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"The reason why I report on something is to change reality." Li Datong must be a true Marxist, because of Karl Mark's famous thesis on Feuerbach : "Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it"? I" a case study of mine for illustration. Who sold them the hardware for the slaughter? . (December 19, 2004) Grandpa and Grandma Speak Up In their own words, the two senior citizens who are endangering the Hong Kong Link reit public offering explain their causes. . (June 19, 2006) Lai Changxing Writes His Memoirs Translation of an Asian Weekly article in which fugitive Lai Changxing declares his intention to publish his memoirs, in which bravado is in I am more patriotic than anyone else and. (September 21, 2005) The Yau Lop-poon Interview Sections from a ChineseNewsNet interview of the Yazhou Zhoukan editor-in-chief. . (April 28, 2006) Visualizing Culture at MIT The MIT OpenCourseWare website featured some Japanese wood print images from late 19th century used in a cultural course, and then the overseas Chinese Internet erupts in fury. Such are the trademark college application essay spoof strangeness of this blog, but it beats writing about the proposed referendum for direct elections in Hong Kong. (July 10, 2005) The Case of Meng Weizai A chronology of the debate over a seemingly trivial question: Did this man resign from the Communist Party of China or not? . (February 12, 2006) Chinese-Style Election Translation of a Southern Weekend article about the election of the mayor of Dengfeng city. .

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Ming Pao has some explanations, and it is not because the Hong Kong people no longer care as a whole. As a result of this work, nine members of the Minhou County Standing Committee pitched in 30,000 yuan each out of their own pockets to get Zhao Yan dismissed from China Reform magazine. This page will be updated throughout the page; hit refresh if necessary. Here are the nitty gritty details of what happens after a democratic election in a Chinese village. (August 12, 2007) China Daily Messed Up Copy-and-Paste Job China Daily lifted from a Reuters article that mentioned "Tiananmen Square, where troops crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 with huge loss of life." (August 10, 2007) "The Nude Town Party Secretary. (August 4, 2005) The Case of Lu Xuesong She is a young instructor at the Jilin College of the Arts who published open letters on the Internet to protest her suspension. .

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(September 30, 2008) My Curriculum Vitae Here are my publications as listed in my curriculum vitae (and nothing ever published on eswn meant anything). . (May 22, 2005) A Tea Fight in Uzbekistan Does the Uzbekistan government really torture people by boiling them? This is another case study of media responsibility and ethics in the Internet age. (July 28, 2004) The Virgin Prostitute Is it possible to be convicted of having engaged in two acts of sexual intercourse within twenty minutes in exchange for the promise of money while still being certifiably a virgin afterwards? . I am squirreling away these resources for a conference paper. (January 19, college application essay spoof 2006) Corporate Charity In China Workers at a famous tourism company in Kaifeng managed to raise a total of 15 yuan for disaster relief. . (February 3, 2005) Homonyms of Hong Kong How much should you trust a lawyer who speaks of having a moral conscience? . (July 19, 2007) The Cardboard Buns Story Beijing TV's news reports about breakfast buns with waste cardboard paper mixed in the fillings is now shown to have been faked by the reporter. . So the panel of judges have been pushing for a settlement, but the authors are resolute because they want to use this a test case to open up the space for public criticisms of goverment officials and policies. (January 1, 2005) What Is On This Blog? The parents are suing the game manufacturer. A full translation of the letter is published here, together with the now suppressed Chinese original.

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If you ask them whether voting is good or not, most of them won't give a straight answer. (June 15, 2006) World Cup Non-Coverage in China Exclusive personal interviews of Beckenbauer, Blatter, Pele, Figo, Kaka and Totti were conducted by Chinese reporters, who either had no press pass in Germany or were still in China. (June 3, 2007) The Zhao Yufen Story The Xiamen PX project came into public awareness when Chinese Academy of Sciences member Zhao Yufen brought the subject up at the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. (February 16, 2005) Jumping Queues Foreigners in China complain about the brazenness of Chinese queue jumpers, especially the little old ladies with sharp elbows. . A Chinese blogger analyzed these two winners and ponders what happened to the missing entries from China that will not show up anywhere until decades later. China What could Yahoo! (May 8, 2006) "I Will Turn The Lights Out Before I Leave" Translation of the statement from a former Sing Pao editor about why the workers had to take industrial action. . (May 16, 2005) Translation and its Discontents The story about how I became an 'expert witness' on the Chinese language in the American court system. . Read about the connections with the Chinese model opera The White-Haired Girl and Richard Wagner's Tristan und Isolde. (April 22, 2006) Hu Jintao At The White House Review of some reactions to the incident on the White House lawn. . A number of examples of faked western media news reporting about the Jasmine Revolution in China.

college application essay spoof

(June 9, 2005) A Cockroach in Taiwan A videotape showed a man cockroach removing funeral parlor offerings (meat and rice) and selling them to local restaurants. . This post covers some obscure issues (who are the six registered candidates? This is a review of the political ramifications of the case. Die bisherige Kurzbezeichnung SWS-Rundschau wird beibehalten. (December 11, 2005) Styles of Radical college application essay spoof Will: Hong Kong.

"Zhang Ziyi beat out the Japanese movie stars for the star role, but she never imagined that she would nearly be drowned by the saliva from her own country's people." (February 1, 2006) Fifth Uncle and Fifth Aunt Translation. (July 20, 2007) Why Do People Think That A Fake News Story Is Real? (October 16, 2010) The Yinhuang Self-Immolation Incident A 'forced demolition/relocatoin' resulted in three persons setting themselves on fire. . But they don't want to know that. . How much (if anything) is m entitled? (July 1, 2007) The Story of Chen Chenggong Translation of the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily interview with 16-year-old Chen Chenggong, who was one of the slave workers at the illegal brick kiln worker in Shanxi. (November 16, 2005) The Freedom and Perils of Internet Writing in China Translation of the speech that Chinese Internet writer Yu Jie delivered at the 2005 Asia-Pacific Regional Writers' Forum in Melbourne. It turned out that I had the definitive evidence on the matter. april 3, 2011 the Hyping Of "My Dad Is Li Gang". (November 19, 2004) Reporter Salaries In China The root cause of the dysfunctional nature of the industry can be easily traced by the edict: Follow the money. . Because the police charged college application essay spoof into the Provincial People's Congress to arrest a petitioner who had been invited to go there and attend a meeting. Short summary: "If you think that Zhang Ziyi's butt can represent your face, then I do not object to that. . ( November 30, 2007) Ruan Yifeng's Complaint Ruan Yifeng blogs about James Fallows' private VPN to go around the GFW and gets denounced to the government. .