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Stone, whose given. (more) The Christian Union Primary School emerged first place among 12 primary schools in dengue fever sri lanka essay the second annual Science Jeopardy competition hosted. 2009) Images and details of licorice Glycosmis angustifolia Bolpana, Bol-pana - - bushes, often found in arround NCP tank cascades Glycosmis pentaphylla -Dodam pana - konchi, kattu-k-konci - Glycosmis pentaphylla - - kattu-k-konci - Glycine max (Soya bean). Beauv diya -danga - kaliyacca - Dolichos biflorus, Macrotyloma uniflorum (horse gram) Kollu see under Macrotyloma uniflorum. There are many varieties of Periwinkle,.g., tiny Periwinkle, Catharanthus pusillus Images and write up on Periwinkle Catunaregum spinosa Kukurumanna, Kukurumaana - madukarei, pungarei - Cayratia pedata Garandi- Dul-Vael, Madiya Wael pedata tiripatakam, kattuperandai, kitamatti - Ceiba pentandra Kapok tree. Reports indicate that the. Three months after the disaster, most affected countries are building on acute emergency relief work with an increased focus on rehabilitating systems for sustained improvements to services. MacCarthy has a road in Colombo named after him.) See Christie Alwis: "beautiful Orchids Dendrocalamus strictus Solid Bambo or Calcutta Bambo, male Bamboo Synonyms: Bambos stricta Roxb. It is also used both as a lactogogue and an emmenagogue. However, Sri Lanka depends on imports for its supply of Chick-peas.

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The production would be six to eight tonnes per acre of land. (more) Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots- On the 10th of May 2019 a significant hatching occurred at the breeding. Write up - - Nartive to china and widely cultivated as an ornamental tree and in gardens Girardinia zeylanica Gas Kahambiliya - - - Gisekia pharnacioides Atthiripala, Aeth-iri-palaa - - - Glenica unijuga Kuma - - - Gliricidia maculata (synonym of Gliricidia Sepium) Ginihiriya? Zeylanicus Potathala, Beraliya Rat Dun Kotikan beraliya Thinniya Dun Honda belaiya, kana-beraliya, maha beraliya Beraliya Yakahulu Dun Dun - - Doona cordifolia and Donna Zeylanicus produce resins which were used to make varnishes. 81.517 on the Maenik Ganga, (Menik Ganga) and Katupila Ara are near. D Thesis by Nileena,. Kukkuradru, Kukundara kattumullangi Images and write up Its hot pugngent (turpentine/camphor-like) ordor is used to drive away flies etc, and the plant is used in local medications.

Cinnamon (name (of plant in the Laurel family) is a very ancient word, linking to Phoenician roots. See also louvi' Flacourtia inermis Shruvavrikksha, Aghori - kurumulli, sottaikkala, cholhakilai, kutukali, mulanninchil Flacourtia is the name of a Governor of Madagascar. (more) The western region of Dominica has observed below normal rainfall accumulation for three consecutive months from January 2019. The event will. The timber is used dengue fever sri lanka essay as rafters etc. (more) The Students of the Newtown Primary school are better equipped for school after receiving donation of school supplies. It is included in commercial preparations as a meat tenderizer and often used for that purpose in restaurants, and it also used commercially in chewing gums and as a stabilizing agent that is used to clarify beer. Unsed in "pideini" (offerings to spirits) and in ayurvedic medicine. Mattai The Tamil names, "-yumattai "Oomathai "-mattai" are clearly derived from the words of the language group where "Unmaada or "Matha "Madya mean hallucination, intoxication etc. MeeGon Karapinccha Image For common "Karapincha.e, "curry leaves" see Murraya koenigii - Nana, Kariveppilei, Katta-veppilei- Used to flavour cooking. However, asparagus is a common food and hence it can be used very safely.

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Hence it should not be surprising that, contrary to the position taken by Hettiarachchi, the sinhala words pol 'thal and 'puvak' should find their ancestry in Sanskrit, as we discuss below. Flower-tube.82.5 cm long, slightly widened upwards. (more) American Corner coordinator, Renita Charles, hosted a Womens Entrepreneurship Workshop, under the theme Developing Your Business Goals and Negotiating the. (Saffron) (Iridaceae) The Wikipedia article gives a good historical account. In the Concan the juice of the leaves of the plant, mixed with that of Holarrhena anti-dysenterica (Kelinda is dropped into the eyes for the cure of staphy-loma; about two drops are used at a time." However, many clematis species (aristocholia clematis, birthwort)contain. The method described by Crevost and Lemari (1913) for Arenga pinnata is also practised on Borassus flabellifer. 36,000 cal BP to the terminal Pleistocene and Holocene.

(more) Royal Globe Inc hosted the first of a bi-monthly entrepreneurship program called The Entrepreneur Forum on February 19th. Bracts are 6-8 mm long, reduced to simple spines. Regulation of nitrogenase activity by light in the azolla-anabaena symbiosis. Cyclea barmanni Kehipiththan, Kaehipiththan - ponmucuttai?- - Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass) Sera bhutika- karenduka karppurappul, vasanapulla used in cooking, and in herbal medicine to reduce fever etc. Biogas production from water hyacinth, 2007 Island article. Jira 'Jira" in sanskrit means to 'digest'. The launching took place at 5:30. It is used in alternative medicine for kidney disorders.- Blumea mills Family: Asteraceae Kukura, kapuru - Blumea pictures - - A camphor source. Convolvulus pluricaulis Choisy, other names. (more) Subsequent to a missing report filed for a young mentally challenged Nell Hilaire, 27 of Mahaut, his family has expressed.

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(more) Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (daic) hosted its signature Eggs and Issues Breakfast where there were discussions on the. (more) The Dominica State College (DSC) has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to sustain its relationship with the University. (more) The African Week planning committee has collaborated with the Roseau Public Library and the House of Nyabinghi to observe. (more) The Dominica Community Tourism Association Inc. The oldest tree with a continuous chronology, recorded in the Pali text Bodhi vamsa, from the time of planting (3rd century BCE) to the present days is the Sri Maha Bhodi at Anuradhapura. Note that Bimpol (Trichopus zeylanicus) is not a palm, but a green herb found in Ritigala, and in the wet low-country in Sri Lanka.

The Timbiri wood smell is believed to be healthy. In Sanskrit "puna" means a "repeat form in this case, of the Ironwood tree. There are many types of woody lianas. "kurundu" itself is believed to have arrived as a spice in Sri Lanka with Ven. The fig tree is referred to in Buddhist literature (e.g., The Guttila Jataka) and has an ancient history.

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(more) DA Vibes has received information that a 62 year old man in Portsmouth is dead after a pallet carrying. (more) Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority (daspa) Benoit Bardouille, has refuted allegations of harassment. (more) cibc Country Head, Stephen Lander says the cibc is always seeking opportunities to assist. Dregea volubilis Kiri Anguna - - A very large, twining shrub with long, glabrous branches leaves simple, opposite. There is probably little doubt that the Tamil word for arecanut, 'pukam' is directly related to the Sanskrit root 'puga which also gave rise to 'puva' and 'puvak' in Sinhala. (more) Thirty-Two three-bedroom climate resilient apartments will be constructed in Bellevue Rawle for the residents of the Roseau North Constituency.

Stems mostly glabrous, produced annually from a tuberous rootstock; tendrils simple, axillary. This process called fermentation can be stopped by heating and resultant wilting. Latakaranjah- Putrakaranjah kalarci, kazhar-shikkay - A stout climbing shrub with finely grey pubescent stems and straight small prickles; leaves alternate, very large, compound, main branches.5 cm long, cylindrical, finely woolly-pubescent.- Caesalpinia crista - Diya-vavlaetiya, (Wavlatiya)- - - See also goda-vavlaetiya. Fruit a smooth, bright red, ovoid to ellipsoid berry. Corchorus olitorius (jute) Goni- - sanal, perattikkirai The fiber from this plant is not as good as from the capsularis Cordia obliqua (Indian cherry) Bahuvara sukshmaphala- laghupichhila? (more) ibes has learnt that one visitor is dead following dengue fever sri lanka essay a diving incident at Champagne this morning. (more) It has been confirmed by the Fire Ambulance Services that a number of houses were on fire on Monday 28th. It is an "invasive weed". Rae manamali is a sprawling shrub with vine-like stems. Triphilla (five-leaf yam) Kondol, Katuala, Katuwa-ala - kattuvalli, Kaattukkaayvalli Image See write up on Dioscorea Alata It has been claimed that It is probable that dioscorea yams, such as Dioscorea spicata,. (more) Over 10 million dollars have been invested by the Government of Dominica in the rehabilitation of roads in the Roseau.

Kurunthaka has also been used for the name of a tree in Pali texts, but we do not know what it was. Euphrasioides is Dadinnaru; - milagaranai - Buchanania latifolia, Buchanania lanzan (chirauli-nut, Cuddapah almond) Family: Anacardiaceae Piyaa gaha - Modamaram?- A medium-sized nearly evergreen tree reaching 13-18 m in height. The theme for World. Then it is bound into "torches" and tapped by cutting off the bandaged tips (Redhead 1989). Kottagoda (Pharamacology Prof Channa Wijesinghe (Psychiatry. (more) The recovery process in the Soufriere/Scottshead constituency is well on its way says Parliament Representative for the Soufriere/Scottshead Constituency, Hon. Cullenia rosayroana Wal Durian, Kataboda - - See alawwatte swamp Cuminum cyminum (cumin) Family: Umbelliferae Sooduru The seeds are paired or as separate carpels, 3-6mm (1/8-1/4 in) long, wirh a striped pattern of nine ridges and oil canals, hairy, straw-brown. It is woody climber with a smooth bark, young shoots densely and finely yellow-tomentose; leaves simple, alternate, exstipulate, large. A sweet gruel is also made. Corallocarpus epigaea Gopalanga - aakaasagarudan A perennial, tendril climber with a large, turnip-shaped root and succulent, zig-zag, glabrous and glaucous stems.- Corchorus capsularis (jute white, mallow dengue fever sri lanka essay leaves) Goni, Nadika - piratti-kirai, naruvalli The leaves are edible, while the. Drsmos elegans, Dresmos elegans Kudu Mirissa - - - Drymaria quercifolia Benduru - - - Drypetes sepiaria Weera, Veera - - - Durio zibethinus Dooriyan - - - Dyschoriste erecta (Bum.

(more) A Bataca man sustained a bullet wound to the right thigh. Eleusine indica BaluTana, Kurakkan - kevuru Dog grass Embelia ribes (false black pepper) -Walangasal, Valangasal, Vael aembilla Krimighna, Tandula, Vidanga- vayvilankam Important ayurvedic plant, seeds etc. Chrysophyllum LaaOlu, Laolu - - - Chukrasia tabularis, Chukrasia velutina Hulan-hik, Ull-hik - agil, Aayili, Malaivempu - Cicer arietinum (chick-pea, Bengal gram) Important legume crop of the ancient world and modern vegetarian diets. (more) (news room guyana) Shivnarine Chanderpaul has debunked claims in an online article, which reported he died on Tuesday morning following. Chelonoides Nees Woody perrenial. However, that claim ignores the occurrence of the word in the Mahabharata (c.f., also Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary).

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In this weekends games. Some times it is incorrectly called "Andun-kola". No image of this plant is available. Glycyrrhiza glabra, Glycyrrhiza uralensis (liquorice, licorice) Vael Mee Madhuka, Yashtimadhu (Hindi: Hindi Jethimadh) Atimaduram, (Malayalam: Yashtimadhukam) Important in chinese (Chinese: Kan tsau, Gancao) and Indian medicine. The more likely possibility is that the Tamil name "Ila" for the coconut came from it being found in the island of Helalanka, or Hela, which morphed into Ila in Tamil. Commelina diffusa Gira Pala - - - Connarus monocarpus Radaliya - - - Description See:Medicinal plants: traditional knowledge By Pravin Chandra Trivedi (I. The first reference to a coconut plantation in Sri Lanka is in an inscription at Mihinthale, by the king Mahadathika Mahanage (7-19 CE). Sultanbawaa and Sinnathamby Balasubramaniam Phytochemistry Volume 20, Issue 6, 1981, Pages Calotropis gigantea (crown flower, giant milkweed) Wara, Vara, varaa see also: Asclepias varieties Sooryapathra, arka erukku, erukkam Some varieties attract Monarch butterflies. A chain of nine conjugated carbon atoms linking two benzene rings explains the yellow colour of Turmeric. Picture and write up Drosera indica (sundew) Kandulessa, kandulaessa - kocu vetti ; Easily distinguished from the other species by its linear leaves.

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The english name Night-flowering jasmine is used for Sepalika,.e., Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, which is another night-blooming flower common in Buddhist-temple gardens. (more) The Dominica Bureau of Standards will host a consultation for the purpose of encouraging relationships between organizations. Images and write up Clitoria ternatea, Clijoria ternatae (Butterfly pea) Katarolu, Katarodu, Sithapushpa Images and write up aparajita, Sankhapushpi- kakkanam, kakkattan, sangupu Sithapusha is mentioned. (more) One hundred and twenty students (120) from six secondary schools in the Roseau area were introduced to the basics. Hence "Pun-naaga" is meant to indicate a secondary type of Ironwood naa tree in Sinhala). Gas nidikumba Jhullipuspa, Lajjaluka, Panktipatra, Pitapushpa, Vipareetalajjaalu tintanali, nilzccurunki One of the ten flowers (dasha-pushpam of aurveda and sidha medical systems of south-asia Bignonia salina - - Mentioned by Charles Pridham Birixa orilana Ratakaha karachhada- varagumanjal, mantiravanci Medicinal applications. Besides these the antimicrobial value of this herbal plant have also been reported in its stems and leaves. The fruits may be eaten. Syamaparni The Japanese tea ceremony' is a highly important iconic Japanese cultural practice. Several varieties of Sri Lankan cinnamon, as well as pseudo-versions like "Davul Kurundu" are known Pani Kurundu, Pat Kurundu or Mapat Kurundu Sinhala: Naga Kurundu Pani Miris Kurundu Weli Kurundu Sewala Kurundu Kahata Kurundu It is our objective to obtain pictures of these varieties. This was according to Public Relations Officer of the. Artocarpus AltilisArtocarpus mariannensisread about varieties of bread fruit See also. Sometimes Thora is used specifically for the yellow peas, while parippu is specifically used for Dhal,.e., mansoor dhal.

(more) This is the emotional moment the future Duke of Marlborough was reunited with his wife after 35 days at sea. Krishnasarva, karanta palkoti, Gopavalli, Maddankodi Kalukolladoova (Karungkodith-theevu) Cucumis melo, Cucumis callosus Kaekiri, kekiri, Gon Kekiri Karkati vellarikkay Kakirimaduwa (Kachchilamadu) A kind of Kekiri is known as "Gaja-danthapala p 150 of Clough's Dictionary, 1892. Now used in ornamental hanging baskets in the west. (more) Public Relations Officer of the Fire and Ambulance Services Wayne Letang has confirmed that a bush fire occurred in Portsmouth. (more) The Dominica Export Import Agency (dexia) in collaboration with the Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (ccpf) is presently hosting a cluster. The fruit is eaten raw, consumed as juice or jelly etc. (more) In a ceremony to officially hand over the Morne prosper Primary School on Thursday 10th January 2019 Minister for Education. Toponyms Polgahawela, Polgasowita, polgaha-anga, Polgolla, Polmalagama, Polpitiya, Polwatta, Polwatte-kanda, Polwatte-gedera, Polkandi (Polkanda polgaha-agara, polgahakotuwa, Polgangoda, Polgahawewa, polgahawila, Polgahayaya, Polgammana, Polkada, Polkatuwa, Polkumbura, Polpattala, Polpitihigama, Coconut water and its Medicinal value by Prof. Please send info., photos to Crotalaria juncea Andana Hiriya- - kuttu - Crotalaria laburnifolia, Crotalaria verrucosa (bird flower) dengue fever sri lanka essay Yak Beriya - - -A large, much branched herb Crotalaria pallida, Crotalaria spp Andanagiriya - - - Crotalaria retusa, Croton laccifer Kappetiya.

(more) As we approach the peak of the Carnival 2019, The Swinging Stars band has organised the annual Lagon Street-Jam. (more) Inspired by the unfortunate events of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, Ravages of a Monster Storm. (more) Vibes News has received a report of a house fire in the community of Kingshill. (more) Josephine Gabriel d has formerly branded Trois Pitons Water as Carnival 2019s Official water. A typical preparation is described as follows, and claimed to be efficacious, although NO double-blind studies have been reported.: A very "efficacious" compound decoction in combination with an equally powerful lithontriptic remedy is composed of Tribulus Terrestris, Gokshura. Concerns about potential epidemics from dead bodies have been addressed and it is now acknowledged that contamination from corpses is not a threat. Kerala recipe is similar to that used in Southern Sri Lanka, except that in Sri lanka a little "Thuna-paha" (spice mixture) is often added. Gaskela or Erabadu is astringent and is given in combination with other drugs in dysentery and diarrhoea. Ficus deltoidia (mistletoe fig) Image and write up Kalaha - - This is a small perennial herb, growing up to about 2m tall. Antifunfals have been isolated from,.

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Cassia spectabilis, Synonyms: Senna spectabilis, Cassia amazonica, Cassia carnaval, Cassia edulis, Cassia excelsa (Spectacular Cassia) Aehala, Kahakona This has been claimed to be an invasive plant - - See under Vassia fistula Cassia surattensis (sunshine tree). (more) Forty-three runners from fourteen different countries have decided to include Dominica in an Eastern Caribbean Challenge organized by Z Adventures. (more) The Discover Dominica Authority has announced that the Carnival Prize Giving ceremony is carded for Mar. Diospyros attenuata,.f, lanoxylon. The first discussion of this in Sri Lanka was sponsored by the Institute of Chemistry, in 1973 with.