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James 4:8, every space and time is filled with the presence of the Holy One. Praying out loud is difficult for some people. People are already overbooked. The prayer that always opens the heart of heaven is the prayer that is offered without attachment to result. We spend countless hours and money on therapists and self-help books in devotional essays on prayer meeting order to feel better about ourselves. Thats not because others are incapable of leading well. Psalm 57:1 When the sirens of an impending tornado are sounding all around us, we know to take cover, lest we find ourselves battered and bruised by the vagaries of a force greater than ourselves. The best prayer meetings are the ones that have been prepared.

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Adequate preparation will help devotional essays on prayer meeting a lot in this regard. Its a great time for those of us who make it a priority. Keep up the pace. If you arent interested, it is unlikely that anyone else will interested. So, as the leader of a meeting, be sure to ask someone if there is anything you are doing that you ought to stop.

We havent always included the sermonand there is a danger of the sermon eating up all the time for devotional essays on prayer meeting prayer but weve found that a brief sermon gets the heart ready for prayer and is also helpful for non-Christians who may be visiting. Taking prayer requests for 25 minutes and praying for 5 minutes is nice, but not really a prayer meeting. We can make the mistake of thinking that prayer requires heroic effort, a certain lifestyle, a mindset that is clear and unconfused. To be fair, our Sunday evening attendance is not anywhere near our Sunday morning attendance, but I bet we had 125 people at our prayer service last night. There in the thick shadows, the shade is lifted and in the hushed beat of nighttime the light of God floods over.

I dont think anyone who was at the service will forget the time of prayer we had for a college devotional essays on prayer meeting student with cancer and his newlywed. They need theological boundaries for prayer. Rarely does anyone besides one of our three pastors lead. Sometimes that preparation involves putting together a list of items you will pray for at the meeting. Day 4, you ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, in order to spend what you get on your pleasures. O God, when the darkness is as thick as mud in my soul, let me crawl on my knees into the safety of your embrace. Work, people, the media, the noise, the demands, the stress can squeeze out the energy and enthusiasm that should characterize the wonder all around. But the Holy One who created us in the tenderness of unconditional love not only sees those nuances, needs, and patterns, but is ready to care for them in ways more meaningful and lasting than we could ever imagine on our own. Much of our prayer will be in the silence of our own heart, but even there, the whole human family is present. We can choose to continue trying to steer solo, as if we were in ultimate control of our lives.

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And learn to embrace the silence. Either way, Ive learned that prayer meetings are at their best when the leader has prepared himself and when he is able to bring direction. In one small prayer, one cry toward God, one call upon the One who has loved us into being, we know we are never left alone to navigate our way through the traffic of life. Prayer is our way of saying that we are willing to share in that rich relationship with the Holy One. It was the same for him. Jesus had spent hours teaching, listening, touching, healing. Maybe in some churches and in some cultures Gods people can linger in prayer for hours on end, but in my experience in this country, we need to keep things moving.

There are no rims or borders that can block the ears of God. Keep it the Same. Some people preface every prayer request with just. When we are in the whirlwind of the storm, we need to take refuge under the shadow of Gods wings. Sometimes that preparation involves a brief devotional or another means of getting people to think about the Lord before devotional essays on prayer meeting they begin to pray. We silently wonder if we can draw the attention of the Holy One. But, when we are praying for healing, or employment, or to be spared from unnecessary pain and suffering, surely those requests ought to be answered by God.

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We do not have to become perfect before we pray. Sometimes that preparation simply involves prayingpraying for the prayer meeting. Far more often than not it is a sweet time of seeking the Lord together. O God, let me breathe in your presence, breathe out your presence, breathe in your presence. It seems like we have just won the sweepstakes of heaven and can go shopping there with abandon, choosing anything we want from the overstocked shelves. Rather than go into a blow by blow of this past weeks service, I thought it would be helpful to share some lessons weve learned about planning for and leading an effective prayer meeting.

We do our lives by following the hands or digits on the clock. From, signposts, daily Devotions by, renée Miller, days 1-10, day. We share a meal after our prayer services. Im happy to say the experience stuck and these monthly prayer services have become a highlight of our life together as a church. Luke 6:12b, under the silence of the stars, hid from the light of the sun and the freneticism of the day, there is the possibility of slipping into the holy place and pouring out the contents of our hearts with honesty and authenticity. God has come near. But there are some people who thrive in silence, who need it for their own private prayers, or who need a few minutes to work up the nerve to open their mouths and pray out loud. Give me a heart that is always ready to pray. Here are some ways you increase the likelihood that your prayer meeting will miss the mark. What brings us to a point of stillness is surrender to the Holy One. While there is comfort in familiarity, there is also joy in freshness. Heres the twist: When we really have a strong self-image, we are able to glimpse the elasticity of heavens careGod stretches from heaven toward us, and we stretch back. Prayer is hard work, so put your best foot forward.

devotional essays on prayer meeting

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This has been one of the unexpected delights of our prayer meeting. Many churches gave up on the prayer meeting because no one knew how to plan one. And singing four hymns, preaching for 30 minutes, and then praying through the sick list for 10 minutes is not what were talking about. Other more important people have more important problems that require Gods intervention. Several years agoI cant remember if it was three or fourwe experimenting with turning one Sunday evening service a month into a prayer meeting. What was different for him, however, was that he was not afraid to step away from stress into solitude. We have lots of children in our church and many in our worship services. Our other problem plagues us precisely because our culture encourages us to have such a strong self-image. We dont need to do anything, force anything, fight for anything. We have all been to those prayer meetings that are 90 requests and 10 prayer, or 20 minutes of teaching, 20 minutes of requests and 5 minutes of prayer. If you dont believe in the meeting or arent interested in it, pray about it until you are. This problem stems from the thinking that we are responsible for handling all of our own situations, working through our own issues, settling our own cares. What flows from our heart when we are in need may be our own private words, yet these words are part of the endless flow of words that are, or have been, cast toward heaven throughout time.

At times like those, our prayer is often little more than one word: Help. I think weve grown a lot in praying together as a church, but it takes practice. Miraculously, when we awaken to the brightness of day after a long nights prayer, we feel we have been made whole. Make sure your prayer meeting is full of prayer). Thats a lot better than nothing. Psalm 55:17 God is always ready to hear our prayer. Try varying the meeting a little bitbreak into small groups, separate the men and women, have someone else leadwhatever it takes. In general, the service is 60-75 minutes long. The pastor must spend significant time preparing to lead his people in prayer.

We understand that if we were asking God for a new car or to win the lottery, or for a free ticket to the Caribbean, God might be hesitant to grant our request. I will never forget that it was soon after starting our monthly prayer service that God started opening the doors for us to buy our current church facility. God expects us to take initiative. People need categories for prayer. Surely, there are other more important people than us, with more important problems, beseeching the ear of heaven. Be expectant when you pray. Day 8 Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan, and he will hear my voice. Over the past couple years, and especially over the weekend after I tweeted something about our prayer service, Ive had people ask me what we do at these prayer meetings and what they look like? Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Suddenly, we have no desire to leave the place of prayer. We might do well to take the Psalmists advice, however.

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We need only take cover; allow our souls to pray out their brokenness and fear; let go and rest in the hands of heaven. Of course God wants us to bring him our requests. We want somethingeven a good somethingand we ask to have it granted. We think our prayers are honest and meant for good, but it seems devotional essays on prayer meeting that they do not soften the ear of heaven. Of course, every church prays for these sort of things, but weve been blessed to be able to pray for them together. That silence isnt wasted.

We know those rims and borders all too well in human life. Imagine praying when our eyes open to see the shades of darkness pulled back to give us a new day of life. Having your calling pastor do a traditional service for old people may be a wonderful idea, but its not a prayer meeting either. This choice frees the silent unseen voice that rests below the surface of control, opening it up to the waiting heart of heaven. This site is a proud member of the Salem Web Network, a subsidiary. I just pray that you will just grant us The thing is that even if you arent aware of your tics, everyone else is; you may be oblivious to them, but they are a distraction to others. Some people have prayer tics, little quirks that no one has ever told them about. You do not force me to pray to you for help, but your heart always waits for my feeble cry. But I call upon God, and the Lord will save.

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But we want people to see that this is not a throw away event. O God, hear the voice of your people when we call to you. Every Wednesday night we gatheroften a packed-out room full of usto bring all our petitions and all our praise before the Lord. The pastor does not have to be the best prayer warrior in the church or the only champion for prayer, but Im convinced he has to take ownership of the prayer meeting if it is to succeed. Our prayer services are always different. Matthew 7:7, it is one of the most frequently"d of all passages from the Bible, and the one that we most hope is true, at least the first seven words: "Ask, and it will be given you.". The biggest human difference between a vibrant, effective prayer meeting and a dull, ineffective one is planning.

They need models for prayer. And, always, when we ask it is given to us, when we seek we find, when we knock the door is opened. Such solitude is not escape from something, but entry into Someone. You May Also Like. We often feel like there's more to do than there are hours in a day, and one of the things that we quickly forego is prayer. Again, were only one poor soul among so many. O God, let me take off my back-pack of burdens, and be bound up in your care. However, when we are willing to enter into the imperfect community, we can be awestruck when that communitys prayer carries us into the hall of heaven.