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Advertisements: In a multi-lingual country, the choice of a National Language was by no means easy. It is the language of the masses particularly in North India. But after Nehrus death the Hindi Zealots, with the control over the official machinery, have started imposing and infiltrating Hindi bluntly on Non-Hindi regions. Advertisements:, (Regional Languages) (Push) (Nature). There is no doubt that the international importance of English compels us to learn it vigorously for the international interaction but it has to stop somewhere. As such we have to take steps to save our National Language from extinction. Essay on, hindi, language article. Advertisements: As such, we have to take steps to save our national language. Every parent takes it a pride to let his child start speaking English before Hindi. Home, essay, india, national Language, hindi, essay on Hindi. Advertisements: The need for a National Language is essentially political and administrative.

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(Script), (Univercities) (Literature), (Unity and Integrity). Now it has been declared as associate national language and is being retained indefinitely until Hindi does indeed become the true national language. In the first instance we can restrict the use of English in correspondence, speech and records in Government offices, courts and parliamentary affairs. He declared as a national policy on the floor of the Parliament that English would continue to be alternative National Language as long as the people of the Non-Hindi regions would want. Some incentives to students standing out exclusively in Hindi have also to be introduced so as to promote Hindi. Secondly, India must have one language of her own in which to address the rest of the world. It is our responsibility to restore it a place of importance. Let us first consider the claims of English in this respect. The adoption of Hindi as a State language will give an undue advantage to the people speaking that language.

Even from Railway Stations English names have been removed. English is gaining more and more importance even in Northern India especially in big cities like Delhi. Related, filed Under: Essay, tagged With: importance of hindi language essay on hindi our national language essay in hindi. Hindi has not been able to replace English even after more than sixty years of our Independence. Pandit Nehru, our first Prime Minister, however, found a solution out of the raging controversy. Hindi Our National Language, hindi is our national language and English has been retained as Associate National Language, due to its insistent and persistent demand from South India where the people in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. Obviously, the language which is most likely to serve all these purposes of our national life is best fitted to be chosen as the National Language. Care has to be taken that our future generations would also learn Hindi as it is felt that if the present trend continues Hindi will fail to gain a pride of place in society. Geographically and culturally, our country is one.

Preference for any one language causes jealousy and heart burning to those who speak another. This is broadly noticed in selecting the programmes of Radio and. But this three-language formula agreement has by now become all but a dead matter. Hindi : Our, mother Tongue : - essay on hindi our national language :., Related Essays. One section of our people holds that English should continue to be the State language as before.

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The question iswhich is to be that language? Hindi is our national language. A free Indian cannot use a foreign language for all times. The concept of Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose of Hindi as a national language was that of Hindustania mixture of Hindi and Urdu. If we make it compulsory for all to learn at least one of our other major vernaculars, beside the official language selected, as the National Language English must be learnt, then the problem largely ceases to exist. But it contains a variety of races speaking a variety of languages. There is a need to discourage this trend but for that the status of Hindi has to be raised. Instead, it is observed that English has almost totally replaced Hindi in offices, courts and parliament. It will be reduced to become the language of the poor and the lowly People and only restricted within the confines of libraries and museums.

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This, however, can be countered by allowing upsc examinees to answer in one of the regional languages recognised in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. There is a need to discourage this trend if we are keen that the status of Hindi has to be raised. Thirdly, there must be one language to carry on inter-state cultural conferences and transactions of other business. Speaking of Hindi in public places, offices, schools and colleges is considered to be a sign of low status. It will be pushed to back seat. It is the official language of our country. We should make essay on hindi our national language use of it more and more, officially and unofficially. They argue that English has been a powerful factor in establishing political and national unity in recent times.

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