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The anonymity can be suffocating. One individual that was reluctant to move from the city to the country says 10 years later , My mortgage is less, taxes are less, car insurance is less, and our needs are less. Her home is a flat overlooking a busy city-street, which is always alive with the sound of traffic and people passing. I have learned to operate IR spectrophotometers from Punjab University which is situated in essay countryside vs city Chandigarh City and cities are mostly the hub of education. I think, Alex feels happy in the village. For instance, job opportunity and to run small businesses have better prospects in a city than in the countryside. Opposite to this, rural areas do not offer many opportunities for social life and lacks the entertainment facilities. Even hovels come at a premium. Firstly, compare to the problem of stress, people living in the countryside is relatively less than people living in the city. Besides the higher cost of living, something happens whenever I find myself in a city: I spend more money.

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Schools in the essay countryside vs city city have more extracurricular activities and after school clubs because there are more students to participate making it worth holding many activities after school. Both places have advantages and disadvantages. In comparison, living in the countryside is obviously more relaxing; people have simple and comfortable life there. In the cities there are many talented people as Djordjano. If you see, today in India, Love marriages /inter-caste marriages are very common in cities, whereas people are being murdered in the name of honour in rural areas. Do you mean movie stars? Living in a city and in an urban area, both has their advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages, share the disadvantages of living in a city or countryside.

Secondly, the family relationship and relationship with neighbors sometimes are also different between the city and the countryside. A city also provides sources of entertainment. There essay countryside vs city are an extraordinary amount of advantages and disadvantages in education/job opportunities, Crime/death rates, as well as the environment/lifestyle and the cost of living of the two areas. Besides there are plants and factories that pollute the environment and it's dangerous to breathe the polluted air. (In Grenada, my address was 3rd house on the right past the pasture. On the other hand, Villages offer many invaluable advantages those are completely absent in the cities. I dont even know where it goes. She has got a good job and the company is very big.

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Proximity to fire departments, police, and hospitals can essay countryside vs city make city living safer. Cell phone reception sucks. Rural areas on other hand have no or very less pollution, pure food item and less stress, people have more time for themselves and their families. (Approximately 334 words) by - Monowara Model Answer 6: Peoples have different opinions while choosing their living place. In a nutshell taking all the aforementioned pros and cons into account, I personally admire to live in town. You wont smell garbage. 58 (95. It gives students more leisure time to enjoy being active rather than going home to watch television on their free time. The city can provide security against visible foes but it causes people to face some invisible and dangerous enemies like toxic and polluted air, water and environment. Therefore, taking a 2-3 cut per hour isnt such a big deal when you look at the big picture. So city dwellers can get these services within a short period rather than who lives in villages.

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In my opinion, there are several reasons to believe that cities are the best places to live in because they provide facilities for a comfortable life. There are modern buildings, many cars and people on the street, and the exhaust and dust fill the air; People hardly see the beautiful clear sky in the city. In the cities are also more shops. You should write at least 250 words. If we consider the entertainment facilities in a city then citizens of a city have so many options like theatre, park, art gallery, museum, amusement parks, libraries etc. People have access to, cities/ Villages provide. Cities have lifesaving medical centres.

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Group 2 / Alex Alex might feel lonely sometimes because he works in the city but lives in the village, and his friends are not there. The villagers have a healthy lifestyle which is very scant in urban areas. People work together and look out for one another, creating a greater sense of community. Group 3 / City Life, in the city there're many disadvantages. (Approximately 360 words) by - Amarveer, model Answer 5: In the modern society, some people like to live in a city area and few enjoy an open countryside to live. First of all, a city provides better education and career prospects.The renowned and excellent schools are built in the cities because most of the population live in cities.

The busy life makes people have no leisure to appreciate the scenery around them, and hardly to realize their most precious emotions and relationship and to cherish them. Also, people cant purchase everything they need from a village market and markets are very rare in most of the urban areas. There are some blessings and drawbacks in both sites. (If, however, you choose to be social with trees, youll have no problem). Group 5, public transport is good for the society. But in a village, there is no such place where villagers can animate their free time so life is so boring. I think that because in the city there are many facilities, but in the country there aren't. Do Not Waste, your Time, hIRE writer, only.90 / page. Many festivals, carnivals are organised in the cities.

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Amazon doesnt have an address field for that). Such as most of the major educational institute, hospital, bank all are essay countryside vs city generally situated in the city area. In general I tend to lean towards rural (or semi-rural) locations, however I still like getting my city fix from time to time. In the countryside, neighbors will ask you visit them for dinner and gets together to celebrate holidays. Parents of urban society have very less time due to which they are slowly drifted in oblivion, whereas the children of rural society share a great bond with their parents. There are many different factors to overcome on why city or country living is better. One line of thought of society states that its beneficial to live in urban areas, however, others stand opposite. The variety of accommodation available is even wider. There aren't restaurants and places for entertainment. The last but not lest difference between living in the city or the countryside is peoples happiness feeling and their life satisfaction. Larger cities typically provide ample opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial ventures, particularly in niche markets (Tigro).There also could be a disadvantage of job searching in the big city, as there are more people someone else may have more experience. Government offices are built in cities. The study from the Office for National Statistics said fresh air and healthy lifestyles contributed to the advantages of the countryside.

On the essay countryside vs city contrary vegetables, foods, fruits in the cities are normally stored and mixed with preservatives and can cause serious harms to the health. If you have an opportunity to choose a place to live, what will be the perfect place in your dream; the bustling city or the silent countryside? The city not only provides good education and civil life but also provides best medical facilities. See more: disadvantages of living in the countryside. What are the threats for Maria and Alex? People get up early to work on the farm or fields. Also the city has a large population that causes many kinds of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. That is, if you have a mailing address at all. Its all right there. In her spare time she goes out and entertains herself doing shopping, visiting discos and restaurants and many others. Therefore, too much pressure will cause serious problem. Maria is happy because she is a city slicker. Use the keywords and hint from the previous task.

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Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your experience. The essay countryside vs city crime rate is far less in rural parts as compared to urban where crime is found in every nook and corner of the society. (Not that Ive evernever mind). Gender inequality is very evident in a rural area, where women are being restricted only to household chores and do not have much say in decision making, but in cities, both are treated equally. On the other hand, the first thing that comes to mind with the environment in the countryside is the endless farms, the lovely cottages, the joyful bird-song and the beautiful flowers and trees. The population is small. The risk of suicide in the general population increases progressively with the increase in the degree of urban city of the place of residence; and the highest risk ratio. Click on any of the dark coloured countries below to learn what I did there. Group 2 / Country Life, in the villages there are thieves.

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The first major difference between living in the city or in the countryside is the environment. Strengths, what are your strengths? For example: fiber optic internet whats that? In general, the cities with the lowest real estate prices per square foot were cities that have suffered from poor economic conditions for some time (Sauter). (Again, if you even have a mailing address to begin with).

Note: since the writing of this article (many years ago! Activities are very exciting and thrilling in the country also, consisting of hiking, fishing, horseback riding, four wheeling, plus many more. Moreover, cities provide better treatment, hospitals, qualified doctors, better educational institutes, and amusement parks etc which are really inevitable to lead a better life. But people in the villages have only TV or books and very little facilities to spend leisure time. On the flipside, the villagers have great difficulty in transport as proper means are not present and if present the roads are not proper to run them as they are never properly sanitised.

This makes it a little less likely for someone to be able to get away with something without someone seeing. I was pretty surprised to find that 'people who live in country sides have more life expectancy than live in an urban area.'. The fact of the matter is it is a difficult question because there is no right or wrong answer. The countryside is a batter place to live because of less population and pollution. People can easily find a new job in case s/he loses a job and there are many other earning prospects in a city that could not be found in a village. It's very e villages have good local me villages have ople enjoy living there because the air is fresh and clean. There are a lot of differences between the city and the countryside, and when people consider living in either place the differences become more significant. Are you new to this site? Our city is secured by Diamond Security. What's more, city people can enjoy their life with different amusing activities called as theatre, cultural activities and visit a nice restaurant. Base your answer on the texts. It gives her chance to communicate with different people and grow. Sports stadium, training centres are located in cities.