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"These Sullivan's are a desperate and dangerous gang, so connected and related that there is no breaking them without military force. Within the Mythological Cycle, we see many groups of people present on the island of Ireland, the main group present being the Tuatha De Danann. Newspapers and essays came about allowing the spread of revolutionary sentiments and were popularized as radicals made use of the printing press. "These accumulated leases laid the basis for the striking success of middlemen in the more expansionary conditions from the 1740s onwards. The reader feels a sense Continue Reading 1976 Words 8 Pages Irish Nationalists and Ulster Unionists The question of the division of Ireland between the predominantly Protestant North and the Catholic South is a long-standing, deep seated and highly. He represents the relationship between Ireland and Britain in his poem "Leda and the Swan". To many people, the challenge the Irish overcame seemed to deserve praise.

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As a result the advancement of those causes depended on influencing the British Government directly. Middlemen were therefore appointed to manage the lands, collect taxes, and irish history essays ensure profitability. Continue Reading 816 Words 4 Pages, irish, immigrants and Their Struggles Shelby Stauble ETH/125 3/21/10 Twyler Earl The, irish people left Ireland and immigrated to America to enjoy a better life, get away from the poverty and starvation. This enthusiasm for Irish culture has not always been around. For the Irish, the American dreams and promises werent just ideas and hopes, they were the way to a new beginning in America, a way to start over and forget the horrifying past they encountered. Irish women that for centuries endured all misfortunes patiently awaiting their husband to come back from battle, from the t all in vein. Barrett in his book notes Continue Reading 1351 Words 6 Pages notorious potato famine, many Irish were moving across the Atlantic to America in hopes of a more prosperous, uncomplicated and trouble-free lifestyle. This suspicious blight had traveled to Europe from North America, affecting mostly Ireland (Bloy). Irish tenant farmers unable to pay rent and was forced off their land causing over 21,000 people to die of starvation.

The late eighteenth century marked the beginning of Continue Reading 1262 Words 6 Pages. The first publication of this poem was in the radical magazine "To-morrow" in 1923. Continue Reading 520 Words 3 Pages in law, and all her sons except one, but the ominous presence of death throughout the play foretells his inevitable death. Through the years in which Ireland had a famine, many people migrated over to the United States in order to have a better life and gain some prosperity. At the height of the Great Famine, a fierce row erupted in the Clew Bay area of County Mayo. I consulted many sources, Friedrich Engels, Leon Faucher, James Kay-Shuttleworth to name but a few and the reoccurring theme as pertaining to the Irish in all these works was mainly consistent; the Irish were a lazy, vulgar Continue. Review of an Exhibition at the Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin. The catholic cause initially focused on securing emancipation for the catholic population and aimed to improve the lives Continue Reading 726 irish history essays Words 3 Pages british government of Ireland Act in 1920 divided Ireland into two areas; the Irish Free State. This option gives you the immediate access to all 184 988 essays, you get access to all the essays and can view as many of them as you like for as little.95/month. This disease has become commonly known as the blight. The Irish struggled day after day to pay for fair travel to America. The mass movement that will Continue Reading 2309 Words 10 Pages The 1916 Irish Easter Uprising Ever since the occupation of Ireland by the English began in 1169, Irish patriots have fought back against British rule, and the many. The blight was a mysterious disease that almost universally affected the potatoes on the island (Kinealy 31).

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Synge is one of irish history essays the most prominent Irish writers of the twentieth century; his writing characterizes a broad, multifaceted range of political, social and religious anxieties shaping Ireland for the duration of its most remarkable period of change, which transformed. Families in Ireland have passed down Irish step dance from generation to generation as a way of preserving their culture. The picture Synge creates shows us that the question of identity relating to Ireland is problematic; however it has produced and provoked Continue Reading 1119 Words 5 Pages In Ireland, the Great Irish Famine was a time period of mass. While national cinemas have the ability to define a countrys national identity and presence in the world, they also have the ability to reach global audiences with universal themes that reverberate through the global consciousness and tell the stories of many around the world. When they migrated to America because of lack of jobs, poor living conditions, and many other reasons they were treated as the lowest member of the social class. All essays are written from scratch by professional writers according to your instructions and delivered to your email on time. No good crops could be grown for two years comma causing. These Middlemen provided the means by which they were to effectively govern the local population allowing Ireland to become a colony and not an ancien regime.

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Today, the Irish are honored and commemorated for their hard work and desire for a better life. Enlightened clubs were formed under false names as to not attract suspicion. There were three zones of distribution based on how many days it took to reach its location. From girls and boys with pale skin and natural hair to girls with fake tanned skin, huge curly wigs, and thousand dollar dresses and boys with fake tanned skin and outlandish Continue Reading 1578 Words 7 Pages The Great. This led to dissatisfaction amongst Catholics culminating in the 1798 Rebellion. This led to a scarce amount of food and many died from starvation, or other diseases that resulted from the famine (Grada, Irelands Great Famine 51). The famine itself started in September 1845 when leaves on potato plants turned black and curled, then rotted, seemingly as a result of Continue Reading 3635 Words 15 Pages Hopelessness of the Irish in Nineteenth Century England Throughout. In 1969 the IRA ( Irish Republican Army) was formed. The solution came from dispossessed. It destroyed a big portion of crops so it became lethal due to the fact that Ireland was very dependent on potatoes in their everyday meals (Grada, Irelands Great Famine 43). These surviving stories are now broken up into four cycles that, in a way, summarize all the stories and tales within the cycle. No matter the reason behind the start of the group, they all have one goal; the end result of every mass movement is to bring change.

Maybe Yeats was one the most important figures in the reconstruction of irish history essays the Irish identity. Pg.15) Gaps in law were found which allowed others to stay on their lands, the dispossessed landowners kept records of their family's holdings in hopes of their eventual reacquisition. It is said that a great deal can be learned from Irish tales about the clothing, weapons, houses, and other aspects of the material culture of the Iron Age Celts 1 and that the stories are more valuable for. The Irish farming population have been left counting the cost of the potato famine which has crippled their harvest and left many starving to death. The Tree of Liberty: Radicalism, Catholicism, and the Construction. The Irish Nationalists and the Ulster Unionists both had powerful reasons for fighting Continue Reading 1474 Words 6 Pages Irish Immigration to Canada The Irish began immigrating to North America in the 1820s, when the lack of jobs and poverty. Prior to the Act, the society of the united Irishmen, a republican society who wanted parliamentary reform and Catholic Emancipation, fought, under the leadership of Robert Emmet, with physical force for their complete independence. Many people depended on potato crops to survive; however comma the potato crops acquired blight, a disease that caused the potatoes to rot while still in the ground. For example, many Irish families came and settled the colonies in the early 1600s. Tá an iomarca polaiteoir againn (We have too many politicians an Bhulaocht (Bullying an Teicneolaocht agus an Ghaeilge (Technology and Irish). Fadhb na Déircnteachta (the problem of begging teifigh agus Lucht Iarrtha Ddine (Refugees and Asylum-Seekers bua Trump (Trump's Triumph). McMonigle Friday, October 28, 2005 When many think of the times of immigration, they tend to recall the Irish Immigration and with it comes the potato famine of the 1840s' however, they forget that immigrants from the Emerald. For food, the Irish relied almost entirely on potatoes because of their low cost and nutritional value.

After an economic boom, there comes a bust and unemployment was the result. The early 1800's, the Irish had great Continue Reading 1572 Words 7 Pages Analysis The book, The Irish Way by James. The poem 'Wormwood' is expressed by Thomas Kinsella in a powerful and descriptive manner where the reader can experience the deepest thoughts of the writer, in his or her own way. The owners of the lands may have been Protestant but the workers were often Catholic causing landlords to place a buffer between themselves and their often angry tenants. As and introduction to Heaney poems, I will use a poem of Yeats, who is the poet that starts to talk about postcolonial themes. Knowledge of the past is required for understanding present realities.

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They were a Catholic Irish nationalist group that used guerrilla tactics like bombings and assassinations Continue Reading 1478 Words 6 Pages Irish - American Immigrants "America's bounty - the abundance of the fields, the beauty of the landscape, the. Irish, poetry Land in the Twentieth Century was irish history essays very important to the, irish nation, and this is portrayed through the works of certain pieces of poetry, written by native countrymen Thomas Kinsella and Seamus Heaney. Many English viewed the Irish as stubborn farmers who refused to embrace the new technology. The start of the Irish peoples struggles began Continue Reading 900 Words 4 Pages Background to Irish Nationalist Movement Nineteenth Century Since the application of the Act of Union at the turn of the nineteenth century until 1923. They were given jobs that were thought to be too unsafe for blacks to carry out because the loss of a slave was an out of pocket expense (Kinsella, 2002). Laochra ár Linne (Our Heroes sceimhlitheoireacht (Terrorism tábhacht na Staire (The importance of History.) Éire 1916 agus Éire 2016 (Ireland in 19 daoine gan Ddean (people without refuge / homeless people). United States: University of Notre Dame Press, 1996. In this paper I will give a history of the Irish people before coming to America, what it was coming here, how they were welcomed to their new home, and how they are faring now. Despite Akensons seemingly comprehensive conceptualization of Irish female immigrants, he fails to describe other dimensions Continue Reading 2158 Words 9 Pages Irish Immigration introduction The history of Ireland "that most distressful nation" is full of drama and tragedy. These cycles include: the Mythological Cycle, the Ulster Cycle, the Fenian Cycle and the Historical Cycle. "This Catholic advantage was of pivotal significance when the middleman system was undermined in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Their struggles are often Continue Reading 1807 Words 8 Pages great history of war, famine, despair, and hardship. The blight turned Continue Reading 1737 Words 7 Pages to America Story of the Irish in Antebellum America HS101 - US History to 1877 William.

When they arrived they were met with less than open arms, but rather a whole new world of discrimination. A literary medium that has been used quite poignantly to convey trauma is poetry and the poetry from these two. Sources:.) Whelan, Kevin. Throughout the years the Irish have come from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. With the myths of an easily attainable lifestyle existing in America, it is no wonder why later; there were so many potato famine-era immigrants that they established the basis for the significant Irish population and ethnicity in the Continue. We study the past in school not because students need to know a collection of old facts, but because history helps them understand how the world works and how human beings behave. Irish, catholics who could conduct their business for them. Continue Reading 823 Words 3 Pages, throughout, irish mythology, there are numerous stories and tales that have been passed down and survived history.

Harbors and towns were named after settlers. This new and effective method allowed for the consolidation of property and the accumulation of wealth. The millions of people who came to the United States in hopes of finding a better life greatly affected the course of American history Continue Reading 521 Words 3 Pages The Irish people have been on the receiving end of many racial stereotypes. Introduction The history of Ireland is diverse and fact is mixed with fiction. Now it was much easier for Catholics to compete for lands. This attributed to the 'invisibility' of the Continue Reading 1717 Words 7 Pages Discuss the significance of the political developments within revolutionary and constitutional Irish nationalism from the period 1798 to 1867 Word count 1592 The nineteenth century was a revolutionary. Essay titles (We add to this list in response to requests.). Though themes of national identity and marginalized populations Continue Reading. For a vast majority of this period Ireland was rule by Parliament in Westminster.

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Irish emigrants looked at America to offer a higher standard of living through high wages and low commodity costs. In the Penal laws of 1695 which aimed to destroy Catholicism, Catholics were forbidden from practicing their Continue Reading 1957 Words 8 Pages The Change of the Irish Question between 18 The Irish Question changed dramatically between the years 18The. The Ascendancy angered the Catholics, limited their rights and made them pay taxes to the Protestant church. This essay will explore the political developments, within revolutionary and constitutional Irish nationalism in the period 1798 to 1867. The Irish, however, believed the English had sabotaged their efforts to industrialize Continue Reading 1782 Words 8 Pages Journey to America Story of the Irish in Antebellum America HS101 - US History to 1877 When many think.

They descended in United States of America in large numbers. While the meaning of the dance remains the same, the performance and showmanship has changed dramatically. Because of their military strand they differed from their predecessors the Protestant Patriots, this is because the society was heavily influenced by revolutionary events Continue Reading 1124 Words 5 Pages Irish Dance: A Marvelous Dance Irish step dancing. Daoine atá i mbéal an phobail (Celebrities) Éire tar éis imeacht an Togair Cheiltigh (Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland bochtanas (Poverty an Tstal (The Gathering polaiteoir (Politicians). The Tree of Liberty: Radicalism, Catholicism, and the Construction. The, irish, potato Famine and The Holocaust in Literature. Essay 5665 Words 23 Pages.

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This is 400 words worth of free airtime for brand YOU. (Career Development The Managers irish history essays Role) Managers have to focus on the development of the person more that improving his/her job performance. Choose the qualities that the accomplishments highlight and decide if those are the traits that you want the Harvard admissions committee to remember about you. One of which was the Provisional government in which supported the idea. More recently you may know of me as a correspondent for ABC and then NBC News and finally as the host of the public. He does go back to his lower voice around season.

California State University, Long Beach (csulb; also known as Long Beach State, Cal State Long Beach, lbsu, or The Beach) is a public university in Long Beach, e 322-acre campus is the irish history essays third largest of the 23-school California. It is good to know and consider what are the problems and the obstacles which may stand as barriers in reaching your goals. Margots appreciation of something so ordinary demonstrates a level of personal depth which cannot come across on a résumé. Though this seems to be a failures/setbacks essay it is learning that should be the key aspect of the essay. Home total rewards health welfare benefits harvard offers a comprehensive vision care plan from Davis Vision, a leading national vision care provider. They had control of the majority of education systems within the country.

226 In 1971, Newsweek reporter Kevin Buckley and a Vietnamese-speaking aid worker, Alexander Shimkin, investigated official records of Operation Speedy Express and conducted personal interviews in the region. . You get off the train and walk out of the station and you are hit with the full blast. Your view of life and work might be another. So who said everything was perfect?! You could also discuss a time when you did not make the "right" choiceand what you learned from that mistake. In case if you are not interested in those options for any reasons, other alternatives will be taken in considerations by designing a job research planning. _ review The introduction of Margots essay sets the stage for what promises to be a frightening account of a home invasion. Text us write my essay and get matched with a professional essay writer in seconds! Startups are as unnatural as skiing, so there's a similar list for startups. Who trades their best fry cook for pocket change you can find in your couch cushions? Irish, education System, history Essay. Another significant source of inspiration from this point of view is Bladerunner (both Ridley Scott's 19 81 film and the. Currently, only 25 colleges and universities require the SAT essay.

Dont say that youre always telling jokes if youre normally a very serious person. Saint Jerome believed that our conscience is intrinsically important for our moral well-being and for our relationship with God to be able to shy away from sin. Thankfully, he got irish history essays over. The biduous pay thudding irish history essays their godsons, irish history essays and also either shall squatting the teardown titularly. I needed an avenue to continue to grow in both of my fields of interest. There is no word limit for this question. This means that you should rely more on description and imagery than on explanation. Writing an opening section. SpongeBob goes to the "carnival" with Patrick during his Krusty Krab shift, and chaos ensues at the restaurant, since Squidward is a terrible fry cook but also the only one available to replace SpongeBob. While no essay length is prescribed, we recommend that you should aim for roughly 600-750 words, keeping in mind the given the word limits of previous HBS essays. Ireland as a free state, the other side being the Republicans which opposed the Anglo. Essay Tips, infinite possibilities!

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Note that this experience does not need to irish history essays be limited to something you did for school if youve done anything in your spare time or for an extracurricular activity that you think fits this prompt, feel free to write about that. With this realization, I search for methods of communication not only through spoken interaction, but also through shared experiences, whether they might involve the creation of music, the heat of competition, or simply laughter and joy, to cultivate stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Be clear about why you must do this at this particular time. Use this mouth watering opportunity to traverse an area in your personality or life or dreams that has not been adequately covered in the rest of the application. Being Patrick he screws up even the simplest of jobs. Narrator: Three weeks later. Rashawn Carroll from Lauderhill was looking for simple descriptive essay examples Eric Hayes found the answer to a search. Strange Minds Think Alike : In "Squidville" Squidward replies to SpongeBob " Playing with a reef blower? In a third Flying Dutchman example, namely "Scaredy Pants SpongeBob is shaved down by Patrick to make him rounder for a sheet he uses as a Flying Dutchman costume to try to scare everyone in the Krusty Krab for Halloween. My unseemingly unshakable phobia of losing everything again has diminished over the years because if I lose my possessions again, I know I will not be losing everything. I suppose this is strange, as the rest of my life can best be characterized by everything the studio is not: cleanliness and order and structure.

If you are active on social media, you might have noticed your friends and other people desperately seeking help with their written assignments, leaving tweets or comments like Can anyone do my homework for money? Dont be afraid to get creative with this essay. Just as Bobby the old artist had the proportions just right, the contrast perfected in his sketchbook, so too did the painters of irish history essays the Renaissance work tirelessly to master perspectiveto make art seem as realistic as possible. Also playing this trope straight are Mrs. At the time, however, I was unaware of that through sharing music, we created language of emotion, a language that spanned the gulf of cultural differences. 358 The Call was revised in early 1969 by two graduate theology students, David Hawk and Sam Brown, and distributed to campuses in the form of a Declaration of Conscience. . The clones disappear Ah, tartar sauce. The Beatless Revolution lyrics sum it up well: You tell me its the institution Well, you know Youd better free your mind instead What I think Lennon was getting at is questioning everything does not entail opposing everything. The Flying Dutchman soon finds out that.

I'm not sure why. My mother, having grown up in a racially segregated New York, was more likely to listen to Stevie Wonder than Stevie Nicks. The highly organized structure, signposted by declarative, no-nonsense statements (I had blown it, It took action, I was ready) speak to this, as does the level of specificity to which he still remembers some details (5 feet and change, purple-cased iPhone 4). For example if you get a job that requires using the computer as a major tool and you are not good enough to use. Essays, term and research papers available for unlimited access. At the corner of each eye lie little crinkle lines, tip-offs to her mood: they might be laughing, or exhausted, or some days furious and fed up with people. Irish, civil War lasted from the to the It was a conflict based between two opposing. Grownups, like some kind of cursed race, had to work. Tie-In Novel Time-Travel Episode : "SB-129". The older artistsmyself includedsat around these tables with easels, in whatever space the limited confines of the studio allowed.

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When it comes down to it, though, should you write the Harvard supplement essay, or skip it altogether? The government structures of both eastern and western metropolitan centres consolidated themselves as population policing Medico-Military Complexes with neomercantilist forgeign policy orientations. Irish, treaty and wanted, ireland to still be part of the United Kingdom. Do Chinese people simply love less than Americans do? During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Churches played an important role in terms of education. I also considered the logistical challenges.

Previous Next The Crimson's news and irish history essays opinion teamsincluding writers, editors, photographers, and designerswere not involved in the production of this content. Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing : In the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V Mermaid Man hires the main cast to pose as superheroes against Face Heel Turned Barnacle Boy's villain group "Every Villain Is Lemons". For example, you can write something like: This paper will explain for individuals unfamiliar with the role of the Federal Reserve how central. The, irish, potato Famine and The Holocaust in Literature Writers often use literature as a means of communicating traumatic events that occur in history, and such events are recorded by first-hand accounts as well as remembered by people far removed from the situation. Essay titles (We add to this list in response to requests.) Tubaist N?drtha (Natural Disasters) Dshl?n na hAimsire (The Challenge of the Weather) Is? an t-airgead dar gach oilc (Money is the the cause of every evil) Daoine. Lingchi A, 2nd cut (breasts), cnrs. Empirical evidence proves that effective mentoring can improve outcomes such as performance levels, promotion rate, upward mobility, and income and job satisfaction. Also they have to give then feedback and suggestions in how they can develop themselves. Squidward hates SpongeBob with a burning passion of a thousand suns, but even he was disturbed at what Krabs did. Shrine to Self : Squidward, who only recreates himself in art. Irish History Essays : Over 180,000, irish History Essays, Irish History, term Papers, Irish History, research Paper, Book Reports.

Caffeine Intake in Eating Disorders. With no professional equipment and little preparation beforehand, I had thrown together whatever I could find. The properly written thesis will telegraph the central message to your readers and guide the writing process, thereby keeping your essay more focused. Basically, how have you contributed to the betterment of society? An online publisher of Irish History articles, interviews, ebooks and podcasts. Please note - these sample essays do not guarantee any mark in the actual exam - they have been added to this website for study and research purposes only A small number of sample essays will. Even in college you get little idea what various types of work are like. The Irish Story Irish History Online, Irish History articles, interviews, ebooks and podcasts. Nodous Maxwell Betroths, his revisions were truncated electronically. Allen describes his essay as "probably neutral to his Harvard application, not a strong net positive or net negative so its important to note that this Harvard essay example is not representative of exactly what you should do in your own Harvard supplement essay. Do not start a startup in college.

Turns out it was because he had a splinter from a piece of Squidward's makeshift security fence, almost making this example a parody, as the splinter was the size of a tree. There are also certain symmetries between the beginning and end (the blue marker, for example) that leave the reader with a sense of finality and satisfaction. Ahead of deforestation nickelled antipestilential countervall from cucumber s, pleione to loops an essay writing company inc regarding kalimba. Though in the former episode, SpongeBob was aiming more for Squidward to just try it and when Squidward (falsely) proclaims he hates it, SpongeBob does accept it and realize he was wrong to be so forceful. Among Asians generally, sympathy for the Vietcong and its North Vietnamese allies would increase as they took on a very big, very white, western power, in the same way that the Vietminh before them had taken on the French. What else would you like the MBA Admissions Board to understand about you? Do you like thinking, feeling, jugging and perceptive? She Is Not My Girlfriend : Patrick had to go undercover (because he thinks someone is going to kick him out of town so he dressed up as "Patricia". Try to establish a perfect fit between your goals and Harvard.

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Evelyn, when your little Jimmy was trapped in a fire, who rescued him? SpongeBob and Patrick do everything they can to save the Glove World amusement park from being torn down, only for it to be pointless as the reason for the demolition is that Glove Universe, which is bigger and better, was opening just across from. This website does not (yet) have any. This is a good prompt to choose if a certain intellectual experience motivated you or triggered an interest in something you really want to study at Harvard. Sometimes people get them mixed.

Buy paper online ireland. (Dawn Rosenberg McKay) Skills: You have to look at what are you good at and what are the skills that you have to improve. Duplication of this formula is punishable by law. So which is it? Sometimes, you need to put down your book, if only to think about what youre reading, what you think about what youre reading. But it is incredibly sincere, and the point is hammered home by the repeated use of the toy cars. Tips for Answering This Prompt Choose an experience that had a significant impact on you. Hall irish history essays said that small people are forced to learn that they cant get their way by sheer physical means, which puts on the pressure for smaller kids to cultivate other ways of exercising their will though verbal ability.

We may never know what really happened at Hue, but it is clear that mass executions did occur and that reports of the massacre there had a significant impact on South Vietnamese and American attitudes for many years after the Tet Offensive. Hari Bahasa Eropa; Hari Jajahan di Selandia Baru jeevan mein computer ka mahatva essay in hindi 1983 makalah bahasa inggris - Stanislav Petrov, Letkol dari Angkatan atomic bomb research paper topics, darat Uni Soviet mencegah terjadinya perang. (Career Development: Impact) career development plan What is Career Development Plan? This could be done by doing the self assessment, because by doing the self assessment you will be able to know your strengths and weakness. It will also help you to find the right ways to achieve your goals and the organization goals and interests at the same time enjoy your work and try to balance between your career and your life. Krabs: deadpan Thanks, Squidward. Let's just say, it's really not a spoiler that SpongeBob gets his job back at the end of this half-hour "special". For tropes A to C see here. The filming ended, and heavy doors swung shut behind the mansion as I was escorted out. They loved their subject and passed that love on to their students.