wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence

Returning to the topic of AI and robotics, it can be noted that Vernor Vingers theory about Intelligence Amplification proves to be correct. Internet is just a beginning phase of Singularity, but it already has proved that only people can decide how to use. Make sure that you only use information that helps to actively support your paper, not information that is going to work against your paper. This name represents most of the scientific and non-scientific opinions about the future of humankind. Violence video scenes, pornography, different types of online shows that provide nothing but warped life viewpoint, etc). They largely depend on the author's life experience, political situation in his country, his religion and, especially, on how big influence the computer has in his life. It is based on the theory that in the nearest two or three decades, the civilization will achieve the edge of scientific threshold. However, firstly, it is important to note that the process of Singularity became more observant in our daily life than it was a decade ago (Singularity Q A). Though the creation of this computer is still in process, the Stanford wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence representative assured that this project will not be stopped, and the computer market will present new computers in a few years.

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In this article, Singularity is defined as a result of increasing progress in the branch of computer development. Hopefully, robots with a perfect AI will never conquer the Earth except for the case when people can destroy themselves with their greed, longing for power, and seeing no limits in what they receive. This process grows exponentially every day leaving nobody apart. The National Academies (2012). According to sociological and medical surveys, if a person spends much time in the virtual world, it changes comprehension of the real world. Artificial intelligence is a really unique and interesting topic to write a research paper. Consequently, it is more important to concentrate on social regulations to implant people the responsibility for their actions. Moreover, the Golden Era theory states that the Earth will be free of war and all scientific achievements will be used with peaceful purposes only. Of course, this event can have different results; however, only a positive side of the question will be considered now. In most of the civilized countries, these machines are used in every branch of activity: study, work, communication, news, free time, etc. Receive World University Rankings news first. Firstly, it is important to remember that humanity is moving forward to the use of robots in the way that differs from the one described in fantasy books.

wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence

Of course, these points are only opening the list of negative aspects of Internet, but they are certainly the most important ones. According to the reviewed in the course of research sources, scientists and disciplines do not have a common opinion on studying the process of AI and robotics progress (Vernor Vinge on Singularity). Now the international education company is poised to take the next step by developing an AI tool that can grade university essays. Department of Mathematical SciencesSan DiegoStateUniversity, 1993. Firstly, the term Singularity was examined and defined in the article by Vernor Vinge in 1993. If people create robots, whose look will not differ from the human, but their abilities will be much higher, would it be ethically right to call such creation a human? Nanotechnology can take part in every aspect of our daily life and has a vast field of usage. Indeed, people can create a computer that will work faster and more productive than a human brain. It will allow the AI to do what a human grader can recognise: that a minor mistake can lead to the wrong answer but award the student credit for the right steps they took, Ms Marinova said. University of Manchester and at the, university of California, Berkeley. So, in the first 10 essays, for example, the professor can teach the way they grade to the system, until there is enough accuracy, and confidence, that the algorithm can work to the level the professor has approved.

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Works Cited, cringewood, Albert. Another important fact is that computer science can help people to become better not only physically, but also mentally. In the developed countries, this problem is already in the process of resolving on the governmental level. According to the latest news, modern and the most powerful computers and robots have neither been used in any military actions nor made any damage to people. It would also allow academics to set more writing assignments for students who would then, in turn, get more feedback and develop better writing skills. According to the author, this result is inevitable, and when it is going to happen is only a question of time (Vernor Vinge on Singularity). It is a commonly known fact that computers submit only to the logic and programming. The first is called The Golden Era. It will take a long time for the new laws to bypass the bureaucracy system; so, when the laws become legitimate, they become pointless. A special progress was achieved in medicine and science. This paper will observe the topic in the scale of the entire world. The most perspective branch of science where we can expect the breakthrough is nanotechnology. In the beginning of its active study, the problem was viewed upon with optimism, because the possibility of creating artificial intelligence seemed to be a rather easily attainable one, but further research showed that the problem is much deeper than.

According to Ray Kurzweil, people will use robots in a way that will help them to become stronger, healthier, etc. The machine will do only what it is programmed. From my point of view, the progress, which is used for the wellbeing of humanity, cannot be defined as a regressive factor. Modern times are widely known. A Review of the Manufacturing-Related Programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Fiscal Year 2012. . Our future depends on every individual existing on the planet. Stanford, CA: Stanford University, 2007. By narrowing the topic, you will innately be narrowing the information that you can use in your paper. As it was mentioned, it is hard to imagine any part of our life without computers. Having used IBMs Watson technology to create a virtual learning assistant, Pearson has played a significant role in driving forward the development of artificial intelligence in higher education. More teaching and learning involving digital experience is going to create more data and the opportunity for more meaningful experience between students and teachers, he said. The main idea behind the whole notion is that the characteristic that distinguishes human from other living beings, his intelligence, may be studied and described thoroughly enough to create a computer program that would effectively imitate humans thought and behavior. Except that, people can use it only for their purposes.

The most general definition is as following: it is a science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs (McCarthy 141). According to wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence the Moores Law, computer power increases exponentially, so it is hard to regulate constantly changing process. Hypothetically, this process can be eternal, so people may become renewable organisms that would never die ( "Singularity. The industry now is divided in itself, with various trend fields concentrated around particular problems, ideas or individual scientists who cannot come to an agreement even as to what they are trying to create in the long run. You want to ensure that you are finding information from scholarly and credible sources. However, governments still cannot control the Internet and destructive information (e.g.

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Nowadays, an important place is taken by nanotechnology. According to the above, the responsibility for the powerful computers usage will lie on the shoulders of each individual. However, this article was written and presented ten years ago. Most modern research in the field is done behind the scenes, with those who started this concept slowly moving in other directions. AI winter, because the majority of projects working in this direction have suffered from loss of funding and were closed. As a result, humanity will face a need to create a global network, which will unite every existing being. For example, the projects sopa and pipa, which failed, were the first real attempts to interrupt the Internet information freedom. The problem of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics is not a simple question. Though an author of the article was a representative of his epoch, his thoughts and studies were directed to the future and generalized some of already existing opinions on the topic of intelligent machines. Previously when we talked about AI products they were prescriptive, pre-designed, one-size-fits-all types of program. In his interview on the topic of Singularity, Kurzweil explained the possibility of removing dead cells from the human body and replacing them with new ones with the help of those robots. Vernor Vinge called this process Intelligence Amplification (Vernor Vinge on Singularity).

Already registered or a current subscriber? But computer industry develops all the time and very soon we may witness a new breakthrough and maybe then the computational power of PCs will be enough to fulfill that dream. It is up to people whether to use it for self-destruction or for self-development. Stay focused and on task- By staying focused on the task at hand, you will better ensure that you are writing in a logical manner. Only in the middle of the 20th century the technical level of humanity grew high enough to start thinking about the actual possibility of building such machines (Cringewood 95). What is Artificial Intelligence? For instance, there is another fact, which importance cannot be denied. Some people argue that humanity will be conquered by its own creation, another say that our world is moving forward to the Golden Era. As an example and a start-up base, we can provide Ray Kurzweils site, which is devoted to up-to-the-minute news in the sphere of computer technologies and disciplines that are connected with. According to the sociological inquires, they are taking a lions loan of free time and changing persons positioning in the real world. Humanity does not have any strict regulations on the computers.

It is hard to imagine everyday life without a computer. The question of "Singularity is still unresolved. This postulate has become a main topic for the series of fantasy books and a core belief for many religious and conservative people. Of course, there is a list of destructive activities brought by the Internet. However, you want to make sure that your sources are completely credible and not just from a blog that discusses the topic. "Singularity.". Of course, it gives wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence a floor for the polemics on the topic of good and evil in our life. As for ethical, legal, and social aspects of AI and robotics, there are only theories, because the process of development still did not get to the final point. However, these are only theoretical ways of our future.

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Nowadays, those problems are: Video games, especially online. Some of the most important information on gathering facts about artificial intelligence includes: You are going to want to exclusively use reliable sources- There are a significant amount of sources that you will be able to find that discuss the topic of artificial intelligence. The main postulate of this hypothesis is human degradation because of creating a thinking machine. Computer is only a machine that can serve different purposes. Ms Marinova emphasised that the tool was not designed to put academics out of a job. New tool will learn how academics grade papers and replicate their approach. While it is amazing to have wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence a wide variety of information at your fingertips, there are some elements to gathering information about artificial intelligence that you should consider while researching the topic. These are just a few of the most helpful tips to assist with the gathering information on the topic of artificial intelligence for your research paper. Cite all of the sources that you are using for your research paper- Give credit to the authors and sources for all of your information that you include in your research paper. Therefore, you are going to be able to find tons of information to include in your research paper.

There is a rule in economics: Demand generates offer. Only well-thought and controlled process of studying can help to avoid any negative consequences of the technological progress. Works Cited "A first: Stanford engineers build basic computer using carbon nanotubes. It removes the need to create a robot or computer that will overcome physical and mental abilities of humankind if people can become better than they are. If you wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence want to get better idea of what the peculiarities of writing in this subject field are, feel free to consult our. Once registered you can read a total of 3 articles each month, plus: Sign up for the editor's highlights. Do not include information that is off base from the topic or focus- Irrelevant information weakens your argument. In order to find out all the necessary information considering this citation style view our.

wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence

People are beginning to use computers in every aspect of their life. For any automation or assisted decision-making, abstraction is very difficult, but the new product is going to allow the professor to train the system, explained Ms Marinova, Pearsons senior vice-president for AI products and solutions. But Pearsons global reach and its experience of using Watson which can analyse huge amounts of text and data and use this to answer complex questions in natural language could mean that its new tool represents a significant step forward. Already in ancient Egyptian and Grecian folklore we find descriptions of thinking inanimate beings created by humans. There are many different points of view on this subject. If you include irrelevant information then you are going to end up confusing your audience.

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This rule is appropriate for any occasion in life and extremely applicable for the future development. The size of a robot, created with the use of nanotechnology can be no more than a size of blood cell. Anything that is not common knowledge needs to be cited. Also, theoretically, the use of nanorobots opens a road to immortality. Summarizing all the information above, we can state that the topic of AI and robotics is still a vast field for studying in many scientific circles. According to many sources, this aspect of science will be the next stage in the world progress. In addition to the hard-duty computer creation, people will learn how to use AI and robotics more efficiently in medicine, production, communication, and other aspects wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence of life. Chiang., Wrightson .

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Find essays and research papers on, artificial intelligence. I just want to encourage airman to use this program because the benefits of taking all of our ccaf credits is an incredible thing! Don't kid yourself, there is no big difference between Regional vs National Accreditation (Go to detc. Students make careless mistakes in their work they present which reflects wriing a research essay on artificial intelligence highly on their behavior and performance skills. CSU provides an "at your own pace" curriculum; however, this does not degrade the effectiveness of the course. Should women wear less-revealing clothing in order to curb mens catcalling? Thank you CSU for enriching my educational life. Artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive systems/computing: evolutions, differences, applications and role in digital transformation The 16th International artificial intelligence research paper Conference on Artificial. Per-course enrollment is self pay only.

Artificial intelligence is a really unique and interesting topic to write a research paper. The price can't be beaten, free books, and the best customer service (I have used it on more than one occasion) so I should know. When picking your topic, keep in mind that its much easier to write about something that you already have interest. The whole curriculum is based on you writing short papers. Pip Was this review helpful? Artificial Intelligence is a substructure of Engineering where it takes that knowledge of the engineers. Written by Max Miller.

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