he entered this regiment a cornet. While here he gave strong evidence of a powerful imagination. Coleridge renounced poetic vocation in his thirtieth year and set out to define and defend the art as a practicing critic.

The topographic realism of This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison reverts via Wordsworths An Evening Walk (1793) to James Thomson and The Seasons (1730 but the samuel coleridge biography essay voice at work here is that of a man speaking to men. Quam infortunii miserrimum est fuisse felicem!' "Being struck with the circumstance, and himself a scholar, Captain Ogle inquired of a soldier, whether he knew to whom the saddle belonged. In the course of the summer excursions of this year Coleridge formed the acquaintance of Wordsworth and his gifted sister. It is important to recognize that Coleridge himself claimed nothing for this productions supposed poetic merits. "With the exception of some eight or ten scattered lines and images, all the rest had passed away like the images on the surface of a stream into which a stone has been cast, but, alas! Samuel Taylor Coleridge was born on October 21, 1772 in the remote Devon village of Ottery. Some time before, John Cruikshank, a local acquaintance of Coleridges, had related a dream about a skeleton ship manned by spectral sailors. It has much to do with rational inquiry and exchange.

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Before him, in The Eolian Harp (included in the 1796 volume as Effusion xxxv) and in Religious Musings (which concluded the volume something is stirring. Behind him, the young authors school verse, sonnets, and rambling effusions trace a course of aimless poetasting. He planned a comprehensive philosophical synthesis which he was unable to realize, conjuring with a system which lived only in his constantly working mind. It might be verse, but it was not good poetry. In 1795, he married a girl Sara Flicker whom he never loved and eventually divorced her. Even in such company Coleridge stood out unmistakably: Come back into memory, like as thou wert in the day-spring of thy fancies, with hope like a fiery column before theethe dark pillar not yet turnedSamuel Taylor ColeridgeLogician, Metaphysician, Bard! However, there are no substantial proofs for these speculations. The "Ode to Dejection" and the poem of "Youth and Age show the evidences of his sad prostration of spirit. Moral and political, certainly, but something more. Freedom imposes its own obligations, and patronage remains patronage even without the strings. Readers have often taken Coleridges theoretic pronouncements about imagination as constituting his poetics, while the account of Wordsworths verse shows him applying more conventional standards in new and thoughtful ways.

Feelings of anomie, unworthiness, and incapacity persisted throughout a life of often compulsive dependency on others. Newton Ogle, and brother of the late Mrs. At Christs Hospital, Coleridge acquired an exalted idea of poetry to match this waxing voice. A legend in his time, he came to be seen by friends and contemporaries as the genius who failed. At his cottage he wrote The Eolian Harp, a meditative poem different in every samuel coleridge biography essay way from Religious Musings and the real inauguration of his mature voice.