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16 17 Conversely, the Catholic Church, the dominant religious institution in the Western world, has been considered retrospectively as an antecedent and sophisticated form of public relations, advertiser and multinational corporation, selling its product to a mass of worshipers/consumers. A b Rodriguez,. Among Stefan's work is "The Convergent Use of Programmable Media for Terrorism Modeling and Social Simulations in Civilian. She also wrote the white paper "Tacky and Proud: Exploring Technobrega's Value Network" for the Consortium. 12 Through religion edit Media culture, in its mass marketing, has been compared to the role of religions in the past. Volume and speed have consumed and obliterated nuance, ethics, and accuracy. Participation edit Avant-garde movements that have emphasized audience participation include Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Situationism, Pop art, Neo-concretism, and the Theatre of the Oppressed. Andrea is also co-moderator for the first community of ARG players, the Cloudmakers, and is a founding member of the Transmedia Artists Guild. His has also been"d or had his work featured in Investor's Business Daily, New York TImes Magazine, The Financial Times, CNN, NPR, BBC Worldwide, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, T?l?rama, The Boston Globe, Boing Boing, Slashdot, Mashable, espn: The Magazine, Reader's. His work also appears in edited collections including Jonathan Gray,. Return to top Kevin.

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Participatory video projects in which marginalized or under-resourced groups tell their stories through video demonstrate the possibility for access and participation in video-making to empower those involved, circulate representations unseen in mainstream media, and challenge existing power relations. He can be reached at and found on Twitter @bud_caddell. A b Stein, Laura (2009). 6, in his assessment of a variety of definitions for the term, Chris Atton notes repeatedly the importance of alternative media production originating from small-scale, counter-hegemonic groups and individuals. He was recently named one of the 75 "Edgerati" in the.S. The other project, which is a book collaboration with Jim Collins from the University of Notre Dame, looks at the radical transformations that have occurred in collecting and curatorial culture in light of the central role played by media conglomerates and digital technologies. 1 5-31 Nomai, Afsheen Joseph (2008) Culture Jamming: Ideological Struggle and the Possibilities for Social Change. Parmesh is a TED participatory media culture essay Fellow, participating in the TED India conference in Mysore in 2009 and co-organizing TEDxMumbai and TEDx Delhi in 2010. Her 1999 book, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World: Beauty Pageants and National Identity, explores a popular cultural ritual, the beauty pageant, as a space in which national identities, desires, and anxieties about race and gender are played out. Games about love, addiction, trust etc.) via metaphors. Subaltern studies draw on Antonio Gramsci 's discussion of "subaltern" groups, that is, groups of people considered to be of inferior rank socially, economically, and politically. Nancy was a co-founder of the Association of Internet Researchers and served as its President.

4 5, contents, definitions edit, there are various definitions of "alternative media.". Hannah Arendt 's 1961 essay "The Crisis in Culture" suggested that a "market-driven media would lead to the displacement of culture by the dictates of entertainment." 8 Susan Sontag argues that in our culture, the most ".intelligible, persuasive values are increasingly. Grant has been the director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum, a senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School, a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, and an adjunct professor at McGill University. Beverly Hills, CA: 1 maint: Multiple names: authors list ( link ) Diggs-Brown, Barbara (2011) Strategic Public Relations: Audience Focused Practice. He has led The Alchemists' work for clients from Coca-Cola and Petrobras to TV Globo and Elle. Factsheet Five publisher Mike Gunderloy described the alternative press as "sort of the 'grown-up' underground press. Baird advises several domestic and international organizations. From the University of Bonn, where he completed working on the exchange of technologies and concepts between the military and the digital games industry. The condition of society in the 21st century has a pronounced fear of individual freedom.

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She was named one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable Technology by wict and CableFax Magazine and named a finalist for Women in Technology Woman of the Year. Sam can be reached at and found on Twitter @Sam_Ford. Previously, Justin was a tenured Associate Professor of Media Arts at the University of Arizona. Justin holds. 26 These radio stations may broadcast legally or illegally, as pirate radio. Stacy is a co-recipient of the 1997. The structural transformation of the public sphere: An inquiry into a category of bourgeois society. Return to top Maurcio Mota Maurcio Mota is co-founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of The Alchemists participatory media culture essay Transmedia Storytelling Company, a global think/do tank that develops, produces, and manages stories across multiple media platforms for entertainment companies, corporate brands, and non-profit institutions. Her areas of research include television studies, fan studies, and the sociology of law. Sociologist Yu Shi's exploration of alternative media provides opposing arguments about the role of minority media to both facilitate cultural place-making and hinder community assimilation and acculturation.

participatory media culture essay

Return to top Xiaochang Li Xiaochang Li is a doctoral student in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communications at New York University, where her present interests broadly sit at the confluence of location-based and context-aware technologies, data and metadata, and globalization and cultural geography. Sncc was involved in voter registration rights in the south, established Freedom Schools, organized the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (mfdp among many other accomplishments. 38 Cities such as Paris, Buenos Aires, and So Paulo rose to prominence in using street art as legitimate alternative media through artist collectives and competitions, bringing attention to alternative voices. She can be reached. Participatory journalism refers to web-based sources of critical or radical news either in the form of online news services or blogs. He can be reached at and found on Twitter @ivanovitch. 5, media culture is associated with consumerism, and in this sense called alternatively "consumer culture." 1 3, contents, definitions edit, music promo, popular culture and the mass media have a symbiotic relationship: each depends on the other in an intimate collaboration. He lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with wife Amanda and daughter Emma. Personally, he's been cited in NYMag and Harvard Business Review.

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The need to link ideas on individual freedom to society as a whole, from his internment experience, caused a transition that drove a moral component in his philosophy. From Debord (1977) thesis 20: "The spectacle is the material reconstruction of the religious illusion." Debord (1967) thesis 25 on the spectacle and the sacred Nomai (2008).176 Debord (1977) Thesis 67 from Debord (1977) thesis 132: "The masters who. "lafco: Los Angeles Filmmakers' Cooperative". 37 The street art movement gained participatory media culture essay popularity in the 1980s as a form of art distinct from high art and commercial venues, but as popularity grew, some street artists moved from the alternative venues of the streets to gallery and museum showings. "As an existentialist play, No Exit necessarily embodies the Sartrean adage "existence precedes essence." As humans, we first exist, with no preconceived expectations, purpose, or ideals to which we must live. In the social psychology of ecstasy, but he doesn't remotely understand the subject. Pereira, a professional in digital media with more than two decades of experience in academic and media industries positions, served as the managing director of the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium from 2008 until the project's 2011 conclusion. Across the world forms of community, media are used to elevate the needs and discourse of a specific space, typically connected by geographical, cultural, social, or economic similarities. In an authentic socialist society, thus, "there will be free men who will decide matters on which each could be considered the author.". Lee's long research collaboration with Denise. He holds a Masters degree from the Program in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, where he was a researcher with the Convergence Culture Consortium and authored the white papers Selling Creatively, How to Turn Pirates into Loyalists, and Playing in Other Worlds. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

participatory media culture essay

A participatory media culture essay classically trained painter, Alex attended Central School of Art in London. Her current book project with NYU Press, Authentic TM: Political Possibility in a Brand Culture, examines brand culture, youth, and political possibility through an investigation of self-branding, creativity, politics, and religion. Previously, back in the UK, Ben was Global Planning Director at BBH London, working primarily on British Airways Google. Mark received a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Georgia. Touching on the inwardness of admission that our existence makes no sense at all on many levels, it is up to us to give it meaning. This is important, as the subaltern's ability to participate in politics and other social and cultural practices is key in establishingas well as challengingtheir subaltern status. Maurcio writes at The Alchemists Blog. David received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he concentrated on marketing and entrepreneurship, and his BA in English Literature from Brandeis University. Perché la Chiesa non «vende». He can be reached at and found on Twitter @aswinp. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

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"Preface." In Radical Media. In reality, what consumed most of Ben's time at BBH was overseeing the various Google projects on which BBH partnered with Google's Creative Lab. Not surprising the establishment press attacked him for moral corruption and spreading hopelessness, while avoiding the appearance of being afraid of individual freedom. He can be reached at and found on Twitter @grant27. In Film Studies from Sheffield Hallam University in England. Retrieved October 26, 2015. He is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a Fellow at the Center for Public Diplomacy, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Singapore Media Authority, and a member of the Board of Directors of Public Knowledge. It is essential that the dialogue in this public sphere occurs outside the control of any authority so that citizens can exchange ideas as equals. His flitting association with a collectivist vision of Marxism demonstrated a failed attempt to separate his philosophy from the politics. Prior to launching The Alchemists, Mark developed and produced the transmedia experience for the television series Heroes.

participatory media culture essay

This form of alternative and participatory media culture essay activist news-gathering and reporting functions outside of mainstream media institutions, often as a response to the shortcomings of professional journalism. (accessdate) Jansson, André (2002) The Mediatization of Consumption, Journal of Consumer Culture, March 2002 vol. A b c d Fuchs, Christian (June 3, 2010). Characteristics of culture jamming texts include the appropriation or repurposing of images, video, sound, or text and that they are ironic or satirical in some sense. Her publications include the forthcoming 2011 book The Horror Media Sensorium, the 2011 book Science Fiction Experiences, and the 2004 book Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and Contemporary Entertainment. Herman,., Chomsky,. In addition, the Internet has also led to an alternative form of programming, which allows both professionals and amateurs to subvert or evade commercial and political restraints on open access to information and information technologies. Current research projects include a study of acting and aging on daytime soaps and a study of media framing of death row volunteers (inmates who want to be executed). More information can be found at her website.

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Sartre: "My position is that freedom, under the conditions of scarcity and the alienating social structures, which are the heritage of the past, can occur only within the group, jettisoning the chains of traditions. Politics, religion, sports which become constructed alongside a media logic. Another alternative term for media culture is "image culture.". Television drama in the UK and on transmedia storytelling. Org (accessdate) Debord (1994) 1967 The Society of the Spectacle, translation by Donald Nicholson-Smith (New York: Zone Books). He blogs at Talking Points Memo. Return to top William Uricchio William Uricchio is Professor and Director of the MIT Comparative Media Studies Program and Professor of Comparative Media History at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. The Lab, sponsored by IBM, Verizon, Mattel, Levi Strauss and others, is USC's vehicle for an ongoing knowledge exchange with public institutions and private sector firms that are on the front lines of technological change in communications. Thinking of current forms of alternative media in terms of the genre not only allow us to identify the features and conventions of certain modes of communication, but also how "they allow people to express themselves appropriately, and to achieve their. She focuses on both official and unofficial transmedia storytelling, ranging from the fan-authored Mad Men Twitter network to the CW Network's deployment of Second Life as a transmedia extension of the TV program Gossip Girl. A basic question is how to accommodate individual freedom into a free society? He currently teaches in the CMS program and is the Industry Liaison for the MIT GameLab. Like other forms of alternative media, community media seeks to bypass the commercialization of media.

1 2 3, the term alludes to the overall impact and intellectual guidance exerted by the media (primarily TV, but also the press, radio and cinema not only on public opinion but also on tastes and values. As head of the strategic practice, Ivan led an interdisciplinary team responsible for audience insights, user experience and content strategy, social and propagation planning and behavior analysis, and helped clients navigate the digital landscape and understand emerging behaviors. These media platforms and outlets create an opportunity for cultural exchange and the elevation or empowerment of a disenfranchised or marginalized group, based on racial, ethnic or cultural identity. 46 Participatory journalism projects may cover underreported groups and issues. Return to top David Edery David Edery is Principal of Fuzbi, an independent consulting firm focused on the business and design of digitally-distributed and online games He is also CEO of Spry Fox, a game development studio focused on making the world a happier place.

Journal of American Studies. His industry work has focused on a range of studies including advertising effectiveness, new media adoption, market positioning, talent assessment, and viewer ideation studies. She holds an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, where she wrote her Master's thesis, "Targeted Online Advertising: Persuasion in an Era of Massless Communication". In Cultural Anthropology from the University of Chicago. Alternative media are activist. His work has been published in journals including Popular Communication and The Velvet Light Trap, as well as the anthologies Reading Lost and Convergence Media History. Return to top Andrea Phillips Andrea Phillips is an independent transmedia writer and game designer. She has also won a number of teaching awards including graduate and undergraduate teaching awards at USC and Duke University. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy offers an astute assessment.

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She pioneered the study of online community and fandom in the early 1990s, writing about how soap opera fans built relationships with one another while transforming television viewing into a collaborative endeavor. Aesthetics edit In association with experimental and innovative modes of production and collaboration, aesthetics in alternative media can be a political tool used to subvert dominant power. Saint Lucia: University of Queensland Press. Previously, Lara spent 14 years at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, where as VP and Head of the Enthusiast Services division she built an 80 million 100-person experiential services business that attracted underserved audiences to motorcycling, including women, younger adults, and. The internet has also influenced street art greatly by functioning as a platform for artists and fans to share pictures of street art from around the world. It has been considered as taking the place of the old traditional religions. His second feature length screenplay, Sucker, was selected as a participating project in the 2003 Sundance Institute Producer's Lab as well as the 2003 Independent Feature's Project/West (IFP/W) Producer's Lab. Peter is a leading thinker and analyst on social business who has been"d in media outlets including CNN, cnbc, NPR, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. "The Film Photo League of San Francisco". He edited participatory media culture essay the Commerce and Mass Culture book series at the University of Minnesota Press, publishing 12 books over a ten-year period. The elimination or avoidance of sole ownership or sponsorship is motivated by a desire to be free of oversight or obligation to cater to a specific agenda. Through his work with the Convergence Culture Consortium, Geoffrey authored "How to Ride a Lion: A Call for a Higher Transmedia Criticism" and "Moving Stories: Aesthetics and Production in Mobile Media". For the Convergence Culture Consortium, Joshua co-authored "YouTube: Online Video and Co-Created Value" with Jean Burgess.

participatory media culture essay

The Corporate Takeover of Public Education Further reading edit Duncan, Barry (1988). He has focused efforts over the past few years of bringing the concepts of transmedia storytelling and leading innovators in that field to Brazil. He developed and continues to expand the technique of netnography, or Internet ethnography, for the marketing-related study of online communities, blogs, social networking sites, and virtual worlds. 8 The fourth property is that alternative media must "establish different types of relationships with the market and/or the state." 8 Common approaches and practices edit Approaches to the academic study of alternative media attempt to understand the ways. It can be used as a form of guerilla theater to protest, like in the case of The Living Theatre which is dedicated to transforming the hierarchy of power in society through experimental theater. Hellerman and Goddard 1983 Performance Art Movement, Artists and Major Works." The Art Story. After serving as the investment advisor to the Bass Brothers in their successful attempt to save Walt Disney Studios from a corporate raid, Jonathan became vice president of media mergers and acquisitions at Merrill Lynch, where he helped re-engineer the. Connections to subaltern studies edit There are related aims found in alternative media studies and subaltern studies, as a concern for disenfranchised and oppressed voices pervades both fields.

While someone must decide for the group and others must follow, the one who decides is essentially the same. He blogs at Less, But Better. They rely on video recordings using technology such as handheld camcorders and smartphones to capture the world's attention and viscerally communicate human rights abuses. He can be reached here. As a business leader with more than 20 years experience delivering organic growth and transformational change for some of the world's leading brands, across cultures and around the globe, Lara in 2006 was named one of 25 "Masters of Innovation" by BusinessWeek. Sheila is currently based in New York City where she can be found playing obscure board games, catching up with her DVR, and wandering around the city. She is co-chair of the annual Transmedia Hollywood conference with Henry Jenkins, a collaborative event between ucla and the University of Southern California and a sister event to the Futures of Entertainment conference and a Futures of Entertainment Fellow. These alternative outlets of news often adopt the philosophies of citizen journalism and view themselves as providing an alternative to mainstream news and opinion. Each individual has not only the right to choice but has the duty to choose.

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William is editor of the 2008 book We Europeans?: Media, Representations, Identities and the 1991 collection Die Anfänge des deutschen Fernsehens: Kritische Annaherungen an die Entwicklung bis 1945. Louisa is co-editor of the 2008 collection Teen Television: Essays on Programming and Fandom with Sharon Marie Ross. Typically, among those with deviant, dissident or non-traditional views, Internet platforms allow for the creation of new, alternative communities that can provide a voice for those normally marginalized by the mainstream media. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. Bud has worked with a variety of groundbreaking digital agencies/consultancies, including Undercurrent and Victors Spoils. He is also part of the world board of the Medici Institute, fostering innovative study of The Renaissance.

Daniel received his Bachelor's degree in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard University in 1992 and also pursued film production and theory studies in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard. A b Gunderloy, Mike (August 1991 "Glossary", Factsheet Five, Rensselaer, NY : Pretzel Press (44. . 4 7, the news media mines the work of scientists and scholars and conveys it to the general public, often emphasizing elements that have inherent appeal or the power to amaze. No exit is the plight, which we all share as we experience the harsh reality that hell is other people. "It provides a new conception of man, and a new outlook by making "human existence" the real frame of reference. "Alternative Media as Critical Media" (PDF). At MIT, Henry was principal investigator for a variety of research groups, including the Convergence Culture Consortium, The Education Arcade, the Knight Center for Future Civic Media, and the Singapore-MIT gambit Game Lab. Mike can be reached at and found on Twitter @mikemonello. She blogs at OnlineFandom and Beautiful and Strange. The book is based on a white paper Henry co-wrote with Xiaochang Li and Ana Domb for the Convergence Culture Consortium, entitled "If It Doesn't Spread, It's Dead: Creating Value in a Spreadable Marketplace". 33 Deep Dish TV, for instance, is a television network which seeks to provide media access to grassroots organizations and to marginalized or misrepresented perspectives through public access television.

participatory media culture essay

He has also served as Director of Business Development for XStream Systems, Inc., a material science and engineering company designing, producing and marketing a unique material detection technology known as Energy Dispersive X-ray Diffraction. Pappin II sets forth a fictional dialogue between Tradition and Radical Individualism: Burke and Sartre in Dialogue. Her book Illegitimate Media: Minority Discourse and Digital Remix Culture, is forthcoming from the University of Georgia Press. He writes at The Extratextuals and Antenna. He is also co-editor of the 1999 anthology Titanic: Anatomy of a Blockbuster with Gaylyn Studlar. Kozinets is Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Marketing Department at York University's Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a board member of the MIT College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and the Georgia Tech GVU Center. Example of a sign used during the Occupy Wall Street movement. Jonathan can be reached. For the Convergence Culture Consortium, he authored "This Is Not (Just) An Advertisement: Understanding Alternate Reality Games". Rusch is a game designer, researcher, play aficionado, and assistant professor for game design at DePaul University in Chicago.

participatory media culture essay

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A feminist counter-public sphere is, for example, responsible for circulating the view that women's issues such as domestic abuse and reproductive rights are deserving of debate in the larger public sphere. (Notable press reviews can be participatory media culture essay found here.) He has also written for The New York Times' Freakonomics blog and authored "Reverse Product Placement in Virtual Worlds" for Harvard Business Review. Henry has. 25 Alternative radio often, though not always, takes the form of community radio, which is generally understood as participatory, open, non-profit, and made by and for a community. He writes regularly for Fast Company. Prior to co-founding Campfire, Mike was co-creator of The Blair Witch Project, the 1999 film which changed the way marketers approached the Internet as a promotional vehicle. Return to top Maria Popova Maria Popova is the founder and editor-in-chief of Brain Pickings, a curated destination for cross-disciplinary curiosity, spanning design, media, education, history, photography, technology and more. He can be found on Twitter as @AlecChaneAustin. Denise is author of the 2008 book Hollywood Independents: The Postwar Talent Takeover. Latif Hussain Kazmi, Sartre on Human Freedom and Creativity, acknowledges the significance of his original approach. Popular media of the Vietnamese Diaspora (Floating lives: The media and Asian diasporas.).

participatory media culture essay

Community media is often categorized as grassroots, a description that applies to both the financial structure and the process of content creation. Robison, Henry is co-author of Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century, released as a book in 2009. The co-ed schoolhouse version says, "Sartre would say that every single action and decision is made purely by free will. Conceptions of access and participation in Australian community radio stations. Lawrence University, and a SM (MBA) from the MIT Sloan School of Management. The logic, reason, and rules of style and beauty, mandated by the dominant class, was rejected as an affirmation of subjugation. She teaches courses in culture and communication, gender and media, youth culture, feminist theory and cultural studies. His first feature length script, entitled Rose of the Revolution, was a semi-finalist in the 2000 Sundance Institute Filmmaker's Lab.