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Buffering essential capacities are over-dimensioned such that critical thresholds in capacities are less likely to be crossed Redundancy overlapping functions; if one fails , others can take over Source: Adapted from Operationalising a resilience approach to adapting an urban delta. Peer climate change mitigation essay review assignments can only be submitted and reviewed once your session has begun. How else can we help curb climate change? About.2 billion metric tonnes of solid waste is currently being collected around the world every year, and the organic portion that decays is contributing around 5 to global greenhouse gas emissions. But critics of this approach warn that the technology is unproven and could give reluctant countries an excuse not to cut emissions.

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You will hear from various professionals about their contexts and the different challenges and opportunities the process includes. Retro-fitting buildings to make them more energy efficient and cutting the impact of transport emissions represent some of the strategies for doing this. Further, while it is one of the most essential parts for climate adaptation action, it is also one of the easiest to implement technically and financially. Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town. But they also reveal that investment fell.

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Access to better prediction models also exposes limitations of adaptation structures in resolving uncertainties which results from sudden and extreme changes. What are the implications of the results of this study to urban planning and management at the city level and, concurrently, at the barangay level? These positively reflect on the existing attitude towards global commitment in reducing target GHG emissions. To explore the climate resilient characteristics of communities. However, it should be cautioned that the barangays do not necessarily draw community boundaries.

climate change mitigation essay

Sourcing (or outsourcing) of these three sectors are often outside urban governance. Figures from the UN show that renewable energy raised its share of total energy generation last year from.8.5. Flood data Health records Mortality rate Other effects identified/perceived by respondents (exploratory) News articles Journal articles Published reports Key informant and respondents account Communities accounts Public documents and reports Documentation Analyses of published accounts/reports and public documents Unstructured interviews FGDs. The ipcc's third report also considers a little-known technique called Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage (Beccs). Scope and Limitations, the study will involve the vulnerability and resilience assessment of two urban barangays in Metro Manila or in the Greater Manila Area, one with cbrm and the other with no cbrm.

It reacts and anticipates to these shocks continuously, given that the system is given sufficient capability, time and resources to cope up increasing its adaptive capacity. The document by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ipcc) considers the options for limiting or preventing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing activities that remove them from the atmosphere. New sinks can be created through, for example, forest regeneration. Nasa is a world leader in climate studies and Earth science. Malone and Brenkert (2008) point out that the said model, as with many indicator based research, is not able to account for the function of demographic and social characteristics. The approach consists of a facilitated process whereby academic researchers and high-level influential actors within society co-produce knowledge. (2004) further relates resilience to adaptability and transformability, the capacity to create a fundamentally new system when ecological, economic, or socio-political conditions make the existing system untenable. What is climate change mitigation? The said model utilizes a comprehensive framework that goes beyond the analysis of hazards exposure at the same time taking into account location based factors of resilience. The authors also suggest on improving and standardizing the initial set of indicators.

Climate change mitigation essay

If you choose to explore the course without purchasing, you may not be able to access certain assignments. Table 2?: Principles and characteristics of a resilient system Principles Characteristics Homeostasis multiple feedback loops counteract disturbances and stabilize the system Omnivory vulnerability is reduced by diversification of resources and means High flux a fast rate of movement of resources. However, we should also consider that some aspects of climate change adaptation arose very recently in contemporary history. Fussel and Klein (2006) also points out the difficulty in monitoring the results and impacts of adaptation programs in aiding its intended beneficiary. Further, the selection barangays is limited by the availability of required secondary data for the assessment. Research Problem, i am studying how the practices and characteristics of low-lying and coastal urban poor communities in Metro Manila, which are perennially exposed to climatic stresses, make them sensitive or resilient to climate change, and to what extent. While this makes it difficult to separate it from for those done in response or in anticipation to anthropogenic induced climate change, it is also in the realm of familiarity for many related professions and state actors. Our Energy Innovations section gives some examples of the work that is being done in this area. Frequently Asked Questions, chevron Right, when will I have access to the lectures and assignments? These technologies still face barriers related to capital costs (the upfront costs of building the plant and maintaining it financing, public perception and a longstanding dependence of markets and institutions on fossil fuels.

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In the Philippines, barangays are the smallest climate change mitigation essay political administration unit entrusted by the government to promote social, economic and environmental welfare. The said model improves upon the existing comparative assessment for disaster resilience at the community level. Image copyright Getty Images, image caption Carbon capture and storage (CCS) can help reduce the amount of CO2 going into the atmosphere. It gives us a framework that guides us coherently toward securing sustained and uninterrupted city development that is responsive to the growing threats of climate change. While many studies point out that urban poor communities are one the highest vulnerable to climate change and aslr, very few studies have actually been made that assess their needs for resilience.

Overly hierarchical systems with no local formal competence to climate change mitigation essay act are too inflexible and too slow to cope with surprise and to rapidly implement non-standard highly local responses. At the heart of these issues is the enabling capability to alleviate these uncertainties which is compounded by the nature of climate change: (1) it crosses local, national and global boundaries; (2) its effects are felt for many decades. The study shall cover social, economic and environmental indicators linked to vulnerability and resilience based on the studies of Ibarrarán. This is compounded by the fact that these will leave urban poor communities, which are usually in high concentration on those areas, highly vulnerable and unable to deal with these changes due to their limited adaptive capacity. The goal is to reduce our vulnerability to the harmful effects of climate change (like sea-level encroachment, more intense extreme weather events or food insecurity). Visit m to see how we can help you!

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If you only want to read and climate change mitigation essay view the course content, you can audit the course for free. Geo-engineering is one controversial area that has gathered momentum in recent years. Determine the perceived effects of climate change. These are often nationally or regionally shared resource and are also largely dealt with by such authorities. Literature Review, responding to climate change necessitates a two-pronged approach: decreasing amount of GHG emissions will while at the same time addressing the impacts that are already manifested on vulnerable populations. Global Change Research Program, which has a legal mandate to help the nation and the world understand, assess, predict and respond to global change.

Due to its political nature as an administrative unit, barangay is chosen as the scale for this study due to potential available secondary data from documents and reports from both public and private institutions. Person-or-household-based resilience This research body builds upon the arguments presented by Adger (2003) in his paper on social capital, collection action and adaptation. The UN's climate panel has published the third part of its long-awaited report - on strategies for mitigation. This is supported by the presence of political will and the numerous policies, programs and projects (PPPs) that the provincial government has enacted and implemented. Image copyright Getty Images, image caption Renewable energy such as solar power remains key, but faces barriers to take. In theory, you could begin to remove emissions that have already been accumulated in the atmosphere. Nasas related Megacities Carbon Project is focused on the problem of accurately measuring and monitoring greenhouse-gas emissions from the worlds biggest cities. Tackling waste is also an issue. The context of adaptation is influenced by the climate-sensitive domain under study, types of climate hazard present, certainty of climate change models, on-climatic conditions in the form of political, economic, cultural and other environmental forcings, purposefulness, timing, planning horizon, form whether. In an age of unprecedented extremes in climate variability, selective and compartmental adaptation measures for climate change, marred with the inability to respond to uncertainties and ignorance of unforeseen calamities, only give misguided notion of resolution and maybe suspect to failure.