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People may act in conformity with duty out of some interest or compulsion kant essay aristotle reason other than duty. Their view of the world is different from the way that we see the modern society today; they saw the world as a whole, with an unending connection of everything to everything. There are a dozen ways that a man can employ virtue to achieve happiness in his life. One fundamental principle of logic is the principle of non-contradiction: statements dont make sense if they contradict themselves. A call to duty is the driver of all our actions. . Kant believed that there are higher principles that are present in every time, every culture and every situation. Therefore, somebody stealing, according to the mechanistic approach, is accidental.

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Good man ought to feel inclined to acts of pity, sympathy and generosity rather than doing such acts as a matter of very displeasing and unpleasant duty. The kant essay aristotle reason highest morals of a persons life rest on the good will. Some philosophers have argued that in practice our moral beliefs are based on intuitions, not on reason. The moral virtues are developed over time through practice. Kants theory has been criticized in the following ways:.

We can rephrase the above as: To act morally a person must see the act is right (i.e., it is commanded. Acting without inclination downplays the role of compassion Before Kant, ethics focused on the concept of the good, two questions were asked: What is the good and How do we attain it? Even if the good will cannot carry out its intentions, it is good in itself. It is not enough that the act is intended: If someone is moved by kant essay aristotle reason a sudden feeling of pity, the act is still without moral value. These senses send stimuli to the brain; the brain then produces an image of the world, as we perceive. Hypothetical imperative motivates a person to complete a certain task for its end; they constitute the human error in our actions. The act of willing of a charitable man to give alms to a beggar maybe good, but if results in the beggar getting drunk and getting run over by a car in his drunken state, the action. If a person is to be virtuous always in his or her actions, as Aristotle says, he shall have to tell lies at some time so that he can reach a mean of his actions.

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Kant 's Categorical Imperative, emmanuel, kant in his theories tried to move away from what he termed as flawed theories from rationalists and empiricists. . The only puzzle was why some people didnt aim at the good. Good will, according to Kant, is the ability complete actions successfully for their sole purpose and duty. Fourth, people have a duty to assist others in need, because if all of us were heartless then none of us could find assistance in times of need. The Good Will and Duty If someone accidentally tell the truth. Kant goes on to say that, all other moral obligations rise directly from the categorical imperative. Aristotle gave are honor, good health, pleasure and having friends. Duty based ethics also are called Deontological ethics. Such a person reasons that everyman should make his own happiness. In existing economic and social conditions, the refusal to repay borrowed money is something that ordinary debtors may very reasonably wish to be universalized. Reason is the same at all times and for all people, so morality too should be universal. The Greek word deon means duty or obligation. The formula that meets these criteria is the following: we should act in such a way that we could want the maxim (the motivating principle) of our action to become a universal law.

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In addition, Aristotle theorized that happiness is the main goal of the human race and discussed the notion that people develop virtuous habits in order to build good character. The theorys of virtue and duties rest not only on laws and obligations but from what comes from the inside. Indeed, in a great many of the philosophical musings on the very purpose of our lives here on Earth will tend to focus on the importance of achieving happiness, of sharing happiness and of bringing happiness to others. A good will knows what its duty is (that is, the good will knows what reason commands it.) And the good will does the dutiful act because the good will is dutiful. Such a person kant essay aristotle reason must act opposite to a frugal man in order to attain the mean. There are no ifs in moral action. The Categorical Imperative Since specific interests, circumstances, and consequences cannot be considered, the moral law must be a general formula that is applicable in all situation Rather than commanding specific actions, it must express the principle that actions should be undertaken. Aristotle s teleological ethics: the reason for being. For this, they would escape from the whole economic system, in which they are entangled in difficulties and the social reformer may agree with them.

Second, people have a duty kant essay aristotle reason to borrow money only if they have the intention of paying it back, because if everyone failed to pay their debts no one would ever lend money. Both of them also always applied the concept of reason. They viewed the brain as consisting of atoms that are in constant bombardment with each other. From the foregoing, virtue is thus a hard thing to achieve; being virtuous throughout ones life will make somebody happy. Qualified writers in the subject of philosophy are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. These two philosophers wrote theories about different human actions, and tried to explain the ethical thing to do in certain situations. The main proponent of this ethical framework was the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). A macro cosmos exists, which is the unity of everything. Kant s theory is an impartial theory, meaning that it makes no exceptions nor favors any side of morality.

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After looking at creatures, he had a belief that all living things have internal goals (Ferguson 270). Scientists were discussing the theory of free will. Their unique points of view towards human behavior offer different answers to the question of good. Conclusion Kant s philosophical theory creates a standard way for all beings to achieve goodness. (Roughly, a deontological theory looks at inputs rather than outcomes.) One reason for the shift away from consequences to duties is that, in spite of our best efforts, we cannot control the future. Aristotle said weakness of will. Without a doubt, happiness will result if a person realizes his or her goals in this world, but the period within which the happiness arises is exceedingly large. A sick person wills that he becomes healthy because he or she believes that good health brings happiness. The Motive of Duty It is nearly impossible to find examples of pure moral actions. Difference Between Aristotle and Kant Aristotle defines the highest good as happiness. Aristotle in his theories explained the way that reaching individual potential, acting well and living well ultimately leads to happiness (McKeon 99).

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However, the same man will require the help of others, and thus according to categorical imperative, his reasoning is contradictory. The Ethics of Duty: Acting for the sake of duty is: acting without self-interest and acting without concern for consequences. M/philosophy/ kant / (accessed January 27, 2011). First, actions are genuinely good when they are undertaken for the sake of duty alone. Kant lived in the 18th century when scientists were trying to atomize the world. Kant did like the notions of mechanistic and rational approaches, but not the idea that humans do not have a free will. This cosmos consists of the sun, planets, the world and the galaxy.

We learn intellectual virtues through teaching and practice (book478). Both of these philosophers believed in the concept of self-actualization, which refers to being and living the best a person can. Morality comes from inner strength, character and how we live our life to the best end. According to him, the categorical imperative is the single moral obligation of all human beings. Kants argument is based on our rationality. In addition, they encouraged people to live and act well by employing good character and virtuous behavior. This should not discourage us, for moral principles come from reason, not from experience. Similarly, all people have a duty to help others in distress, yet many people may help others not out of a sense of duty, but rather because it gives them pleasure to spread happiness to other people.

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Even the kant essay aristotle reason man who tells a lie, in order to save the lives of others, may not will that lying should become the universal custom and yet he may be convinced that, in his own special circumstances. We are praised or blamed for actions within our control, and that includes our willing, not our achieving. According to him, all actions result directly from this principle. Qualities of character (wit, intelligence, courage, etc.) or qualities of good fortune (wealth, status, good health) may be used to either good or bad purposes. It is therefore reasonable to propose the knee-jerk response that happiness is the end in and of itself. Reason as the source of the moral law Morality applies to all rational beings, and a moral action is defined as one that is determined by reason, not by our sensual impulses or particularities of culture or personality. Categorical imperatives are rational principles that are intrinsically valid; they are good in and of themselves; they must be obeyed in all, and by all, situations and The imperative is not hypothetical, or conditional, (which asserts, do such-and-such if you want to achieve such-and-such result.

As the 18th Century German philosopher asserts, happiness lived without the principle of good will, can have the capacity to be a rather unsavory force. But most people think that they deserve praise for their acts,as it is a motivating factor. 1305 Words6 Pages, to be good is good but it has to be done for the right reason. For most of us, achieving some state of Happiness is a core objective. Hegel pointed out that moral beliefs can never be unconditional because moral questions must be resolved in the context of the society in which we live. The moral worth of an action is determined by its motive, or the reason behind the action, not by its consequences which are not subject to our reason We can determine the worth of the motive behind any. Aristotle emphasized the doctrine of the mean highly; always citing that there is a need to maintain a balance in everything a person does or says. The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the ethical theories. Aristotle conceptualized the branches of philosophy and contributed to the theories in logic, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy (book 237). It judges morality by examining the nature of actions and the will of agents rather than goals achieved. Every human being has an obligation to the world and towards a certain society. First, people have a duty not to commit suicide, because it cannot be a law of nature for all people to kill themselves; if everyone died, nature itself would cease to exist.

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Extending this argument would mean that all humans would have to lie, and there would be no truth in the world. The imperative would have to be categorical rather than hypothetical, or conditional, since true morality should not kant essay aristotle reason depend on our individual likes and dislikes or on our abilities and opportunities. To attain such a mean will require the right man to apply virtue in the right extent for the right reason. Kant s theory has a weighty strength, that of the categorical imperative; it is also one of the weaknesses of his theory. . Practical wisdom is the ability to make good choices in a rational way while avoiding bad.

Aristotle asked the question of what makes a person moral, instead of what acts are moral. Kant, in fact, this concept of good will is a core determinant as to whether the characteristics by which we can be defined may be considered virtues or vices. The rules of morality advocated by Kant this apply to all human beings regardless of their color, taste, class, creed, race, gender, blood type, etc. Thus, man will always associate good things with happiness. The good will and duty Kant made his famous statement that there is nothing in the world or even out of it that can be called good without qualification except a good will. A good will knows what its duty is (that is, the good will knows what reason commands it.). We can rephrase the above as: To act morally a person must see the act is right (i.e., it is commanded by reason ) and must do the act because they see it is right. Both, aristotle and, kant have written teachings dealing with reasoning in ethics.

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Jane is an orphan and with no one in the world to help her, she is forced to craft her own way to succeed. Kant s analysis of the experience of the beautiful in the third Critique entails an implicit or potential experience of the sublime, that is, the sublime as he himself describes. Organize your notes by collecting all of your highlighted phrases and ideas into categories based on topic. Advanced data encryption algorithms. You should pick kant essay aristotle reason your subject when placing an order (we have experts across 40 subjects and well pick a writer with qualifications in the chosen field. Follow these steps to create a strong, high-quality abstract.

An analytic research paper offers a fresh look at an important issue. This assignment is one of the most challenging because it requires in-depth academic research. Aristotle proposes using the mind in accordance with virtue to live a happy life. When you outline your main ideas, kant essay aristotle reason putting them in a specific order is important. Our writers are committed to their job and always do their best to deliver the best essays on time. Then, come up with a 1-2 sentence thesis to base your paper off. For example, your thesis question might be how does cultural acceptance change the success of treatment for mental illness? Methods or steps they used to get the answers.