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( ssrn ) ( short summary ) A model for testing theories with precise predictions against theories with vague predictions. October 6, 2019 , november 6, 2019, november 4, 2019. Just 50 of adults under 30 say voting is convenient by far the lowest share of any age group. These differences also are reflected in how Republicans and Democrats view proposals for changing the way people register to vote and cast ballots. sSRN licenses for public assets that require a self-assessed license fee with a tied right of compulsory purchase strike a better balance between investment and allocative efficiency than do existing license designs. Research statement, google Scholar profile, sSRN profile, explanation of the Audio and Audio-Visual Formats. ( ssrn ) Arbitrage and financial innovation are harmful when arbitrage opportunities are created by irrational investors. 13, 2018 In the section Racial differences in views of election administration, the data for those who say they are confident in local officials and those who say they are confident in state-level officials were transposed. Azevedo, Science, 2016, 352 (6289. However, just a third (33) say they are very or somewhat confident that the technology companies will achieve this objective; 66 say they are not too or not at all confident. Property is Only Another Name for Monopoly with Eric. ( abstract ) ( reprint ) ( full text ) How interdisciplinary academic-industry collaborations can improve matching markets.

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As previous surveys have found, there is broad public support (76 favor) for requiring all voters to show a government-issued photo ID to vote; Republicans are much more supportive of this than are Democrats (91. Posner, Vanderbilt Law Review, 2015, 68 (2 441-499. Market Power Screens Willingness-to-Pay with Jean Tirole, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2012, 127 (4. Industrial Organization Multidimensional Platform Design with André Veiga and Alexander White, American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2017, 107 research paper electronic voting system (3 191-195. ( request a copy ) The Universal Portfolios algorithm of Cover (1991) conflicts would not be used by a Bayesian investor. Posner, forthcoming from the Princeton University Press in May 2018. The Robustness of Quadratic Voting, Public Choice, 2017, 172 (1-2) Special Issue: Quadratic Voting and the Public Good : 75-107. Other interdisciplinary work (philosophy and biology) Economic Contract Theory Tests Models of Mutualism with Megan Frederickson, Doug.

The Average-Marginal Relationship and Tractable Equilibrium Forms with Michal Fabinger, rejected with an invitation to submit a new version to the JPE, April 2017. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Advances), 2010, 10 (1 article. . Nathanson, forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy as of March 2016. . Data as Labor Should We Treat Data as Labor? A similar share of Republicans (51) think people should have to prove they want to vote by registering ahead of time. April 1, 2019, may 1, 2019, may 5, 2019. Nash Equilibria for Quadratic Voting with Steven. ( JEL forthcoming version ) ( ssrn ) ( slides ) Price Theory means economic analysis that reduces rich and often incompletely-specified models to a small collection of prices (approximately) sufficient to characterize solutions to simple allocative problems. Lalley, American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, 2018, 1 (1). ( ssrn ) ( blog post ) In contrast to previous bankruptcy reforms, a system we propose based on Quadratic Voting allows collective action, which is needed for efficiency. Overall, two-thirds of the public (67) says everything possible should be done to make it easy for every citizen to vote, while only about a third (32) say citizens should have to prove they want to vote by registering in advance. Yet nearly one-in-five (17) say black citizens in their state have less access research paper electronic voting system to voting than whites, 27 say Hispanics have less access than whites and 30 say lower-income citizens have less access to voting than middle-income people.

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( published version ) ( ssrn ) ( working draft doc ) If you think groups should not have rights because they are not agents, then you shouldnt believe in individual rights either. These differences hold across several hypothetical scenarios: 58 say it would be a major problem if even one voter (in an election of 1 million people) who meets all requirements is prevented from voting; 41 say it would. ( published version ) A response to John Coatess critique of cost-benefit analysis for financial regulation. ( published version ) ( ssrn ) ( Slate coverage ) Existing literature in platform economics suggests there is usually too much fragmentation not too much consolidation in platform industries. Posner, Yale Law Journal Forum, 2015, 124: January. ( request a copy ) Overconfidence arises naturally in a classical neural network model. ( ssrn ) Different explanations of equilibrium winners curse have different implications for auction design and are testable. ( published version ) ( ssrn ) ( policy piece ) We formalize, generalize, and clarify the sense research paper electronic voting system in which the effect of a merger on prices and welfare is approximated by the pass-through of cannibalized profits, the foundation. Meeting Date, october 7, 2018, november 7, 2018, november 5, 2018.

( ssrn ) ( published version ) The relationship between social and private pricing in RT2003. ( ssrn ) ( appendix ) The econometric identification approach corresponding to Chettys sufficient statistics approach, solved for multi-product producers. Regulation, 2017, 40 (3). In addition to co-authoring the introduction, my contribution, Finance and the Common Good, is the conclusion. Benefit-Cost Paradigms in Financial Regulation with Eric. ( ssrn ) ( NYTimes piece by Simon Johnson endorsing the idea ) ( Wired piece by Dan Ariely enorsing the idea ) ( NYTimes coverage ) ( Washington Post coverage ) ( The Atlantic coverage ) ( Huffington Post coverage ) ( Chicago. A Simple Theory of Scientific Learning, September 2007 (inactive). 63 though majorities in both parties support a photo-ID requirement.

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( published version replacing private property with a system of self-assessed asset taxation with compulsory sales could solve many classic problems in property law. Among the surveys other major findings: Opinions on easing the voting process are linked to views of countrys ethnic diversity. 7 among 10,683 adults, supported by a grant from the Democracy Fund. Quadratic Voting in Finite Populations with Bharat Chandar, submitted May 2017. By contrast, only about half of Republicans (48) say this. Submission Date for Full Committee Review. ( ssrn ) Extends the price of anarchy to environments without transferable utility based on approximate Pareto efficiency. Among the roughly one-third of Republicans who say increasing racial and ethnic diversity is a good thing for the.S., a 57 majority says everything possible should be done to make it research paper electronic voting system easy for all citizens to vote. ( ssrn ) ( op-ed ) No investor owning multiple firms in an oligopoly should be able to hold more than 1 of each firm or participate in corporate governance, to avoid harmful accumulation of market power. Yet the public expresses less confidence that elections across the United States will be handled as well as local ones. Market Design Surge Pricing Solves the Wild Goose Chase with Juan Camilo Castillo and Dan Knoepfle, extended abstract in the Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC 17), 2017: 241-242 and full version submitted January 2018. Quadratic Voting and the Public Good: Introduction with Eric Posner, Public Choice, 2017, 172 (1-2) Special Issue: Quadratic Voting and the Public Good : 1-22. . The second volume, Comparative Perspectives on Jewish Migration, was published in January 2012.

( ssrn ) ( published abstract ) ( presentation video ) A compromise on property rights that allows a reasonable degree of efficiency through simple, incentive compatible mechanisms in land assembly. ( published version ) ( media coverage from University of Toronto ) ( media coverage from Harvard ) A general, economics-based methodology for testing theories of mutualism supports Partner Fidelity Feedback over Host Sanctions. sSRN depreciating licenses are an elegant solution to the innovation-investment trade-off for priority access licenses to the soon-to-be-released.5 GHz spectrum band. Finance After the Flood: How the Crisis Changed Economic Thought, edited jointly with Ed Glaeser and Tano Santos. ( published version ) ( ssrn ) A reasonable degree of market power may be healthy in markets, such as insurance and finance, where selection is important. ( ssrn ) ( Chronicle of Higher Education coverage ) ( Wall Street Cheat Sheet coverage ) ( interview ) Quadratic voting would be a more just and equitable method of public decisions than standard democratic institutions are. ( ssrn ) ( online appendix ) ( media coverage ) ( video blog appearance ) ( blog coverage ) Designing taxes to sorting talented efficiently across professions can rationalize the basic structure of US taxes without any redistributive motive. The new survey finds that young people are more skeptical than older adults about whether voting gives people a voice in government. December 5, 2018, december 9, 2018, january 9, 2019. Fewer than half (45) are very or somewhat confident that election systems are secure from hacking, with just 8 saying they are very confident in the security of election systems nationwide. A Price Theory of Multi-Sided Platforms, American Economic Review, 2010, 100 (4 1642-72.

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( published version ) ( ssrn ) A characterization of optimal design and development of platforms when type and not just number of users matter using Bonacich centrality. January 6, 2019, february 6, 2019, february 6, 2019. An overwhelming majority of Americans (83) say the election rules in their state are fair. Taxation and the Allocation of Talent, with Benjamin. In a continuum economy allowing each individual to research paper electronic voting system engage in a single wager over two wealth levels allows any ex-ante Pareto efficient allocation to be implemented, in contrast to all existing mechanisms. About half of Republicans (53) favor this, compared with 24 of Democrats.

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When innovations are of unpredictable quality (fat tails, as we find is the case in the Bing EXP platform run many small experiments; when innovation quality is predictable (thin tails run a few large experiments. Imperfect Competition in Selection Markets with Neale Mahoney, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2017, 99 (4 637-651. Public Finance Pricing Institutions and the Welfare Cost of Adverse Selection with André Veiga, forthcoming in the American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2017, 9 (2). And Americans are deeply concerned about whether the midterms will be secure from foreign hacking. Posner, Journal of Legal Analysis, 2017, 9 (1 51-123. Holdout in the Assembly of Complements: A Problem for Market Design with Scott Duke Kominers, American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2012, 102 (3 360-365. ( ssrn ) ( policy piece with Sang-Seung Yi ) ( op-ed in New York Times ) ( op-ed in Financial Times ) ( blog post ) Quadratic Voting is a simple, efficient and robust mechanims for protecting minority shareholders. Young people have long been less likely than older adults to vote in elections, research paper electronic voting system especially midterm elections. Concordance among Holdouts with Scott Duke Kominers, extended abstract in the Proceedings of the 12th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC 11) in 2011, September 2012. It finds that, despite concerns over election security, Americans have very positive feelings about voting: Fully 91 say voting in elections is important, while 68 say that voting gives people like me some say about how government runs things.

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With a week to go before Election Day, Americans are confident their local election authorities are up to the essential tasks of making sure that elections are run smoothly and that votes are counted accurately. Little confidence in tech companies to prevent election interference. Walrasian Equilibrium in Large, Quasilinear Markets with Eduardo Azevedo and Alexander White, Theoretical Economics, 2013, 8 (2 281-290. . Monopoly, Ramsey and Lindahl in Rochet and Tirole (2003 Economics Letters, 2009, 103 (2 99-100. July 7, research paper electronic voting system 2019, august 7, 2019, august 4, 2019. ( ssrn ) An apparently subtle change in pricing institutions can reduce the welfare cost of adverse selection by an order of magnitude.

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