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We are asked to submit our writings. But their qualities did not develop for want of proper field and encouragement. A group of students work together with much encouragement. In fact, the school magazine is the very first stepping stone for the future writers. A teacher is usually given the charge of guiding the work of publication. School, magazine, paragraph: A school magazine is an annual publication of the school that contains the literary writings of the students and the teachers. The school magazine can help the students to develop their talent faculties as well as their power of thinking and writing. He has to be much more responsible, clever and talented. The editor is considered the soul of the magazine.

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An editor collects writings from the different students and teachers. It is an important milestone of the progress and prospect of a school. Nature of articles: The students of the school are advised to write articles of different natures, such as essay, poem, short story, one-act play, criticism, comment, translation and puzzle. The articles are allowed to be written in different languages, such as English, Oriya, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu. A school magazine serves to focus the attention of the corporate life of the school. It is published with an interesting and significant title in every year.

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It can be published by any institution or news agency. So, they feel encouraged to build themselves as poets, play-wrights, essayists and artists. Advertisements: Introduction: Every child is born with some quality. The headmaster of the school is the chief patron or the chairman or the committee. It provides a platform to declare their talents. An experienced teacher has been assigned as the editor of the magazine. Almost all aspects of school are reflected. When they see their writings published in the magazine, their joys known bounds. The teachers also contribute valuable articles in the magazine. They like to see their names in print. We write stories, poems, essays jokes or draw pictures. This editorial board consists of a few teacher and the class-representatives for the magazine. It is forum through which our young learners can get the opportunity to express the green ideas of their mind.

Image source: g, organization: advertisements: A school magazine is generally once in a year. In a Tamil medium school. The board sits to consider and select the articles for publication. Students get an opportunity to express their feelings through. The students also play a major role in the publication. Generally, a magazine is a type of large think book with a paper cover that one can buy every week or month containing articles, photographs etc. Our class-teacher collects the writings. He essay on school magazine sends them to the editorial board. Advertisements: Conclusion: It is a matter of regret that most of the High Schools are unable to publish their magazines owing to paucity of funds.

Before publishing a magazine, a committee is a must. In this way, when a particular school publishes a magazine it is called a school magazine. The functions of the editor are the most important. Therefore, schools publish their own magazines to provide their students with proper field for this purpose. Please follow and like. The views and news of sports and games, boy-scouts activities, excursion reports and other extra academic activities can be expressed through. So it should be made with a view to improving the academic and social life of the students and effort must be made to induce the largest number of students to contribute to the magazine. A young learner really feels proud and happy when he finds his writing in the magazine. After proper scrutiny of the collected writing for the magazine, the editor of chief selects good ones and sends them to press for writing. The local committees should grant enough money on the magazine-head to the school in their areas. Many teenaged contributors have already established them as eminent writers of our state. It is published once in a year. It is published towards the end of a session.

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A school magazine reflects the dormant talent of the student. Sometimes, the local conscious people contribute something. Magazine ; Letter to your Principal Informing him about the Less Supply of Hindi Newspaper and. Magazine in your, school (in Hindi). The board sits to consider and select the articles for publication. Some teachers also contributes articles to the school magazine. Nature of articles: The students of the school are advised to write articles of different natures, such as essay, poem, short story, one-act play, criticism, comment, translation and puzzle.

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