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There moms I guess, who the fuck knows. Our first home in Louisiana was this shitty single-wide trailer tucked half a mile in the woods behind the elementary school. He looks fit as fuck, like he was born in the gym. Somewhere out there a social justice warrior is taking screen shots of this story to end my career and ruin my life. Theyve mastered breaking us down in little groups, blacks vs whites, rich vs poor, old vs young, man vs woman, straight vs gay, fat vs thin, cool vs uncool, democrats vs republicans Just wait until the first Martian is born.

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I was a kid sitting on the small bank of our catfish pond. Like I need their help to do that. I stayed for the weather. And spread to the rest of America. This ally is like a bubble to them, a microcosmic they should break free.

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A tortured benefit of being born in South Texas, being dragged into the woods of Louisiana, eventually finding myself in the city of Los Angeles I can say that Ive met a good swatch of people and. It wasnt just happening, it was happening a lot. Its sad the last time I posted something with such a volatile title I lost friends, business opportunities, and had a slew of progressive writers write the most awful things assuming they knew who I was and what I was about. Drinking in the back ally perched around the bed of someones pickup truck talking shit about what I couldnt understand because they never did anything. Sure I said and ran inside to get him one. That my friends is what it is to be a racist. So long as you have a favorite football team, so long as you have a favorite pastime, so long as you find a tribe of people who enjoy doing or thinking the same way you do there will be tribalism. It is like people expect a dish with a certain name to always taste the exact same way every single time they have it, no matter who it is prepared by- that's delusional imo and just a complete freaking restraint to creativity. What better way to destroy me than to pilfer through my portfolio, find that Ive used naughty words, and beat me over the head with them? Either way I found myself telling them that they should do whatever they had to to get the hell out of the ally.

It was good country water. This Epsilon Minus type, I, must be destroyed! Kenji Lopez and David Chang are proponents of this and I love. Get a Persian drunk enough it wouldnt be long before theyre telling you how they are decedents of the true superior Arian race. This is LA, its not an issue out here and I love that about this place. So according to Fox News, what's the result of those decadent, atheist, amoral snobs in the cities having turned their noses up at God? It was fresh, shitty mexican essay cold and had something sweet about it wed joke came from a dead animals carcass upstream at some point in the creek. As I stated above, there are many devices by which this word can be used, some positive, some negative. Whered they get the money from? Not to mention the democrats are pros at this.

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Anyone is welcomed to pick out a piece that Ive created or statement that Ive made and ask me about the context. Too good bro. Ive met black bigots, brown bigots, and lord knows Ive met asian bigots. YOU cant GO home. Nigger, I always hated that word. I want to see it get better, but that wont happen until first it divorces itself from a political party whos hell bent on creating people who are dependent on them. Real niggers, the election of the first black president promised peace, proof prejudice was dead. I remember me and my sister picking through them like we were bear cubs. Did it even occur to them that they could have killed this person? I wasnt white, I wasnt black, I sure as hell wasnt asian, and it seemed I was no longer brown enough either. But Im straying from the point.

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If Chris Rock, Tarantino, and every hip hop artist alive can use it then so can I, fuck you. My blood boils, I seeth inside.?After a divorce and a series of deaths on my mothers side of the family she figured she had no reason to stay in my home state of Texas so hooking up with this country boy they moved. When I was twelve people fed, clothed, and sheltered. He asked for a drink of cold water.

That is what it is to hate blacks for no reason other than the color of their skin. I dont even cringe calling them that. The walk from school was down this brown dirt road flanked by dogwood trees, lush yellow, white and green patches of honeysuckle, and blackberry bushes. The whole idea of minorities not being able to be bigoted because bigotry requires power is bullshit. So why am I doing it again? Most or many black folks will pronounce this word axe as in the tool a lumber jack would use. But there it was.