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It has 24 spokes. Every country has her own national flag. National Flag is hoisted on the national occasions like Republic day, Independence day, etc. The topmost colour of essay about our national flag national flag is saffron, middle white and lower deep green. History of the Indian National Flag It was Mahatma Gandhi who came up with the idea of a flag for the Indian National Congress in the year 1921 when the struggle for Indian independence was still going. Both of them hoist it on Red Fort and after hoisting they address the people of India. It is also a symbol of motion and inspires to keep moving in life irrespective of the challenges and hardships. No other flag can be placed above the Tri-colour neither can it be placed to its right. Our national flag teaches us that we should believe in truth, sacrifice and unity.

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Our national flag consists of three colours. So, everyone should do his best to uphold the dignity of this flag. It makes us remember that how essay about our national flag tough that moment was for them. In the centre of white band there is an Ashoka Chakra. It was so designed in horizontal shape having three colours of saffron, white and green in equivalent proportions. Whenever the flag is in a moving column, the people present must stand in attention position and pay respect by saluting as it passes them. In the war of independence three million people sacrificed their lives to get an independent country and a national flag. Our national flag was first designed by the Pingali Venkayya. Saffron colour symbolizes sacrifice and selflessness, white colour truth and purity and green youth and energy. Importance of the Indian National Flag The National Flag of India reflects its culture, civilization and history.

It is of great significance. It is made up of hand-made Khadi clothes. She has a national flag which we are very proud. Our national flag is made up of khadi clothe, a hand-made clothe initiated by the Mahatma Gandhi. Before the independence of India, various Indian flags were designed to precede the Indian Independence Movement to get freedom essay about our national flag from the British rulers. Size: The size of our national flag may be a different subject to the places where it is to be used. Indian national flag was first time adopted on July 22nd in 1947. A nation that undermines the dignity of its national flag, undermines the value of its national independence and sovereignty. Serving the nation should be on the top of their priority list and they must do their work selflessly. The Ashoka Chakra printed in the middle of the flag on the white portion is a symbol of the law of Dharma. It is restricted to display the national flag for any communal or personal gains.

Facts about Independence Day of India. It is a symbol of unity and honour to our motherland, so we all should always respect our national flag and never let its honour go down. It was first officially adopted during the meeting of Constituent Assembly on July 22nd in 1947. It is completely restricted to make the Indian flag using clothes other than the Khadi. The proportion of length-breadth will be 10:6 The length should be divided into ten essay about our national flag parts.

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National Flag can be flown from morning till evening (sunrise to sunset) in any weather. Code of Indian National Flag The citizens of India are expected to respect and keep the honour of the national flag of the country. We should essay about our national flag respect our flag, we should ever keep it fly high. It is deep blue in colour and has 24 spoke. 194 Words Short Essay on our Country for kids (India) 142 Words Short Paragraph for kids on Mahatma Gandhi. That nation cannot live with dignity and ultimately becomes subordinate to some other nation.

It makes us remember about the sacrifices of our great Indian freedom fighters. It was adopted 24 days before the independence of India from British rule. We must always treat our national flag with respect and dignity. It is prohibited to intentionally dishonour the national flag or touch it to the ground, floor or trail in water. Conclusion Our National Flag is our pride. Our national flag is tricolour so also called as Tiranga.

Our President hoists the flag on 26th January every year. At the top is the saffron colour, which stands for valour, courage and the spirit of sacrifice. Dont Forget to Check: Essay in English School Students With Bangladesh Nationa Flag Importance: The importance and dignity of our national flag is immense to the people of this country. The middle white colour contains a navy blue colour Ashoka Chakra which has 24 equal spokes. The green ground is the symbol of the green landscape of our country. It is flown on all the government buildings in India. Here we have provided some simple and easy essay on, national, flag of India for the students so that they can participate in the essay writing competition in their school. It is very necessary for every independent country to have a national flag. Our national flag is a symbol of unity and freedom.

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It also inspires them to be humble and value the freedom and independence they have attained after much struggle. Essay on Importance of National essay about our national flag Flag of India Essay 7 (600 Words) Introduction National Flag of India, fondly known as Tiranga, is the nations pride. The white colour in the middle represents truth and purity which means we must always follow the path of truth and right conduct. Soldiers of our country sacrifice their lives to uphold its honor. Our national is tricolour so called Tiranga Zanda.

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It united the people of all castes and communities in a strong national bond. S It also stands for duty and dharma! However, the Ashoka Chakra (means Wheel of Ashoka) symbolizes the peace and courageousness. They are saffron, white and green. Saffron colour stands for sacrifice, white colour for peace and green for production.

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It is an important and integral part of the Republic of India. National Flag of India Essay 4 (250 Words) India got independence after long years of struggle of more than thousands brave Indian freedom fighters. The, national, flag of signifies that our country is an independent country. Ashoka Chakra was taken from the pillar of the Ashok, Sarnath (Lion Capital of Ashoka). When it flies on top of a building or a flag -post, our hearts swell with great pride and nationalism.

essay about our national flag

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The three colours stand for peace, purity and power. All colours tell us that we should live in peace and love everybody. Leaders, when they first designed it, placed a spinning wheel in the centre. Our, national, flag, essay about our national flag paragraph, our national flag is a symbol of our national sovereignty and solidarity. One who does not honor this flag, in fact, dishonors (pya 765) the country and cannot be said to be a patriot.

National essay about our national flag Flag of India Essay 6 (400 Words) The National Flag of India is also known as the Tiranga Jhanda. National, flag is the, flag of India having horizontal rectangular shape, tricolor (deep saffron, white and green) and an Ashoka Chakra with 24-spokes in navy blue color at its centre. On flag other than the Indian should be displayed at higher level. National, flag of India essay according to your need and requirement: Independence Day, independence Day, essay, essay on Importance of Independence Day in India. The present time Indian national flag was first officially adopted in the Constituent Assembly meeting on 22nd of July in 1947.

The uppermost Saffron colour essay about our national flag symbolizes the devotion and renunciation. Our national flag is a beautifully designed tricolour flag, also known as Tiranga. The white colour represents peace, purity, truth and honesty. It was designed by the Pingali Venkayya. The saffron colour on the top symbolizes indifference which means our leaders must remain indifferent towards materialistic things.

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It provides a distinct identity to a nation. It is the symbol of freedom national pride. Our national flag teaches us that we should believe in truth, sacrifice and unity. Our national flag is hoisted by our, prime Minister on 15th August every year. Our, president hoists the flag on 26th January every year.