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Constantine converts to Christianity and end the years of persecution under the Romans. Germans and ussr had a secret nonaggression pact. The cloning of humans with rabbits, pigs, clones made with male and female cells combined are an abomination. However, for some events a discrepancy occurred. They use patterns to determine the exact date when events will end or begin if they cannot milton friedman essay on vouchers 1962 find a biblical or historical date.

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A Jesuit from Chile who pretended to be a Jewish Protestant so that the futurism theories would be accepted among Protestants United States Bill of Rights. Man lands on the moon in the Sea of Tranquility. Bush to the American public, "We are doing everything we can to avoid war" March. Oil companies return to Iraq with no bid contracts. The first Fascist programme called for the secularization of Church property in Italy Palestine becomes a British protectorate.6 Earthquake, December 16: Gansu, China. 22 million fish die in Cow cloned from an embryo November. Lutheran is the state religion. Muhammad flew from Mecca to this place on a winged horse and ascended to heaven on this spot. Hasbro buys Parker Brothers October. They form a southern government with Jefferson Davis as president * The American Civil War * April 12, 1861- April 9, April. 8500 settlers leave August 22-25. Service is avoided by paying a fee or finding a substitute 1863 January.

URL: The Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism. A natural solar eclipse can only occur during the new moon, around the first of the month. First oil well in Titusville Pennsylvania. March BC Total Lunar eclipse. Dynasty 20-24 (1070-715 BC).

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4 Hurricanes 2004 October. The cumulative effect would be a longer period. I have not seen the work but the methodology sounds like an accurate method of calculating elapsed time since the creation. 1 Kings 6: 38 1002 BC BC Temple dedicated 490 years after the exodus at the feast of Tabernacles. In Feburary inflation is 10 per month, in June it is 100 and the government started printed money until it ran out of paper Seeds of Al-Qaeda began in the Philippines June. The Second Battle of Mogadishu February. 5 attempted bombings occurred again on July July. Before 2000 from other sources (nasa, astronomy sites, History). Great Tokyo fire Knowledge Confirmed 1923 The work of Bohr, Pauli (1924) and Stoner produced a model of the hydrogen atom * Roots Of Futurism Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester Pope Paul IV papal bull. The sun and moon glowed red May 19, The unexplained dark day. Called a lost, primitive stone age tribe living in caves, dressed in leaves. Before September 11, the government tried to get phone records from Qwest without a warrant. The inspiration to distrubute bibles in foreign languages began with the inspirational story of the little Welsh girl - Mary Jones. 100, Cigarette ads banned from television July 10, Nova Scotia and North Atlantic. The military power who makes war in the Holy Land and enforces religious law and controls the earth. Who will he be? The Times Of The End. Tony Blair as the first president in California Burning.

The first transatlantic radiotelegraph message was the letter "S" May. Israel unilaterally withdraws from Gaza after 38 years. Authorizes tracking, torturing and executing Satan worshippers An asteroid breaks over the Chinese city of Chiling-Yang killing 10, July. Ottoman Turks, led by Sultan Mehmet II conquer Constantinople (Byzantine empire) and renamed it Istanbul. 5,000, Km wide Asteroid Hermes misses earth by 600, Genocide. Kills 20,000-30, November 29-December. Becomes a state April 24-December. And it seems like an enormous coincidence that this is the length of time from the call to his moving to Egypt. As the king of the south, he was supposed to defeat the king of the north.

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But in 2003 a record 401 billion deficit was reached and is estimated to be 535 billion in 2004. Nicholas Sarkozy proposes a Mediterranean Union (South and east old Roman empire nations). Cyclone Nargis kills 84,500-134,000 in Myanmar. Shem was 98 years old. BC BC Noah dies at age 950. 150,000 troops invade the beaches milton friedman essay on vouchers 1962 of Normandy Harry. Chosroes II (Khosru King of Persia is murdered.