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And yes, most images are gdfl or Public domain, you can view WP:FU for our strict rules pertaining to images under any nonfree license. Your end product can now look much more professional, and your price per book is much more reasonable than it once was. mikaul talk 09:38, (UTC) My opinion (yes, opinion only) is that we are violating the spirit and possibly the letter of the CC-BY licenses because we are frequently not attributing the images in the way the author intended. There are other projects where the editors are, and this way of working might be appropriate there. Example Letter Intent How To Write An Investor Proposal Cover. At.99 you may sell fewer books (than if you priced your book at 99c) but you will earn more royalties due to Amazons royalty payout tiers. These should be removed within a fairly short period of time, maybe a month. "Take my word for it" is worthless in this medium, as you well know. The good news is, it forces you to be inventive and discover ways to get free publicity.

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) Malinaccier Public ( talk ) 16:57, (UTC) This poll is taking place on another page. I didn't know about user space for a long time. Personally, I find the proposition arguments rather weak. Maybe youve done your homework on the dos and donts of publishing, but youve found so much conflicting advice that youre overwhelmed. All we hear from you is hyperbole and unsubstantiated claims about "numerous requests" for caption bylines. Should you choose self-publishing, the cost varies greatly. It'd be a technical hurdle, but it's tantalizing. Image attribution is similarly not included in the "history" tab where other attribution is found, further making finding attribution inconsistent and not explicit.

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Your proposal is listed there almost verbatim, and has been since at least September 2006. That suggests Wikipedia has reached a stage of impenetrable perfection in which improvement is not possible. Jonathanmills ( talk how to write a cross promotion proposal ) 13:22, (UTC) Go for it! Pros It is the morally right option, crediting the work to authors prominently. You say it is distracting. mikaul talk 00:48, (UTC) Well said, mikaul. Richard001 ( talk ) 04:03, (UTC) Well, it's always interesting to discover yet another aspect of Wikipedia. People aren't looking for information about what "ED" might mean, they are looking for an article about Encyclopedia Dramatica. If your reasons at the very top were numbered, #1 and 2 are the same. Inactive WikiProjects are archived, not deleted. No, this is a really bad idea. Paid promotion includes using promotion sites (like, freebooksy, Bargain Booksy and Bookbub) and running Facebook ads. Let's avoid slanting the debate, please.

how to write a cross promotion proposal

Editing Wikipedia (even writing an entire article) is noted in the history of the article page, and as it's only based on primary sources, needs no more formal attribution than that. However, from the common sense point of view, a policy like this would probably support the unreliability theory; this could potentially open the door for false information on Wikipedia. If you want to hit the Top 100 Free Kindle Books you will set your price. If I was promoting something, I wouldn't like the top Google hit for it to be some random Wikipedia page about the thing being deleted off the site, especially if I had nothing to do with the article's creation. Such as: Youve exhausted your efforts to land a traditional deal. So many articles have become. But image attribution does not appear there. The Cons of Traditional Publishing I wont sugarcoat itlanding a book deal is rare. Remember, 4-5 years ago Wikipedia did not have the clear policies for style, neutrality, verifiablity, etc. What is a price promotion?

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It was proposed that, perhaps if circumstances warrant, we might have a separate template for when such circular arguments appear a few months down the road from the initial discussion. Often users have made well-reasoned, well backed-up arguments. So, no real loss if we lose Flickr pics in my opinion. People who write articles deserve to be credited as much as people who create images. ) 10:00, (UTC) I realise that on the face of it, it looks like petty rule-mongering. Now you're telling me not to read the credit and just ignore. You make it sound like seeing a credit is some traumatic experience one cannot recover from. You think that you're perfect and everyone agrees with you: "Watch and weep" in your edit summary? Theyll use terms like, If we accept your manuscript when the truth is, many such firms would print anything you sent them as long as your check was attached. Doc Tropics 03:15, (UTC) Strong support as has already been mentioned perhaps it will motivate people to push the articles to featureship - Hadseys Chat Contribs 15:23, (UTC) Support Sure, why not? The purpose of this Analysis page is to have a place where users can write original research about the article topic, however, with the following constraints: wp:verifiability applied more strictly than on article page.

Nevertheless, out of those 50 ladies that tried it, at the very least 15 will buy. Only images displayed in articles to provide illustration of a particular subject matter. I feel that a lot of useful information has disappeared from wikipedia since it began its heavy-handed crackdown on original research. From the "Wikipedia is not censored" point of view, this fits Wikipedia policy how to write a cross promotion proposal perfectly. IE, despite the directives on 'no personal attacks 'being civil etc, editors who blatantly ignore them face no punishment (or very small punishment, only when the behaviour reaches a total extreme). I realize you have no or little faith in your fellow editors, assuming them to be liars instead of thinking, "Hey, you know what? 30 Salary Proposal Template Easy. Afaik, the gfdl requires explicit attribution of at least the five most principal authors only for modified works, that is, it applies to citizendium when they copy our material, but not. They act like we are doing the photographer some giant favor by hiding their credit as author.

Pros It is courteous, giving a bit back to those photographers who were kind enough to relicense their work Cons Yes, it's courteous, but courtesy need not override the style we use in articles. You say, "No way is anyone going to let you push something through because of "what your communications entail" (which you haven't shown anyone)." I am sick of insinuations that I proposed this measure because it was some invention of mine. It would be much harder to find a CC-licensed image here which has been modified with specific requests for attribution. Print-on-demand technology now allows for low-cost printing, so you can order as how to write a cross promotion proposal few as two or three books at a time for the same cost per book as you would pay if you were buying hundreds. Let me re-summarize my point: we may not know for sure if we're fulfilling the requirements adequately, even with council review.