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Nigel Jaquiss Perlia Bell delivers tarps, gloves and a sleeping bag to van campers. I refuse to not be there for people. Im like the chief executive of my own company, so Im familiar with my branding, but its success doesnt thrill me the way it used. Portland is a town with a reputation for eccentricity. Katie Shepherd Napoleon the alpaca takes a carrot from a new friend. Barrett, 33, a graduate of Portlands Benson High, has worked on the river for five years for Shaver Transportation., a sixth-generation, family-owned business founded in 1880.

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At the state tournament, to see so many black and brown grade and middle school girls hover around pet weddings essay the door just to watch black girls that look like them take the court, you know, thats a proud moment for. Andal Anzani and Lerumo, after blood and tears they finally got to be together, they look amazing. But he didnt like me, and each time he didnt, the heartache felt like a warm bullet exploding in my gut. Justin katigbak Portland Police Officer Dave Sanders (left) encounters a campfire near the Eastbank Esplanade. If you spend eight years building a house (no matter how uncomfortable or ugly it may be, no matter how impractical or poorly lit it becomes nearly impossible to knock it down. But in a small, unmarked office downtown, a room remains full of recovered bikes waiting to be claimed. In these places, park rangers enforce rules both smallno smoking, keep dogs on leashesand more fraught: keeping homeless campers out of parks. The last thing you want, he says, whether its a video screen at a concert with 50,000 fans or a store opening, is a screen that says cannot connect. But now its his grim duty to dispose of a dead cackling goose.

The outbreak has inspired state Rep. We had five packs, I think. Photographed BY henry cromett 1:01 PM Feb. To think that a girls basketball program, and a black girls basketball program, in whats coined the whitest city in America, to have this kind of beautiful blacknessit shows that black girls basketball can be played at a high level in this state, Knox says. Photographed BY sam gehrke 3:45 AM Feb. Lewis moved to Portland from Winston-Salem,.C., a year ago. He stomps to keep time. Fingers are pointed toward the drum line.

He looks just frozen, says Miles. You always wear a black leather jacket. A shoe box covered in stickers and fake jewels. Its all in the build, and when that becomes tired, the show gets canceled. When I started here, Walsh says, I didnt know how to change the oil in my car.

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Their wedding was just breathtaking. When I wore lipstick after seeing Clueless, and sneakers after seeing Remember the Titans. 12 Calvin Presbyterian Church, Tigard Screeches rise from the sanctuary. Photographed BY sage brown 9:49 AM, feb. Each year, about 1,500 ships enter the Columbia River system from the Pacific Ocean.

Laurel Kadas Lee Taylor (left) and Ferrell Black come to the 24 Hour Hotcake House for the comforts of fluorescent lighting, watery coffee and greasy diner food. And they give, generously, to each other. For the past seven years, Sanders, a Portland police officer, has been a member of the bureaus Bike Patrol unit. Kids like those getting vaccinated in East Portland will almost certainly be immune to the measlestwo doses of the vaccine are 97 percent effective. In return, he sent me messages of unvarnished honesty: Why didnt you invite me? Workers like Garrity ply their trades across the country and around the world without leaving town. But its hard to not have questions when you see a llama dressed up in a Valentines Day costume. We sent out photographers and reporters to find a dozen snapshots of Portland life over the course of a single week. About 2,000 people spend four to 10 days in Hoopers detox beds each year. Yet Oregonians access to treatment for their addictions regularly ranks near the worst in the nation. They play and compete. Starting in December, Garrity and colleagues from other Sprinklr offices across the country worked with McDonalds and an electronic billboard company in Manhattan to make sure the Times Square billboards could seamlessly reflect the Feb.

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Were living in a moment that historically doesnt happen for African-American girls, Knox says. 11, portland International Airport, Northeast Portland, lisa Delgaudio woke at 3:30 am, riding her bike to a MAX station to arrive at the airport an hour later. If they were not completely cured, at least the illness seemed to run a shorter course. Consistency can become boring. Attendance is a big thing for us, says Ramos. Maybe they havent spoken in a long time, or are antisocial. Nigel Jaquiss Jose Ramos (left) receives a round of vaccines from a Multnomah County nurse. But now its just about loving life, the grind of life, the process of life.

He and Sanders agree it was probably stolen and that Sanders can take it back to the office to try and find its owner. Can I feed him?! He had fallen for the cool, detached me, so thats who I remained. With the measles outbreak going on, theres a lot of talk about parents who dont vaccinate, but they are truly in the minority, says. A bagpipe may stay in tune for as few as 10 minutes. She has stopped me from wearing pink, because that would mean Im too feminine. Then its time for another tradition: the post-practice beer at McMenamins. The squat, highly maneuverable tugs nudge the ships into place so they can tie up and unload or take on cargo. I am fun, I feel nothing and I have completely forgotten you. At this hour, its main function is as a way station for evicted bar-goers hoping to sop up some of the hangover awaiting them in the morning. But for many in its niche subcultures, finding a fellow oddball can feel like a homecoming. Snapping on royal-blue plastic gloves, Harrison walks to the edge of the playground, pet weddings essay where Miles has spotted the dead goose.

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His arrival at Laurel Parc is greeted with the buzz of any celebrity visit. A personal touch is unusual at an airport. The will-they-or-wont-they characters have to get together, and at that point the show is closing in on its finale. 3.7de Laan Bonita and Vince, the ways these two fell in love you wouldnt have though they would one day be married, they are such a cute couple. Beat Roosevelt the team does46. Photographed BY sage brown pet weddings essay 6:27 PM Feb. As a musician whos played just about everywhere in townfrom the Coliseum to the smallest shithole, he saysit was often the only option for a post-gig meal not handed through a drive-thru window.

When I wasnt so self-conscious about how I was seen. Rather than give him any of these letters, I burned them, trying and failing to cremate that side of myself. He brags Portland has one of the highest success rates for bike returns: three-quarters of recovered bikes make it back to their owners. Day by day, hour by hour, my Instagram feed became more manic, nasty and petulant. Periodically Joe would confront me about this imbalance. E Queen Harriet and Brutus, the picture may be of less better quality but for those who watched the wedding theyd agree that it was decent beautiful wedding. Napoleons fur is so beautiful and soft!

We believe in marriage, Taylor says. Photographed BY justin katigbak 12:10 PM Feb. I cant say for certain that being more honest with my friends or broadening my brand to include a bit of depth, romanticism and pain would have helped. This city makes plenty of news. Thandaza pet weddings essay and Ranthumeng edding celebration, such a beautiful couple, Thandaza has gotten married a number of times in the soapie but this was just her best wedding. As the billboards go live, the votes pour in from Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms: Yes to bacon! Its very intimate in the morning. He had a good life, Harrison says. Thats true in the citys hipper districtsand here at this church in Tigard.

pet weddings essay

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That is about how long I put into pet weddings essay building my social media presence, into becoming the cool girl I showcase on Instagram and Facebook. Yet Garrity, 45, smiles in satisfaction, watching on his laptop as electronic billboards in New Yorks Times Square go live with customers reactions to the bacon gambit. I dont know, she says, that this was intended to be this way. Theyll call in the Audubon Society or DoveLewis Animal Hospital if they. I didnt know it was going to. Photographed BY laurel kadas 6:55 AM, feb. When you start out, pretty much everything is scary, Barrett says. But his passion, he says, is spotting bicycle thieves. Taylor, 57, has been coming here regularly for three decades. She just couldnt get a day off work at Lowes for her kids shots.

pet weddings essay

She has stopped me from being publicly heartbroken, from sobbing on the orange subway pet weddings essay seats, from showing up on Joes doorstep with the letters I wrote, because that would mean Im not cool. That version of me got her start online as my social media persona, but over time (and I suppose for the sake of consistency she bled off the screen and overtook my real-life personality, too. They look so good together might as well have taken it off the screen. But their core purpose has always been right in the name: They are therapeutic, bringing peace to people who couldnt care less if theyre cool. Its an easy win against the fourth-ranked 6A team in Oregon. The weddings are just too real, makes one wonder of the hard work the soapie puts into the whole event. Its lying with its neck curved at an unnatural angle on a small snowdrift. Garrity sits in the hushed downtown offices of tech firm Sprinklr, surrounded by a coterie of mostly men, all of them peering intently at large Apple monitors.

The bird shares the same black and brown markings as the better-known Canada goose, but its smaller. I would lie on the couch and clutch my stomach so tightly it was as if I were trying to expel the shrapnel from my throat. About a third of Sanders eight-hour shift is spent looking for bicycles. Oakes heads back toward his gateand Zaraas store workers call after him with a flurry of farewells. Now he knows how to weld, do basic electric work and perform much of the installation of the Lassens new 500,000 engines. Posts that were once meant as romantic gestures became tiny, pixelated middle fingers. Youll meet the doctors trying to stop the next disease outbreak before it starts. They are arriving at Hooper Detox Center hoping to kick their habits. Somebody had to be there for somebody, she recalls. The me I broadcast to the world on Instagram and Facebook. It was always pet weddings essay just tinfoil, though, not truth. My brand, specifically: funny, carefree, unromantic, a realist. He even keeps photos of bald eagles on his phone.

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Elise Herron Tomas Peralta (center) leads Clan Macleay Pipes and Drums practice in Tigard. They can be found at festivals, at weddings, in dive barsalways contentedly humming, perfectly implacable. She has just 10 left when she reaches the Big Underground. But then a silver-haired woman walks up to the van and announces she needs help. All right, little guy, says Harrison as he lifts the right wing of the bird to inspect the underside. Jon-Jon swears he doesnt know whose bike.

pet weddings essay

Wherever she stops the van, Bell soon finds herself surrounded by people looking for warmth or food. The crazy ones, once you give them the food, theyll settle down. Hey, thats my bike! The likes I got from my followers did little to quell my crushing need for Joes cyberapproval. The Peruvian creatures made 250 public appearances last year, often to places where people feel lonely: schools, college dorms, and nursing homes. The tugboat captains take their orders from a river pilot aboard the ship. So they decided to celebrate, driving 30 miles for a plate of corned-beef hash and chicken fried steak. And once you master what is essentially an onstage performance of yourself, it can be hard to break character. Do you need blankets, gloves, socks, sleeping bags, pet weddings essay tarps? He made sandwiches at Subway and worked in an insurance office before a friend told him Shaver was hiring. They were showered with support, with reassurance.

Over the many months we were together, as we went from being friends to more than friends, I had fallen for him completely. If Jose, a smiling 6-year-old with a fondness for dodge ball, doesnt get his first round of school-required vaccines in the next four days, hell be forced to stay home. 12 Laurel Parc at Bethany Village, Northwest Portland Nine-year-old Napoleon enters Laurel Parc dressed in his best Valentines Day outfit. Word of Napoleons visit spreads quickly in the halls of Laurel Parc, an assisted living facility nestled where Portlands West Hills descend into Washington County. But it is not what you might call a date spot.

The police pet weddings essay officer who tracks down your stolen bicycle. The singular syllable of his name had started to feel permanently tucked between my molars and was always on my mind. Its like producing a live play onscreen rather than showing a video thats been carefully edited and produced over a period of months. We got up early. Peralta stands in the center and the 13 pipers surround him in a semicircle. A version of this article appears in print on, on Page ST6 of the New York edition with the headline: My So-Called (Instagram) Life.

pet weddings essay

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When I embraced my contradictions and desires with less fear of embarrassment or rejection. Instead of feeling validated by her comment, I felt deflated. In three hours, she raises her voice only once, when a man in a cowboy hat briefly catches fire. This year, Joe and I are in a class together, and hes unsettled by my presence. She is a senior at New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts. The Clan Macleay Pipes and Drums tune up to begin their weekly bagpipe pet weddings essay practice. Sanders stresses that registering your bike is quick, easy and the most important thing you can do to help combat bike theft. In a city often derided for its homogeneity, school sports can provide a road mapand a role modelfor achieving greater equality.