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For example, it was reported by the Parents Television Council that sexual content had appeared in 64 of all American television programs in a sample of programming from the TV seasons. Problems related to sexuality and related behaviours seem to play a central role in the lives of many teenagers. RQ2: How does sexual content on television affect the youth of Malaysian Society in terms of beliefs, behaviour, and emotions? It assessed whether exposure to sexual content in four mass media television, movies, music, and magazine used by early adolescents predicts sexual behaviour in their middle adolescence. No one argues there is quite a bit of sexual content on TV, but it is certainly not the only component negatively affecting todays teens: content on the Internet and films also leave quite a negative impression. Although this model has typically been employed to explain the impact of TV violence, it has been applied successfully to the cultivation of attitudes about gender roles, politics and marriage. He condemns Malaysian TV stations which he thinks are more concerned with the program ratings than the content of the program.

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Exposure to the social models provided by television may also alter beliefs about the likely outcome of engaging in sexual activity. The study derived that adolescent sexuality is associated with media use, and that adolescents are exposed to a large number of sexual images and messages on television that are almost universally presented in a positive light, with little discussion on potential risks and adverse consequences. Also there is a need to evaluate adolescent and parent media-literacy education to determine best-practice interventions and their impact on youth viewing choices, interpretation of content, and sexual attitudes and behaviours: Intervention studies are needed to examine whether current media-literacy. Finally, the results of the research may also be useful to various television industries, especially the production houses, so that they can steer themselves in a better direction moving away from the trend of sexual content being aired on television. Even if its not hazy sex scenes, there is a lot of low cleavage and big bosoms like in the hit show Modern Family. Then, a questionnaire-based cross-sectional study investigating a similar topic was sexual content in television essay conducted by Chaohua Lou, Yan Cheng, Ersheng Gao, Xiayun Zuo, Mark. In this particular chapter the study will look at various communication and psychological development theories which tend to explain teenage sexuality. In some instances joking and bragging about who they slept with the night before with their colleagues and friends.

Two cross-sectional surveys have linked frequent exposure to sexual television content and transition to sexual intercourse. The results answered the research question of whether early adolescents with heavier sexual media diet are more likely than those with lighter SMD to have more advanced pre-coital and coital behaviour by middle adolescence in affirmative in the case. Most importantly, it was concluded that adolescents use the media as a source of information about sex, drugs, aids, and violence, as well as to learn how to behave in relationships. Some of the close related studies done have mainly focused on sex education and reproductive health among adolescents. As retrieved from analyses by the New Straits Times groups of newspapers, local historian, Ramlah Adam sexual content in television essay notes that economic success, entertainment and work-related aspects are attributes that contribute to the demise of traditional (Asian) values in the Malaysian society (Dinin, 2005). The research population is drawn from teenagers of age 15-17 years old whereby stratified sampling will be applied to select the respondents. For example, a scene involving a couple kissing, groping, or undressing one another as they stumble into a darkened bedroom, followed by the dissolving of the scene; or a couple shown waking up in bed together.

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In some cases they have pointed out that there is poor packaging of information for teens consumption hence having a negative impact on their sexual behaviours. TVs accessibility and popular appeal make it an excellent instructor, offering a convenient way to learn about sex without embarrassment which usually arises between parents and their children when discussing sex related issues. What worries her most is that the older generation or the parents of these youngsters, who watch the programs, approve such programs and deem them to be suitable for their youngsters. The same can be said for virtually all sitcoms on television. All types of sexual content in media may include the above portrayed via song lyrics, internet, online and television advertisements, television programmes, movies, dramas, music videos, posters, magazines, newspapers, novels etc. This study is not restricted to one gender, thus samples of both sexual content in television essay genders are chosen. Research Methodology This research would be carried out on the basis of the following methodology. In her opinion, the influence of Western values from the reality TV programs has weakened local values and lead to social and moral decadence. Therefore, the objective of this study is to find out the extent (amount and frequency) of the Malaysian youths exposure to sexual content on television. Najib notes that hugging scenes are not suitable, therefore contestants are ordered to act decently (Associated Press, 2005). Its on television for sure. The modelling process, factors influencing observa).

Thesis Structure, the thesis will be segmented in chapters; the first chapter will concentrate on the sociological analysis of the topic whereby the study will look at the problem, its root-cause and what has been done by other researchers on teenagers. Influence of Television on Teens Television has proven to exert a large influence on peoples attitudes and behaviour. Can the mass media be used to promote responsible sexual behaviour among teenagers? The study uses descriptive survey research design whereby the researcher will describe a scenario to a respondent who will then give in-depth response on the same. Usually, sexual behaviour appears in the form of passionate kissing, intimate touching, nudity, and intercourse (Kunkel,., 2005). For example, in a study done. To keep up with the fashions of Hollywood, these girls adopt the revealing clothing styles of celebrities. The images of the perfect women they portray are unrealistic, and unhealthy. Firstly, the meaning of sexual content needs to be operationalized in order to proceed with the research. Monique Ward and Kimberly Friedman (Ward and Friedman, 2006) three years later produced somewhat contradicting results to Lund and Blaedons study (2003). Media has become a strong influence in society, especially on the youth of today. On top of TV and the Internet, films also comprise a crucial element in conditioning the over-sexualized youth of our country.

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With.6 million kids and adolescents taken from different parts of the world that also included Malaysia, this end result has become quite a concern (Norton, 2009). Indeed, evidence suggests that perceiving TV figures as sexual role models is associated with more permissive sexual attitudes, more extensive sexual experience, and greater dissatisfaction with ones sexual status and sexual experiences. Qualified writers in the subject of media are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. (Landau E, 2008, November 03) In another survey published in Paediatrics more than 1,000 public middle school students in North Carolina were surveyed at the ages of 12-14 years old and were surveyed again two years later at the ages of 14-16 years old. Both heavy regular consumption of and experimental exposure to sexually-oriented genres, such as soap operas and music videos, have been related to expressing more liberal sexual attitudes, to being more accepting of sexual improprieties, and to more negative attitudes toward remaining a virgin. In addition, the researcher indicates how television influences other behaviours other than sexual. Many adolescents become sexually active during this period. The questionnaires will be distributed via e-mail to the students. According to this construct, people exhibit varying levels of activity when using the media, differing in their selectivity, attention to, and involvement with the content viewed. Seeing the powerful role the television plays in the society, whether that of tutor, entertainer or perhaps an indoctrinator, and the varied yet alarming statistics from previously collected data make it necessary to research further to find out exactly the extent,.e.

On the other hand, concern is often expressed that the messages TV sends about sexuality are limited, sometimes stereotypical, and potentially harmful. This research can be said to interest scholars and educators as the study helps to fully understand the relationship between broadcast of sexual content on television in relation with youth. Evidence supports this premise, with cultivation effects appearing to work stronger for those who view the portrayals as realistic. Research done in United States has demonstrated that young people are heavy consumers of sexually- oriented media including TV, both broadcast and cable channels, videos, movies, magazines, and, more recently, the internet. Marilyn Monroe was a size twelve and was considered beautiful. Consequently this research aims at determining television as an influencing factor on the sexual behaviour of teenagers in Starehe constituency. However, the level of exposure to such content that the Malaysian youth is subjected to, is not yet entirely known. In order to achieve the purpose of the study which is to determine the impact of television on the sexual behaviour of the youth by exploring aspects of television use that are associated with teens sexual behaviours and expectations. Another.3 million teens aged 12-17 were tuned in at that time as well (Nielsen, 2004). Although he was talking about print media, this can easily be applied to different types of media, for example the television. Studies on the effects of television on teenagers sexual behaviour have found that prime-time programmes and music videos, focusing on sex outside marriage, promote more justifiable attitudes about premarital sex. Allegedly, media has a major role to play in this. For instance, in a research published in the New Straits Times, it was found that 50 of 727 university students are involved in sexual activities, and these huge numbers raised a lot of questions concerning the factors that generate Malaysian.

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Active Viewing A second dimension of Cultivation theory focuses on the sexual content in television essay level of active viewing. People, biologically, yes, are meant to copulate and spread the species. Therefore, when these reality TV programs allow tactless comments from judges, conventional Malay values are seen to be violated. (Landau E, 2008, November 03) The researchers determined that even with the other related factors such as demographics and risk-taking behaviours put into play the connection between television sexual content and teen pregnancy still remained. But there is more to the picture, the overall recipe: images and pornographic content on the Internet and in Film certainly also play a major role in the story. Background, as the above section has shown, it has become essential to understand how content on the television influences people that are considered to be part of the youth demographic, as arguably, the youth represent the society of the future years to come. However, they still do not have complete power over the general implications of sexually explicit content on media in Malaysia (Legal Research Board, 1998). In fact each increase in grouping of sexual media exposure increased the likelihood of them being involved in teen sex. Besides that, results about the youths acceptance levels of and exposure levels to sexual content may also interest the government of Malaysia.

The dimensions here emphasize on television characters as models of behaviour. But by today s standards set by TV celebrities with toothpick frames, being overweight is sexual content in television essay not desirable. It is important to mention that not all respondents will be able to reply to the questionnaires adequately due to reasons beyond the researchers control, while some may have clerical errors. Studies have demonstrated clearly that sexual content is pervasive in TV programming, movies, music videos, and magazines; however, much less is known about sexual content on the radio (including remarks by presenters) and the sexual content of video and computer games. Larson is of the opinion that the exposure to portrayals of sex may affect adolescents in developing beliefs about cultural norms as well. Social learning theory predicts that teens who see characters having casual sex without experiencing negative consequences will be more likely to adopt the behaviours portrayed. its said that there are a large amount of illiterate people. The government has also published some policies in regards with sexually explicit content on media by establishing the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 which stated Forbidden dissemination of sexual content through Section 211 233 and industry coordination under Content Code. Background of the Thesis, televised programmes do qualify as one of the convenient sexual educators in our culture but laden with contradictions. Its a little bit of this, a little bit of that, rarely how we pictured. In his paper, presented at the 4th Nordic Conference on the Anthropology of Post-Socialism, Vukanovich (2002) states that the television delivers the world into the household, bringing both good and bad influences; the latter of course, includes sexual content. Therefore, we look at these factors in more detail. The only imperfect characters in the show are the fat ugly guy and fat ugly lady who live across the street and are the objects of constant ridicule.

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Content analyses have also demonstrated that broadcast television contains a high, growing and increasingly explicit dose of sexual content in television essay sexual messages, and that a proportion of such messages display or model either restraint or contraceptive use. She fears the excitement of the entertainment industry, which includes the reality TV phenomenon and influenced by the Western culture, would promote extreme behaviours that are in opposition to traditional values. It will be ensured that all students studying in the chosen high school and college have one or more television sets at home. It is my argument that teenagers who feel more connected with the material and who are more involved in the viewing experience will be most affected. Although mass media have been shown to have an influence on a broad range of behaviours and attitudes including violence, eating disorders, tobacco and alcohol use, surprisingly few studies have examined the effects of mass media on adolescent sexual attitudes and behaviours. TV May Encourage Teens To Embrace a Hyper-Sexualized Lifestyle. Concerning the role of the television, both in society and also as a mass medium, it has been said that the television is a transitory medium, one that doesnt require door-to-door circulation unlike newspapers. In other words, sexual content on television can inflict effects on its audience in terms of their beliefs, behaviour, and emotions.

sexual content in television essay

The researcher acknowledges that the above mentioned relationship cannot be generalised across cultures especially Kenya and United States, however televised programmes do carry sexual content across board. Thus, because of the prevalent yet limited nature of TVs sexual content, researchers and educators have become interested in/whether viewing of these portrayals is associated with distorted expectations, irresponsible sexual decision-making, and permissive sexual attitudes. Sexual content is thus defined as any depiction of sexual activity, sexually suggestive behaviour, conversations on topics about sexuality or sexual content in television essay sexual activity (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2005). The final chapter deals with elaboration of the communication strategies available such as injection theory and agenda setting theory followed by the justification of the communication theories through the research findings and details on the implementation of the proposed thesis. In particular, a key element missing has been the role of viewer involvement. A number of factors which include media and the internet, urbanization, electronic communication, peer influences and the breakdown of traditional parental and community structures also play a part. Sexual dialogue involves a range of different types of conversations. Furthermore, researches have also been carried out about evaluating adolescents use of media as a source of information, two of which are discussed below.

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Female characters were having sex with several male partners, yet suffering no apparent consequences. Many of these girls believe that because celebrities on television sitcoms are having sex without consequences, the same will apply to t in reality, sexual activity comes with many risks and consequences including pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and most often a broken heart. The expectation is that the effects of TVs sexual content will be stronger among teenagers who are intentionally using TV to learn about sexual behaviour. The importance of observing modelling behaviour, attitudes and viewing motivations of teenagers is addressed, as is the fundamental assumption of social learning theory and cultivation theory. This research investigates the sexual content on television and the youth in Malaysian society. The second and the third hypotheses were supported by the results completely as television viewing in its various forms was found to be significantly correlated with sexual attitudes of students, and the greater the students were exposed to sexually. Looking at all the past researches conducted around similar topics dealing with sexual media and adolescents, fellow mass media researchers may be interested in the potential findings about the effects that sexual content on television have on Malaysian. Finding this out could sexual content in television essay help the government of Malaysia, as well as the parents of the youths, in gauging their current mindset regarding sexual media, and if unfavorable, perhaps try to change it and steer them in a better direction. Furthermore, as reported by Kaiser Family Foundation (2004 a majority of parents said they are very concerned about the amount of sex (60) and violence (53) their children are exposed to on TV, and that a majority (55). Although he acknowledges the positive values from Western inspired programs, no specific program or value was mentioned. A review of social learning theory and cultivation theory with the main emphasis placed on cultivation theory.